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Grand Opening of Prinly Brings State-of-the-art Business Product Solutions to Online Consumers

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Prinly, the newest online resource for high-quality, customizable business products, is pleased to announce its grand opening. Business consumers in the United States and around the world can now browse Prinlys unmatched selection at the new website Prinly.com

Were incredibly excited to announce the grand opening of Prinly, Jeremy Duboys, Founder of Prinly.com stated. Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality products to businesses around the world, providing them with the tools they need to expand their brands and enhance their profits.

The companys website at Prinly.com offers an expansive selection of customizable designs for a wide range of business products, including letterheads, envelopes, postcards and business cards. Users can select from 2,000 full-color, top-quality business card designs printed on sturdy stock, ideal for marketing at local hot spots or at networking events. Companies can select from over 1,000 designs of high-quality letterhead, available in 70lb bright white or Premium Linen stock to help market their brand with every piece of paper printed. Business-to-business or business-to-consumer communication can be enhanced with customizable, high-quality envelopes and postcards, offered in over 1,000 different designs and a wide range of postcard finishes and card stocks.

Prinlys online services remove the hassle, frustration and excessive prices that come along with dealing with a professional designer. The intuitive design center at Prinly.com requires no graphic design experience whatsoever. Users only need five minutes with the simple interface to create their customized, professional business product. Prinly offers thousands of different templates for a variety of industries from communications and health care to construction and education and also allows for easy uploading of a template or logo from an outside company. Customers can also receive their materials as quick as two business days from placement of the order.

Prinlys products are not only good for business theyre good for the environment. All of Prinlys cards and other materials are printed with green-friendly soy-based ink, which provides richer colors with less environmental impact than generic inks.

Have Feedback to Give? Point the Mobile to a QR Code Zwoor Survey Mobile App gives Consumers an Easy Way to Provide Feedback via Mobile Devices, Online and Offline

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

For customers asked to provide feedback on services, scribbling on paper printed surveys and wondering who will see the survey paper next, there is good news ahead. Starting July 1st, a user can simply scan a QR code, and the Zwoor Survey app starts, a simple way to provide the feedback with a few finger taps.

For managers trying to better understand user satisfaction, and improvements, in remote service points like hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, sports arenas, there is good news ahead now there is an easy to use way of collecting consumer sentiment, via mobile phones, or via an iPad device stand in the waiting area. A simple QR code starts a survey on the mobile device.

The app can work offline as well. For field workers, there is a better way now just enter the data on a mobile device. No connectivity required, and thousands of entries can be entered before the next synch is done, when wifi or carrier signal is available.

For Conference organizers that need to determine the ratings of the event, a speaker or a professor engaging the audience real time, questions can now be answered real time via mobile devices, and displayed real time. Just display the QR code on the screen, and the audience is ready to provide input.

Consumers carry now smart phones fully capable of answering a survey for the place of service. Custom apps. Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables you to gather real insight into your event participants. Online and offline, in a large,10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, in a small presentation, or for a field workers with no connectivity while collecting data, the app can handle all.

Zwoor Survey is both a native application and a web app, that allows answers to a challenge quiz for a prize, or just a simple multiple choice survey. Importantly, the native app is not dependent on the connectivity in the field.

Zwoor Survey iPhone, iPad or Android application provides respondents with an simple interface for responding to your questions, with the question types are optimized for the iPads or Android touchscreen.

With over 50 templates addressing the most common surveys, a user can setup a survey in less than a minute. The library of templates speeds up the creation of high quality, proven surveys, be that for capturing intent to buy during product demos, or customer satisfaction in a trade show, conference or department meeting, or a hotel or restaurant service. Real time results sharing creates dialog, and increases the relevancy of the conversation.

The mobile applications are free to download from the iTunes store, Google Android or Amazon Android Marketplace. The subscription model allows for free trials, with a significant number of free answers as part of the plans.

Zwoor.com provides to User Experience, or Market Research managers, an easy to use platform to distribute the surveys to the participants mobile devices, be that iPads, iPhones or Android tablets, in a secured way. We also offer an easy way to engage real time, in a secured and controlled way, during events, meetings or sport events, all via mobile devices. No more survey paper printing, and out-of-date information. Just an engaging and focused consumer understanding, for brilliant business results and real time action. Paperless, real-time, efficient . said Ken Burns, External Relations, Zwoor.com.

Zwoor Survey has free versions available, and is available for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and the Android devices, including KindleFire. For more information, visit Zwoor.com.

About Zwoor.com

Zwoor.com was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to have the information needed at their fingertips, and provide feedback where it matters when they are in the meeting or in the product presentation, with their mobile devices. We want to reinvent what businesses and individuals can do through the Zwoor.com mobile platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of interactions.

Learn more about Zwoor.com, how were changing the way people consume information, interact, provide feedback and communicate and how you can be a part of it.


Zwoor Events- For a Board Meeting, Materials Go Mobile in just a few clicks. The attendees carry an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone, and they now expect the agenda, the meeting materials, maps, exhibitors and alerts right at their fingertips. The mobile app is also used by Conference, Tradeshow or Corporate Meeting organizers.

Our native Zwoor Event apps do not require connectivity all the time, and we know that some of the conference or trade show venues are not built with connectivity in mind. We allow participants to store the data on the mobile device, and synch when connected.

Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables event planners to gather real insight from the event participants. Be that in a large,10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, or in a small presentation, the mobile app can handle both.

Zwoor Survey is a native application (vs. a web app), that allows timed surveys, answers to a challenge quiz for a prize, or just a simple multiple choice survey. Not dependent on the connectivity in the venue we know that some of the spots are without cellular or wifi coverage.

New Site adpropo Challenges Consumers to Demand Fun and Games – and Value – from Brands… When & Where They Expect It.

Malvern, PA (PRWEB) October 19, 2012

New social and entertainment site adpropo strives to enable consumers to get the information and value they need from brands in a much more fun, collaborative, and valuable way. adpropo announced today a great way to experience the site live via an upcoming online Treasure Hunt (with $ 600 in giveaways) scheduled for October 24 at 9 pm ET.

A survey completed by adpropo last fall assessed consumer attitudes toward online ads – and found that depending on the type of ad, dissatisfaction with those ads ranged from 40% to 70%. The site was created to give consumers more power in interacting with brands by providing a platform programmed with creative content featuring a variety of brands and delivered in a transparent and expected manner.

“We are here to address the fact that right now, there isn’t a great, centralized way for brands and consumers to get what they need from each other,” says Stephanie Rosenlund, Founder of adpropo. “However, each side clearly needs the other, so we are building fun ways to increase benefits all around. Something we’ve been largely focused on to date is our totally unique Treasure Hunts. Feedback from all the people who have participated in the first several events has been great – they have had fun, they have seen value, and they have found the format to be a really neat way to learn about brands relevant to them.”

Treasure Hunts are a form of branded entertainment, where players compete for cash and prizes, as well as product deals and cause support. Each event revolves around a theme, and consists of a series of clues about cool brands or products that fit under that theme. Participants have to answer questions by visiting websites and Facebook pages, watching videos, listening to songs, and more. The Hunt on October 24th will focus on Holiday Shopping and will provide a great opportunity to get good ideas and deals to help with holiday gift lists. This is ideal for the procrastinator and the proactive alike, providing a reason to pencil in some time to get a jump on holiday shopping.

“If you have ever been annoyed by online ads intruding in your personal pursuits, check out adpropo and participate in this Treasure Hunt. We strongly believe that brands and consumers can both get what they need in this format,” offers Rosenlund. “And remember, our site is new, so we are learning and adapting as we go. We are looking for ideas and feedback from everyone who joins – your input really will matter as we continue to develop and grow the site.”

Since going live in April 2012, adpropo has given away more than $ 2,000 to two partner charities, Arise Academy Charter High School and Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, and over $ 8,000 has been given away in prizes to roughly 60 winners. To participate in a Treasure Hunt, register for adpropo, then visit the Treasure Hunt schedule to find relevant events. Detail pages include all necessary information and one-click sign up.

OakFurnitureKing.co.uk Today Announced Launch of Its Brand New Ecommerce Shop for UK Consumers

(PRWEB UK) 30 April 2012

Oak Furniture King.co.uk today announced the software platform behind its new ecommerce shop to be Magento. The decision to use Magento was pushed by OakFurnitureKing.co.uk Digital Marketing Consultancy, they explain, “Ebay own 49% of Magento, this multichannel integration easy and the site suitable for long term growth. The other benefit of Magento is the level of functionality and scalability it offers. We were able to produce a design to increase usability and conversions, this system fully supported everything we aimed to achieve.

There were five main reasons Oak Furniture King.co.uk decided to use Magento as its ecommerce platform, Owner Kahled Ullah explains;

Integration. As stated by OakFurnitureKing.co.uk Digital Marketing Consultancy, Magento is simple to integrate with many of the 3rd-party websites to effectively promote products to a larget audience, integration with SalesForce.com, MailChimp, Google, open-source databases like MySQL, all major payment gateways (including Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.), and shipping services like FedEx & UPS are supported by Magento.

Special tools and features. Magento is an especially feature-rich ecommerce platform, it enables many specialised tools that other ecommerce platforms are missing. Among other advantages, Magento comes with built-in SEO (search engine optimisation) features, recognises international currencies and updates currency rates live, provides you with online marketing tools, allows buyers to rate and review your products or keep wishlists, and much more.

Multi-store capacity. Unlike most of the other platforms out there, Magento doesnt limit you to using a single online store. Instead, it gives you the capability to run multiple stores from the same backend interface, with all of the information for all of your stores available on the same admin panel.

Easy customisation. Rather than having to use standard templates which may be in use by hundreds of other websites, Magento allows for a high degree of developer customization. As a result, its much easier to establish a unique and memorable web presence for your business. It also enables a better rate of personalised design, improving conversion rate and usability.

Innovation. As one of the newer eCommerce platforms available, Magento offers clear improvements over its predecessors, but the innovation doesnt stop there. As an open-source platform, Magento is also updated regularly by designers, which means youll continually get new features and speedy bug fixes, as well as support from the larger Magento web community

Oak Furniture King.co.uk is a UK Independent retailer located in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. OakFurnitureKing.co.uk is a specialist in 100% solid hardwood furniture for the consumer market.

4G Is Heading To The UK, Protect Your Bubble Find Its Exactly What Consumers Are Looking For

(PRWEB UK) 27 August 2012

Ofcoms decision to grant Everything Everywhere, the parent company of well-known brands Orange and T-Mobile a licence to use the 4G network means that we could soon be treated to superfast mobile internet, but what does it all mean?

In a recent survey by specialist gadget insurer Protect your bubble over 4000 people were asked about their preferred mobile phone features. There is clearly a strong desire for 4G wireless data as this come out top with 23% of people choosing it as their most wanted feature. It was closely followed by wireless charging and was 4 times more sought-after than voice command which came out as least desirable.

The first 4G signals will come into operation on in September, but that doesnt necessarily mean that consumers will be able to get their hands on ultra quick speeds from day one.

For a start, current mobile phones arent compatible with the frequency at which 4G is being broadcast at, so its likely that Orange and T-Mobile will first bring out mobile dongles for use with computers and tablets on the move.

Phones which are compatible are more likely to reach UK shores from 2013, a likely date for announcements being at Mobile World Congress in February.

There are already 4G compatible phones in other parts of the world. For instance, Australian phones are already operating on the same frequency (1800Mhz) that the UK 4G data will be broadcast on. Therefore its entirely possible that if you really want to get your hands on the next big trend that you could import a phone from abroad.

Everything Everywhere will have a monopoly on 4G for a good few months. This is because they have a licence to run on the 1800MHz frequencies. Three has been granted the ability to buy some of this spectrum from Everything Everywhere though, so expect it to jump on board as soon as it can.

O2 and Vodafone meanwhile will have to wait until Ofcom auctions off the next parts of the spectrum, likely to be at 800MHz and 2.6GHz. This is not expected until 2013, giving Orange and T-Mobile a headstart on the other big networks.

One of the most anticipated mobile phone launches of this year is of course the Apple iPhone 5. A rumoured announcement date of September 13th comes just two days after the roll-out of 4G in the UK therefore its being heavily speculated that the new device will offer 4G support at 1800Mhz.

4G is likely to offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps, which could see films, music and photographs download in seconds and minutes, something which is likely to appeal to iPhone 5 users.

Should Apple decide not to launch separate versions of the iPhone 5, then, at least at first, Orange, T-Mobile and Three will technically have the exclusive right to offer the new device, with o2 and Vodafone playing catch up later next year.

Lastly, before getting too excited, its worth remembering that 4G signal is not guaranteed to work in all areas of the country. If you live in a slightly remote area, be prepared to have to wait even longer.

If you decide to purchase the latest must-have Apple device, remember you will need iPhone 5 insurance. Protect Your Bubble is a specialist mobile phone insurance provider and can offer everything you need to keep your mind at ease.

Protect your bubble is an online gadget insurance provider, specialising in low-cost insurance cover for iPhones, cameras, tablets, laptops and more. Quotes can be obtained for your gadgets via the following URLs:

Mobile Phone Insurance: uk.protectyourbubble.com/gi-mobile-phone-insurance.html

iPhone Insurance: uk.protectyourbubble.com/ip-iphone-insurance.html

iPad Insurance: uk.protectyourbubble.com/ipad-insurance.html

Find Protect your bubble UK on the following social networks:

Facebook: facebook.com/ProtectYourBubble

Twitter: twitter.com/protectyrbubble

YouTube: youtube.com/protectyourbubble

PureCostumes.com Allows Consumers to Experience Halloween Costumes Shopping Everywhere

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

With technology evolving and consumer habits changing, Pure Costumes has decided to change the way consumers browse and shop on its site. The retailer now offers Save Basket and Recall Basket features, which allow customers to browse on one device and complete their checkout process on another.

Its a simple concept that goes hand in hand with the launch of PureCostumes.coms mobile site. The company has found that many of their customers like to browse using their mobile devices, but will often not complete the checkout process due to fears regarding payment security. To combat this, PureCostumes.com now encourages these customers to use the Save Basket feature to save their shopping cart list for a later date. The website will keep these records for up to 7 days and associates the data with an email address provided by the customer. Buyers are able to access their saved shopping cart list from any device by inputting the same email address.

With essentially two buttons, PureCostumes.com has entirely changed the way consumers interact with its retail site. Being able to shop anywhere at any time is a powerful tool that targets customers who were not ready to complete their purchases during an initial browsing session.

The online retailers parent company, Pure Seasons, Inc., has also decided to extend the same features to Pure Costumes sister site, PureSexyCostumes.com.

About Pure Costumes

Pure Costumes is one of the Halloween industry’s most popular online retailers. Available year-round, the website carries a large selection of Halloween costumes for adults, plus size adults, toddlers, children, teens and pre-teens/tweens. Along with costumes, the online retailer also offers an impressive catalog of costume accessories, wigs, masks, and shoes. Pure Costumes prides itself on its excellent customer service and extensive experience in the industry. Its goal is to bring to its customers the best online Halloween costumes shopping experience possible. As a site with one of the highest return customers year after year, Pure Costumes takes pride in being an industry leader.

About Pure Seasons, Inc.

Pure Seasons, Inc. was founded in 2008 by a small team of individuals with over ten years of experience in the Halloween costumes industry. Noticing that there was a lack of a user-friendly website with high quality costumes at reasonable prices, Pure Seasons set out to change the costumes industry with its pioneer site, PureCostumes.com. In 2010, Pure Seasons decided to launch a sister site, PureSexyCostumes.com, as a means of breaking into the sexy costumes and lingerie sector. With an emphasis on excellent customer service, Pure Seasons continues to expand its impressive product catalog in order to offer its customers a better online shopping experience.

PerfectMatch.com Coupons and Free Online Dating Guide Help Consumers Craft the Perfect Date Night

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Today CouponBuzz.com featured a link to the free Online Dating Guide offered by PerfectMatch.com. Several of the most recent PerfectMatch.com coupons and special offers are consistently featured by CouponBuzz.com in their section dedicated to promotions from the online dating and relationship website. This section helps online shoppers figure out how to get enrolled in PerfectMatch.com and save a little cash while doing so. Gaining increasing popularity through innovative use of technology, like video-dating, PerfectMatch.com offers a host of tools beyond just coupon savings that attract an ever increasing share of the online dating market.

PerfectMatch.com is a great partner to work with, said Justin Bowen, a spokesperson for CouponBuzz.com. Not only do they have great coupons available, which we list on our PerfectMatch.com homepage, they also seem to a very intelligent grasp on what makes people tick. Incorporating things like free advice articles, polls and quizzes adds tremendous value to their site, and attracts a lot of consumers who might not otherwise have been interested.

The expanding popularity of PerfectMatch.com can definitely be attributed partly to their Online Dating Guide, which is free to the public. It contains helpful articles, like Top 10 Things For a Successful Date Night, written by in-house relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Even those who are not registered subscribers to the PerfectMatch dating service can access a host of articles, which contain a mixture of both logical and insightful instruction. To use the above article as an example, most people know to do things like practice good listening skills and plan ahead for a date night, but might not have figured out how to incorporate skills like sensitivity and anticipation into the evening.

Intrigued? A tremendous variety of advice articles like this one are a few simple mouse clicks away. A link to the Free Online Dating Guide can be found in the PerfectMatch.com dedicated section at CouponBuzz.com, located here http://couponbuzz.com/perfectmatch.com-coupons.html.

Coalition Shuns Traditional Anti-Pharma Approach, Borrows Page From Pharmaceutical Marketers and Takes Message Direct to Consumers

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 5, 2006

Today the Just Say Know to Prescription Drugs Campaign, aimed at getting one million people to stop and reevaluate the medications they are taking, released details of the campaign agenda and press conference scheduled for Saturday, October 7th at 12 pm at the DoubleTree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center of Bethesda, 8120 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, MD 20815. Co-founders and charter sponsors of the Just Say Know initiative will explain why the time has come for a dramatic, strategic shift in the approach to dealing with the dangers, misuses and abuses of pharmaceutical drugs. Coalition organizers will release the guiding tenets and talking points which are being distributed to all coalition members, supporters, advocates and activists. The guidelines include:

General Principles

1. Just Say Know to Prescription Drugs is a “positive” campaign.

2. Rather than being “against” any industry, organization, policy, practice, individual or group of individuals that may be harming society, the campaign is “for” people doing what they are capable of doing for themselves.

The campaign is:

For people being more proactive in managing their health and well being

For people getting access to the information they need to make optimal treatment decision

For people being an informed partner with their healthcare providers

For better collaboration between healthcare providers and patients

For doctors, psychiatrist, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals making sure patients really know what they are taking

For optimal healthcare choices, whether they are medical or non medical.

The Just Say Know Campaign has essentially lifted its strategy from the pharmaceutical marketers playbook. Anti-pharma organizations and likeminded advocates have traditionally focused on the supply side of the problem, lambasting pharmaceutical companies and pressing for better regulatory action. Generally this approach has been fruitless, frustrating and deadly as more and more lives are irreparable damaged or lost to prescription drug abuses, said Dr. Dominick Riccio, chairman of The Just Say Know to Prescription Drug Campaign. What is clear is that the person best positioned to effect change is the individual. Lets face it, neither doctors nor pharmaceutical sales representatives are sneaking into our homes with prescription drugs and forcing them down our throats. We are consenting and voluntarily taking these meds because we are unaware and uninformed. So we are saying to our coalition members, pharma-bashing is not the answer. Going direct to consumers and encouraging them to know what they are taking is.Were working the demand side of the market.

This is a significant strategic shift within this community, but it doesnt preclude discussions about the dark side of prescription drug abuse. We acknowledge that many people will find it hard to be involved in this campaign without pointing the finger at pharmaceutical companies, the FDA ad other healthcare professionals, myself included, said Dr. Gregg Tefft, co-founder of the initiative. But what we are saying is that creating informed, proactive and empowered patients is a strategically superior solution. The new role of the prescription drug horror stories many of us have been collecting is to show why each of us needs to be more proactive and informed.

Coalition members have declared October “Just Say Know to Prescription Drugs Month” and the conference in Washington, D.C. on October 7th will be the official launch of the campaign.

Organizations and individuals who want to participate in the campaign may go to any of the following Web sites, look for the Just Say Know to Prescription Drugs logo, and download the sheet titled “Take This Form and Sign It.” Instructions are provided on each form.

Laurence Simon Ph.D.

Psych Truth.Org


Dr. Greg Tefft

KPNC Radio


Kelly Bradley

Whats Wrong With This Picture


Kathleen Slattery-Moshkau

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety


Dr. Donald Ardell


Dr. Michael Siebert


Dr. David Randle

Global Healing


Dr. Pamela Frank

Forces of Nature


Jim Manganiello, Ed.D.

MESICS Fitness


For more information email us, call 212-861-7400 or visit http://www.psychtruth.org/justsayknow.htm


# # #

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The NYPBA Responds To Times Attacking NY Bondsmen Educating Consumers Prior to Them Signing Contracts That Bond-Out Poor Defendants From Jail

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2011

“Bail contracts are binding insurance policies containing ubiquitous language, terms and conditions that must be agreed to and signed prior to the posting of a bail bond in every state by every bail bond consumer, said George Zouvelos, President of the New York Professional Bondsmen & Agents, the NYPBA (Http://NYPBA.com) and a licensed New York State Professional Bail Bondsman. The indicting article published in the New York Times last week utilized NY Insurance Department misleading data taken out of context stating, New York State Insurance Department, which licenses bondsmen, has received about 60 complaints against George Zouvelos, a bail-bond agent…

The NYPBA believes the New York Times article unfair wording suggests impropriety pointing to a small number of complaints out of tens of thousands of bonds posted. The existence of detailed terms and conditions contained in bail contracts the bond consumer agrees to, but often violate, compel a bail bondsman to post bail and take on costly personal financial liability were vastly overlooked by the NY Times article. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/10/nyregion/10bailbonds.html?pagewanted=2

Ironically the article did not mention that the indemnitors role when bailing a defendant from jail is not just to put up some bail money with a bondsman and then just sit back waiting for a refund two or three years later. If fact the indemnitors makes promises to provide the necessary moral suasion to convince the defendant bonded to comply with all the terms of release from jail. Sometimes indemnitors fail to meet their promised contractual burdens and it is then some indemnitors try to shake any responsibility, plead ignorance and run seeking relief to the purview less New York Department of Insurance. The facts are the bondsmen provide the service impeccably, but some indemnitors failed miserably to do what they previously promised, and agreeing to just put up some money was not in the original deal,” said Zouvelos.

The NYPBA further points out that the New York Times article further indicts, Over a four-year period that ended in mid-July, the department received 227 complaints against 43 bail-bond agents. How much did it cost the New York Taxpayer to finance the insurance examiners oversight of these 227 complaints (56 a year statewide) of the 43 bondsman in the four year period described by the Times. How many of these complaints were unfounded, frivolous or bogus? In George Zouvelos case all were unfounded or frivolous, as George Zouvelos has never been sanctioned, fined, brought up on charges, or has never been found guilty of misconduct of any type by the Department of Insurance in the 7 years he has been a professional bail bondsman in New York State.

The NYPBA did the numbers and the NY Times article did not mention extremely crucial facts that these alleged complaints were over a seven year period, and averaged 8 complaints per year for Zouvelos, the busiest bail bondsman in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you utilize the actual number actual bail agents that exist in New York State (80), and divide the complaints across these, you get .7 complaints per bondsman in the entire State per year across a four year period.

NYPBA finds that these alleged 60 complaints (over a 7 year period) were out of tens of thousands of bail calls to George Zouvelos, tens of thousands free bail consultations and thousands of bonds actually posted by Zouvelos and his team. Facts not mentioned by Eligon in his NY Times article were that anyone can make a complaint or inquiry to the regulators, whether they are party to a bail contract or not. The alleged complaints against Zouvelos were unfounded inquiries surrounding private civil contractual matter disagreements. George Zouvelos has never been fined, sanctioned and never had his bail license suspended or revoked at any time by the New York Insurance Department. These were also important details overlooked and not disclosed by the NY Times.

Of course no one wants to get a complaint, but even a jealous competitor can make a bogus call against you considered by the NY DOI as a legitimate complaint however unfounded. New York Bail Bondsmen never know the final conclusions of any inquiry made against us as the NY DOI does not communicate findings to anyone and weve been told by the DOI previously, said Zouvelos.

The NYPBA research and reports cites publically disclosed binding New York Insurance Department Office of General Counsel (OGC) legal opinions. These OGC legal opinions state that the NY DOI oversees New York State Bail Bondsmen for their licensing, record-keeping and compensation alone. The NYPBA research shows that only 80 or so Professional Bail Bondsmen exist in New York State.

NYPBA will not allow the professional commercial bail industry to be silenced over any one persons opinion or over a NY Times article. We will not permit the Taxpayer Funds wasting ideologies of the publically funded Pretrial Release Services to go unchallenged. We will not permit our professionalism and politeness to be construed as silent affirmation to bias, purview less opinions or over despicably written article with indicting accusations in the total absence of crucial facts that has profoundly distorted the truth. Since only the partial truths and data were published it left the reader and general public to decide on the facts and draw conclusions based on a mere reporters biased opinions and half-truths. These comments in the article do not only seek to expand bail bondsmen oversight and regulation; although not specifically stated in the article, are de facto in full support of Pretrial Taxpayer funded services and bail bondsmen abolitionist movements under the auspices of protecting the incarcerated poor.

In previously published NYPBA research has found that an increase of consumer attempts to circumvent private contracts and indemnitor failed moral suasion is on the rise. These failed attempts to back-out of terms and conditions previously agreed to include outreach to the Insurance Department to intervene when no laws or regulations have been broken by the bail agent. In only in extreme rare cases judges grant indemnitors any relief, as relief is not granted for promises previously made but broken by contract. Some seek unwarranted relief for their material breaches and broken promises wrongfully depend on the New York Department of Insurance examiners instead of the appropriate forums contractually agreed to. These private contracts are enforceable under New York Civil Contract Law and not New York State Insurance Law or any of its regulations. NYPBA research proves that people gather sometimes that do not know the defendant and are not good indemnitors for bail contracts, but lie about it to bail bondsmen in order to get someones friend or family member out of jail. Later when the defendant is noncompliant and now the indemnitor needs to pay for services rendered, or to pay for forfeited bonds, they do not understand why this is the case. http://insurancenewsnet.com/article.aspx?id=237591

NY Bail Bondmen painstakingly navigate through the archaic; an often capricious New York City bail system in order to bond a criminal defendant entitled to freedom from jail. By the NY Times omitting key facts previously presented, the article is construed by bail bondsmen and other industry experts as an attack against not only George Zouvelos, but the commercial bail industry in New York itself. Experts are construing these types of articles as further attempts to disenfranchise the general public against the valuable social functions and contributions the commercial bail industry provide Taxpayers, poor, working class and the public at large. It is a fact that hundreds of thousand outstanding criminal warrants not served exist in the aggregate from states that restrict or do not allow bail bondsmen to operate. http://danieljmitch

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Couponsmate.com Gains Popularity Among Cost Conscious Consumers That Like To Save On Every Purchase

(PRWEB) November 02, 2011

CouponsMate and Sevan Toros, site owner, are pleased to announce the launch of a new website where visitors can receive a variety of coupons and discounts from hundreds of online retailers. Website owners and retailers can announce bargains to customers and potential customers at no charge. Customers can access http://www.couponsmate.com to take advantage of the vendor bargains.

In a recent interview, Sevan Toros explained, “Coupons Mate is a new source to find free online coupons and discount codes. It can help you save money on your online purchases by using free promotion codes and deals. You can search or browse our new coupons or discount codes through your favorite Internet retailers and products.” He continues, “Coupons Mate is a new source to find free online coupons and discount codes. It can help you save money on your online purchases by using free promotion codes and deals. You can search or browse our new coupons or discount codes through your favorite Internet retailers and products.”

Discounts and coupons are largely available in three major categories at present, although those categories may expand in the future. Hosting is the largest grouping, while the Travel and WordPress categories have a significant number of entries.

Retailers can submit bargains and discount information to the site owners. There is no cost to retailers to provide discounted products.

Learn more about the features of the website and how customers can use the benefits by visiting the website at Coupons Mate or Coupons or coupons by category today. Members of the press and others who seek answers to additional questions may contact Sevan Toros at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Sevan Toros

Company Name: Coupons Mate

Contact Email: press(at)couponsmate(dot)com


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