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Appizon launches ‘Online App Builder’ allowing any consumer to manage and create their own iPhone and Google Play (Android) app with no programming experience required

North Port, FL (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

The mobile app industry is booming with consumers and businesses from all over the world wanting to take part of the ‘big boom’ in creating their own apps and partaking in the ever-expanding world of mobile commerce. Every consumer and business is noticing how advantageous it is to have their app on the mobile market. Having an app on the mobile market can increase exposure and boost sales profits just like the “dot com boom” that began in the early 90’s.

The cost of developing such apps can be overwhelming especially for businesses and consumers just starting out on a low and tight budget. Appizon has created a platform that’s incredibly reasonable for any consumer or business to create an app with pricing packages as low as $ 59 without having to invest thousands of dollars into hiring a programmer.

Appizon is a new and innovative ‘One App Builder’ allowing any corporation, business or consumer to create, manage and publish iPhone and Android apps with great simplicity. Best of all, no programming experience is required. You can also choose to format it for the Apple iPad and in HTML5 format for great cross-compatibility.

“The goal of Appizon is to allow any consumer or business to build professional looking iPhone and Google Play (Android) apps at an incredibly affordable price. Mobile is the future of things to come. ” says Rudy Triana the CEO at Appizon.

The driving force behind Appizon is their online app builder that allows for everyone to develop their app online in 5 easy steps within a very short amount of time as well as their online app simulator that allows you to preview your app before it’s published. Add app tabs, select color themes, templates and embed features into your app such as QR code coupons, map directions, one-touch calling, social media integration (Facebook or Twitter), Event Listings, custom-branding and more. Best of all, consumers can update their app in real-time without having to resubmit their app into Apple’s Appstore and wait 2 weeks for it to get approved.

Apps can be made for a endless number of industries such as modeling agencies, real estate agencies, photographers, musicians, nightclubs, restaurants, online stores and many more. Appizon offers 4 pricing packages to choose from, trying it today will help you save money and increase exposure in the mobile world.

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