Royalty Free Music Library Introduces Redesigned Website with New File Formats and “User Friendly” Utilities

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

Los Angeles based royalty free music library, CSS Music, has launched a new more ergonomic website ( The new site was built from the ground up to achieve ease of use with little or no scrolling required to see all of the sites features. In addition to .wav files at both 44.1 and 48khz and .mp3 320s, also offers Apple Lossless and .aiff files.

Weve wanted to add Apple Lossless for some time, says CSS Marketing Director, Mike Fuller. Apple Lossless delivers files about 1/3 the size of a wav file but with absolutely no sound degradation. As the name implies — without loss. We offer Apple Lossless on both our single track downloads and our virtual CD downloads — fast downloading without compromise. And for those purists who still demand an uncompressed file but want an alternative to the venerable .wav file, weve now added .aiff files as well.

In todays competitive marketplace, Fuller continued, a library website has to put as few hurdles in the way as possible, not only to allow available features to be seen quickly but to streamline the all important music search and review process. I think weve made good progress. Our visitors can be listening to music in less than 10 seconds. And with 3 search systems and a playlist utility, they can sort, organize and catalog their music, communicate with colleagues and when ready download quickly.

While royalty free music libraries dont get public performance royalties from producers, they often earn this type of income from performance rights organizations (PROs) like BMI, ASCAP and SESAC in the United States. Although there are now music recognition services that report directly to the PROs or fill out cue sheets for some producers, most libraries still depend on their broadcast content clients to submit copies of Music Cue Sheets to aid the collection of performance revenue. This is often viewed by producers as a tedious time consuming process. The new CSS Music site, however, introduces a new feature dubbed Cue Sheet-O-Matic which enables producers to auto-fill and auto-file cue sheets, create cue sheet templates and store submitted cue sheets for editing or revision.

If there is one immutable truth in the music library business, Fuller opined, its that producers truly hate filling out cue sheets. But its a vitally important function that not only enables writers to be paid for their creativity and hard work but also helps keep direct music costs down. Cue Sheet-O-Matic takes a lot of the pain out of the process and actually helps producers keep their content organized. Of course for those who just insist on filling out an old fashioned cue sheet, we have a downloadable cue sheet pdf on our site as well.

CSS Music has served the Audio Visual / Video industry since 1982 and offers 17 libraries and 12,000+ tracks of royalty free music and sound effects. The music offered for license is owned exclusively by CSS Music with no re-titled tracks. CSS Music is part of the Digital Audio Worldwide Network (D.A.W.N.