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Asahi Technologies Announces Dot Net Nuke Web Development Services Across New York at Affordable Cost

(PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Dot Net Nuke is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in rendering custom web solutions. Built on the Microsoft Windows platform, it enables accelerated development and easy maintenance of all web applications. Available in open source, professional and enterprise editions, it has more than 6 million downloads since its inception and grows at 23.1% every year, which is higher than its competitors like Joomla and WordPress. To help firms access affordable Custom built web solutions, Asahi Technologies a New York based Custom Software firm announces Dot Net Nuke Web Development services.

Many CMS experts agree that Dot Net Nuke as the ideal platform to build web applications. It can be used with ease, any user with little or no intricate technical knowledge can use the application to create, edit, update and maintain web applications. With hundreds of free and commercial applications in the extensions forge lets developers to create custom solutions for all requirements with ease. In addition to that the inbuilt web in Nuke farm helps to easily migrate to a distributor server infrastructure. But the most strike feature of Dot Net Nuke is the open Application Program Interface (API) that lets applications to last and interact with other applications and also saves developers the need to find and review the source code.

Dot Net Nuke is a powerful and a highly dynamic framework in terms of features, functionality and security with tons of customization options says Vinod Subbaiah, CEO of Asahi Technologies. It enables site owners to manage and maintain their site with ease without much knowledge on coding and programming. At Asahi Technologies, we ensure that our clients get Dot Net Nuke services with advanced features with affordable cost and considerably less development time.

To further help clients know about Dot Net Nuke, Asahi Technologies provides a free consultation service better idea for firms on their CMS options.

About Asahi Technologies

Asahi Technologies is a New York based web design and development firm that provides software consulting and development solutions to small and medium level businesses all across North America. Asahi Technologies specializes in responsive design, cloud computing, online marketing, mobile application development and open source technologies. Under the leadership of Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, who himself started his career as a software programmer, Asahi Technologies team comprises of experienced software professionals have extensive knowledge of technology covering B2C and B2B operations. The firms headquarters is located in New York City, NY.

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Razoa Releases Preview of New Java Web Application Development Tool

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Razoa, LLC, an enterprise software company based in San Francisco, today launched a preview of its innovative Java web application development tool that greatly simplifies the development of professional web applications. Designed for Java developers, the Windows version of this new product named Alpinia is available for free download starting today at http://www.razoa.com.

Designed for professional developers, Alpinia accelerates the development cycle by automating common infrastructure tasks and writing the underlying code. Alpinia allows developers to focus on the unique features of a particular application. As a result, development time and related costs are significantly reduced. Alpinia provides built-in support for multiple platforms.

Alpinia does the boring stuff so you can focus on what makes your application unique, said Scott Czadzeck, chief executive officer of Razoa, LLC. Developers simply drop in their business logic, design the user interface and generate a robust, professional application in record time.

Alpinia Features and Benefits for Web Developers

Quickly build complex applications: With Alpinia, a developer can create sophisticated web applications with minimal effort. The simple process starts with dropping in existing code and then moves to designing the interface while Alpinia handles everything else.

Leverage templating: Alpinias templates help a developer to quickly and easily create complex reusable web interface elements.

Add styling: The styling options give developers the tools needed to apply formatting consistently and quickly throughout their applications.

Decrease testing time: Alpinia significantly decreases the application testing time for developers, helping their applications to get up and running faster by building them with proven code.

Create turn-key applications: Applications built with Alpinia are ready for deployment.

Royalty-free usage: There are no license fees or limits of any kind on the applications you create with Alpinia.

Industry standards: Alpinia creates web applications that utilize the latest technology including: Java, JSF and Spring.

Czadzeck added, The time to learn Alpinia is minimal, and productivity returns are almost immediate. With this preview release, we hope to inspire Java developers around the globe to try Alpinia and experience the benefits for themselves.

About Razoa

Founded in 2010, Razoa LLC is an enterprise software company based in San Francisco, Calif., focused on simplifying the software development process. The company has two products, Alpinia and Kumquat, created for professional Java developers. Developers around the world are already using Razoas products to quickly and easily develop Java applications.

For further information, please visit – http://www.razoa.com


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Osidius Development Selects Londes Digital Marketing As Local SEO Marketing Partner

Brockport, NY (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Osidius Development LLC specializes in small business and service professional website development, from industries such as doctors and lawyers to accountants and veterinarians. The websites they create are semi-custom, starting with a site framework proven to be effective for industry professionals, and then customized with company imagery, pictures, and text, resulting in an overall custom feel that doesnt look like it came from a simple business template.

This added value that Osidius Development provides compared to its hands-off, non-personalized website creation experience has helped their clients create industry-leading online presences. Now, they wanted to take things a step further.

Customized, intelligent design is the backbone of an effective online presence. We make sure our clients are using the web effectively to communicate with potential clients and customers, discussed Pat King, president of Osidius Development. And now we are taking that service to the next level by partnering with Londes Digital Marketing to deliver marketing services to increase awareness for our clients brands.

Londes Digital Marketing (LDM) provides online marketing services for small businesses, including local search engine optimization strategies, pay-per-click marketing, and Facebook advertising. They analyze each business individually and design effective marketing campaigns to increase traffic and awareness for each client.

Working with them [Osidius Development] is a great match for both of our companies, explained Mike LaLonde, digital marketing specialist at LDM. We are able to offer their book of clients a variety of marketing strategies and design something within their budget than can have very positive results. At the same time, Osidius Development can continue to work with us to provide additional design work when necessary and really help their websites perform.

While Osidius Development will still handle ongoing design work (including banner advertisement design), LDM will provide marketing consulting services and manage online media spend. Due to the local nature of their clients, strategies will focus on search engine optimization, location-based targeted search engine advertising, and targeted Facebook ads to perspective customers.

For more information regarding the partnership, visit Osidius Development at http://www.OsidiusDevelopment.com or Londes Digital Marketing at http://www.Londes.com.

Label Printing Company, Lightning Labels, Offers Business Development Tips

Denver, Colo. (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to take advantage of digital label printing technology and incorporate unique, limited-edition labels and packaging this holiday season. To assist customers and manufacturers with holiday marketing, Lighting Labels releases business development tips that cover short-run, limited-edition labels, seasonal custom labels and product packaging.

“Just as technology has enabled major advances in such areas as social media, so is it positively impacting other forms of personalized business development,” says Business Development Manager AnneMarie Campbell. “The manufacturer can collect a certain number of orders, then create personalized product labels targeted to buyers. Instead of just trumpeting the product, it also heralds the customer – heightened perceived value, loyalty and goodwill – which is fitting this holiday season.”

People Flock To Short-Run, Limited-Edition Labels

Even if the product is left unchanged, printing an updated or special-edition label design – made easy with advancements of digital label printing techniques – can attract more customers to the product. Lightning Labels’ business development tips apply to targeting a new audience or marketing toward an entirely new set of potential customers. This creates an opportunity to test new label design and copy without the risk and pressure of harming the product’s already-positive image.

If the limited-edition run is overwhelmingly successful, Lighting Labels recommends doing more special-edition promotions and/or integrating some related tactics into their everyday labels and product marketing strategies.

What Limited-Edition Labels And Products Truly Mean

Special-edition custom labels haven’t always been affixed to products; in fact, the trend didn’t come into full effect until the late 1990s, when it was used as a marketing ploy. Companies utilizing this strategy were quick to discover that not only did demand for the so-called “limited” products increase, but people were willing to pay more money for products labeled as “limited” or “special.”

What started as a marketing plan for higher-end manufacturers and companies is now utilized across the globe by companies. During the holidays, though, more special-edition products seem to line the shelves, from collector tins to themed labels and packaging. Millions of people have made it their hobby to collect as many of these products annually as possible.

How Seasonal Labels And Packaging Affect Consumers

People historically understood that the holidays were fast-approaching by changes in weather, but the prevalence of seasonal custom labels has changed consumers’ holiday associations. Rather than determining the true start of autumn by falling leaves, people rush to devour limited-edition pumpkin spice delicacies and harvest-colored custom labels; winter’s arrival is welcomed by companies’ use of holiday-themed labels and packaging.

The low cost of digital label printing makes limited editions an attainable marketing and promotional plan that can be used for various events and seasons throughout the year. Although it’s not limited to the holiday season, it can be a good time to begin and test the strategy. Low label printing costs and affordable prices of smaller sample batches from Lightning Labels give manufacturers the option to try this tactic on a few products or orders at a time.

How to Market Custom Labels and Products Seasonally

Lightning Labels’ industry advisors note that limited-edition custom labels not only look festive and welcoming, but they can be a gateway into creating an entire themed marketing campaign. Coffee drinkers around the world rejoiced when Starbucks announced via social media that its special-edition red cups were available once again, and manufacturers can use similar strategies.

Promote cheery, special-edition custom labels on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then take advantage of multichannel marketing by posting pictures of the labels and packaging on Instagram and Pinterest, then tie everything together with a related #hashtag. Consider adding holiday-themed hashtags and QR codes to the limited-edition packaging that people can access once they see or purchase the collectable product.

Right now Lightning Labels is running a special promotion to celebrate its more than 10,000 Lightning Labels Facebook fans by offering 10% off all online orders from December 3, 2012 through December 5, 2012. Simply use promo code LLFB10 at checkout. The promo code LLFB10 is valid on new label orders placed online only and does not apply to reorders. The maximum discount is $ 1,000. Free ground shipping applies to regularly priced orders shipped within the United States and Canada, but shipping charges apply for printed press proofs. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

About Lightning Labels:

Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, and now offers a full line of custom packaging products. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill sticker, label and product packaging projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround to every customers’ labeling and product packaging needs. Uses for Lightning Labels custom product labels and custom stickers include food packaging and organic food labels, wine and beverage labels, bath and body labels, and nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, essentials oils, and herbal remedies, as well as event stickers, adhesive window stickers and more. Lightning Labels strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly printing materials and carries EarthFirst PLA, a new kind of green label material made from corn instead of petroleum. While operating as a high-tech printer, Lighting Labels prides itself on its personalized customer service. Lightning Labels provides one stop shopping for all of your label and product packaging needs. For more information and to place orders online, visit LightningLabels.com. For the latest in packaging news and labeling promotional offers, find Lightning Labels on Facebook, Twitter (@LightningLabels), and Google+.

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QA Graphics Expands BAS Graphic Development Services

Ankeny, IA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

QA Graphics, a leading provider of design services for the building automation industry, has expanded their graphic outsourcing department to make BAS design services even more accessible for the industry.

QA Graphics hired several additional HVAC graphic specialists this spring allowing the department to expand their system graphic development services. QA Graphics is the leader in developing custom graphic libraries for control manufacturers. They have completed libraries for six of the largest control companies in the industry and serve as a preferred vendor for those that outsource their graphics needs.

Integrators are increasingly choosing to outsource control system graphics, but its clear that theres hesitation by some because its thought that outsourcing may be more expensive. If companies looked at the opportunity cost of developing graphics in house, they would see that their time may be better spent on other tasks. Better graphics can lead to better business and QA Graphics services allow integrators to focus on what they do best while trusting the industry leader for their HVAC design needs.

For integrators considering outsourcing, QA Graphics encourages getting an estimate to see how fast and affordable the process can be. QA Graphics has a new easy system to get a quick estimate. A simple form and files can be submitted online at: http://www.qagraphics.com/bas-design/estimate.html.

QA Graphics is experienced with the following building automation systems:

Scott James Joins AH2; Former UMPG Exec Will Be VP of Business Development

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

James joins Ah2 after spending 31 years at Universal Music Publishing Group where he served as Executive Vice President of Film, Television, and Synchronization – Worldwide. In this role he was responsible for marketing, clearance and licensing of compositions controlled by UMPG, representing songwriters such as U2, Coldplay, Prince, Mariah Carey, Paul Simon, Elton John, Bon Jovi, The Who, and Guns and Roses. The catalog was also comprised of significant film and television music catalogs administered on behalf of NBC/Universal and Warner Bros., and the estates of Henry Mancini and Leonard Bernstein.

In announcing James’ appointment, Ah2 managing partner Mark T. Williams said, “We are thrilled to have Scott spearheading our business development initiative. With his combined vision, industry experience and business acumen we are confident that Ah2 will continue to grow as a leading score music solution.”

I am excited about this opportunity to work with Jeff and Mark, who are both wonderfully talented composers and astute businessmen. I look forward to being a part of the continuing success of Ah2 and helping to expand the business to the next level.

Ah2 currently offers more than 25,000 tracks available for licensing across film, television, commercials, trailers and multi-media projects.

About Ah2 Music

Founded by Jeff Lippencott & Mark T. Williams, Ah2 has grown to be one of the most sought after composing teams and production music catalogues in the world. Ah2s themes and underscore can be heard in many well-recognised series such as: “The Apprentice,” “The Biggest Loser,” Shark Tank, “Master Chef,” “Hotel Hell, Who Do You Think You Are and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Ah2 has been commissioned by many notable Hollywood directors and producers such as Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett, garnering them multiple Primetime Emmy Nominations, ASCAP and BMI Film/TV awards. Having composed music for thousands of hours of network and cable television since their inception has allowed Ah2 to build a substantial catalogue of music available for licensing. From unforgettable themes to action packed underscore, the music of Ah2 has touched lives and crossed cultural boundaries reaching the ears of millions of people each day throughout the world.

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Newt Global Attends the National Minority Supplier Development Councils Annual Conference

Irving, TX (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Newt Global, a South Asian-American minority and woman-owned and operated business, attended the National Minority Supplier Developments Councils annual Conference and Opportunity Fair in Denver, Colorado. The event took place over four days and featured a multitude of corporations and minority business enterprises. The Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council certified Newt Global last year as a MSDC member. Newt Global attends monthly meetings at the Dallas/Fort Worth MSDC chapter. The event provided valuable seminars and meetings that helped Newt Global improve their capabilities as a minority-owned business.

This year, Newt Globals Vice President Cliff Carr attended the event. The conferences main goal is to facilitate meetings, business opportunities, as well as workshops and plenaries on global business. The Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council cohosted the conference. Newt Globals focus for attending the event was to assess and approach multiple supplier diversity programs and to attend workshops on minority business optimization.

The event had a great turn out, and there were plenty of networking opportunities, said Cliff Carr, Vice President of Newt Global.

Founded in 1972, The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) asserts its mission is to provide business opportunities for minority businesses. NMSDC membership currently stands at 3,500 corporate members and 16,000 minority members. The theme for this years conference was, Minority Businesses and Corporate America: Advancing Minority Suppliers in the Global Supply Chain. The annual conference and business opportunity fair provides workshops and networking opportunities covering a multitude of topics from supply chain development to technology solutions to foster improvements within MBEs.

The Denver conference was a success, and Newt Global anticipates hosting a booth at the conference next year. Newt Global previously attended and held a booth at the ACCESS 2012 Expo in May sponsored by the Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council chapter, and stated the desire to become more active within the Minority Supplier Development Council community.

About Newt Global Consulting, LLC

Newt Global Consulting is a MBE/WBE/HUB Certified Global IT services company headquartered in Irving, Texas and is a Tier-1 vendor to multiple Fortune-500 clients. They specialize in a range of IT services on a broad range of technologies, mobile development, QA, and program management. Newt Global leadership is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, and has invested in building a mobile development/testing framework and has recurring training programs in both iOS and Android. Learn more at http://www.newtglobal.com

FormSuite v4 Simplifies Forms Processing Application Development

TAMPA, Fla. (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces the release of FormSuite v4 forms processing SDK bundle with faster OCR, improved OMR, and a new Forms API for easier forms processing application development.

FormSuite v4 introduces several new features including a Forms Processing Server, which demonstrates an unattended batch processing facility using the FormSuite components. This new server comes with source code and will significantly reduce the time and resources needed to create a solution from scratch. This release also includes improved OCR speed, so that recognition is up to 2 times faster.

FormSuite can be used in any industry that needs to process forms. For example, insurance companies building a solution to process application forms, claims forms, change of address forms and other various forms, could easily incorporate FormSuite into their solution. This would allow the end user to scan forms, extract information from them and automatically enter the data into the companys database. The company can process forms faster than by manually keying them into the system.

The latest version of FormSuite is now even easier for developers to use, said Tom Setzer, Director of Recognition for Accusoft. This release includes barcode support, allowing companies to label and identify forms. Weve seen this widely used in the medical industry, but increasingly, other verticals are implementing barcode into their document management systems.

Customers can continue to use FormAssist to facilitate their setup of forms templates and libraries. Added features to FormAssist include a Forms API, a higher level API, added for easier developer integration; improved support for OMR, and barcode recognition and speed improvements.

For more information or to download FormSuite, visit http://www.accusoft.com /formsuite.htm.

Accusoft is a registered trademark and FormSuite is a trademark of Accusoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Accusoft

Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions. With its broad range of solutions, Accusoft is committed to delivering best-in-class, enterprise grade and fully-supported applications and a globally recognized suite of software development kits (SDKs). Accusoft products work reliably behind the scenes for capturing, processing, storing and viewing images, documents and more. Add barcode, compression, DICOM, image processing, OCR/ICR, forms processing, PDF, scanning, video, and image viewing to your applications. Products are delivered as applications and toolkits for multiple 32-bit/64-bit platforms and development environments, including iOS, Android, .NET, Silverlight, ASP.NET, ActiveX, Java, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, and IBM AIX. For more information, please visit http://www.accusoft.com.

Technology and Economic Development Leaders Join Forces to Accelerate Smart Cities

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) July 11, 2012

The world is hurtling toward enormous urban agglomerations. Estimates suggest 6.4 billion people, 70 percent of the worlds population, will live in cities by 2050. Now two global consulting firms have come together to administer an industry group, backed by heavyweights such as General Electric, IBM, and Itron, to accelerate progress toward smart cities.

Global Smart Energy, of Redmond, Wa., and Mercator XXI, LLC, of Washington, DC, said the Smart Cities Council will help establish the technological, financial and policy underpinnings for clean cities with smart digital infrastructure (power, water, gas, transportation, communications, emergency response, etc.).

The goal of the partnership is to team technology savvy with economic development expertise.

“We want smart city technology to bring us convenience, comfort and sustainability,” explained Jesse Berst, founder and managing director of Global Smart Energy. “But we also want it to bring jobs and growth. That’s why I’m pleased to partner with esteemed economic development experts.”

Mercator XXI has a core team of policy and economic development specialists in Washington, D.C. plus an affiliate network in Canada, Japan, China, India and the Middle East. This global team will be engaged in recruiting, managing and supporting SCC Partners, advisors, events and initiatives in the regions.

Innovation-driven economic development is the only realistic path to a sustainable and viable future for the worlds urban centers. We are excited about partnering with Global Smart Energy to enable municipal leaders across the world to implement leading edge solutions, and to work with someone having a track record as a technology thought leader said Christopher Caine, Mercator XXI founder and CEO.

James F. Whittaker, a principal at Mercator XXI, LLC, will be SCCs director. He is a former executive with Intel and Hewlett-Packard and has in-depth experience in international policy and government affairs. Berst will chair the council. Berst is an internationally known analyst and author who founded the Internet’s oldest and largest smart grid site and co-founded the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative. Smart grid and smart infrastructure are widely viewed as the foundational technologies for an intelligent city.

With the help of its members and a worldwide advisory board of leading experts, the council will develop a vendor-neutral Readiness Guide, propose financing templates and work closely with public sector leaders to shape policy to accelerate the build-out of smart cities. It seeks to answer questions such as: How do we architect a digital infrastructure to provide a foundation for future growth and prosperity? How do we pay for it? Which policies can speed success? How do we educate citizens about the benefits and bring them along as enthusiastic partners? How far away is a city from being able to design and implement a smart city strategy and plan? What are the critical elements and when are they needed in place to advance its smart city vision?

Encouraging open standards for smart cities, the SCC will set the metrics that define a citys intelligence. It will also work directly with global cities to help them assess their current standing and find ways to transition step-by-step to genuinely smart cities with a shared digital infrastructure, providing a robust platform for economic growth.

The Smart Cities Council is guided by an executive council, which presently includes representatives from General Electric, IBM and Itron.