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AltFuse Offering 1000 Free Email Accounts to New Registrants

(PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Alternative Fuse the premium email service provider is going to open its metaphorical doors to the next 1000 or so registrants free of charge; this means that anyone who wants to receive the exceptional service offered by the Alternative Fuse company will be able to do so indefinitely as part of a one-time only promotional offer before Alternative Fuse formally closes its doors to free service users.

AltFuse Email Service Provider to Expand on its Services

(PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Alternative Fuse the free and paid email service provider went public from its Beta version earlier this year now the email company is expected to further develop its platform. Currently, the user database stands at around 5,000 users; however, the developers have stated their intention to eventually close out the service to new free users in order to make sufficient space available for users willing to pay. Those users who do pay can expect to see the bulk of the benefits aimed their way; these benefits include the expansion of spam and virus protection provided by a renowned protection service to be named later.

Most people who register with free popular email services dont understand that there are other services out there and that some of them offer better protection, disk space, functionality, and more, the problem is that someone would have to spend the time to find such a service and most people are contempt with the likes of Gmail because it is what is out there. The problem is that many people spend the bulk of their daily time communicating via email these days, therefore it hardly makes sense to commit to the first service provider that comes along just because it is what everybody else uses.

The solution is Alternative Fuse, as stated earlier this secure email service picks up where many mainline providers left off, and best yet currently it is a free webmail service for everyone, with premium options available. This offer to free users, and even yet this discounted premium offer is not expected to last when Alternative Fuse updates its servers to a much more efficient standard. Please Note: Alternative Fuse is also an unlimited webmail storage provider for both email and file storage. The service allows users to categorize and organize there Notes, Files, Email, Address Book, Contact List, and Calendar to customizable options so that people who are busy with life, work, kids, hobbies, family, and other things can maintain that high standard without sacrificing important features or time.

Alternative Fuse also maintains a high standard of support for members in need; it does this by actively monitoring a forum and taking questions directly via email. Of course, this is another feature which it pays to be a premium member as the response time for premium members is usually less than 24 hours versus 72-96 for free members. All-in -all Alternative Fuse with its unlimited storage, multiple capabilities including file storage, dedicated support, and advanced options templates is a wise investment especially considering that it is now being offered at a low rate of $ 10 per year.

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