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ThemeShark.com Does Drupal Themes

Halifax, NS (PRWEB) May 26, 2008

An estimated 250,000 businesses are using it the world over. Dries Buytaert, its founder, was recently named as a top 30-and-under innovator for 2008 by Businessweek magazine, and a massive community of contributing web developers can’t say enough good things about Drupal, the robust open-source content management system. But many users are often left scratching their heads when their search for new drupal themes turns up few results.

Rob DeCoste, owner of the commercial theme producer ThemeShark.com, offers up some insight: “Until recently, Drupal had a reputation of being unfriendly toward non-programmers and difficult to theme,” says Rob. “And that was probably true a few years ago. From a web design perspective, the amount of PHP coding required to get the desired effect in earlier versions could be more than a little intimidating. Unfortunately, not all programmers are skilled graphic designers, and vice versa.”

That’s not to say that members of the community haven’t been hard at work producing a varied crop of free themes under the GPL licensing, and Drupal.org maintains a long list of useful templates. But some stand out more than others, and although developers like Roopletheme.com have done some exceptional things with Drupal’s theming system, it’s just not quite enough for many CMS enthusiasts. The lure of Rockettheme.com’s flexibility and eye-candy is far too strong for some developers and many lean toward Joomla as a result.

“Since launching the site in April, we’ve heard the same thing over and over. Most people will tell you how hard it is to find great Drupal themes, and they’re pleased that we’re trying to fill that void,” said DeCoste.

In recent years Drupal has also become one of the most popular open-source solutions for building newspaper and magazine sites. Its ability to customize and categorize content both out of the box and with the help of third-party modules is second to none, and every day more and more local and national publications get online with Drupal. One of the most famous examples is the New York Observer’s website, standing as an excellent example of exactly what the system is capable of.

But new users shouldn’t expect to build a site like that over night.

“For our second theme, our goal was to provide basic newspaper functionality and a quick and easy setup process for beginners. We ended up using a custom installation profile to get the job done. This way all of the modules and content types are ready to go at the end of a fresh install. There might still be a bit of a learning curve for people who haven’t really dug into the Views and CCK modules, but they’re worth learning. Once you’ve got those down you’ve got one powerful development tool,” continued DeCoste.

Next on the agenda for ThemeShark.com?

“There’s been interest in a social networking theme. I think we’re going to tackle that. But if we accidentally create the next Facebook or MySpace and the billions start rolling in, well…I’m sure another commercial theme provider will come along eventually,” stated DeCoste.


Drupal Revealed as 2008 Open Source CMS Award Winner

Birmingham, UK (PRWEB) November 3, 2008

Packt’s annual Open Source Content Management System (CMS) Award reached its climax today with the announcement that Drupal has won the Overall category, collecting a first prize of $ 5,000. Three months after it was launched and a staggering 20,000 votes later, Drupal finished ahead of Joomla! and DotNetNuke to retain the Award it won in 2007.

Released as an Open Source project by founder Dries Buytaert in 2001, Drupal has grown substantially and has been downloaded almost 1.5 million times in the last 12 months. It is currently being applied by companies such as Warner Brothers Music, MTV UK, and the New York Observer amongst others.

“These awards are a testament to the valuable contributions from dedicated Drupal community members around the globe” said Buytaert in response to the news. “Working together, the Drupal community is building the future of the dynamic web so that anyone can quickly build great social publishing websites” he concluded.

With votes coming from a panel of industry experts and visitors to Packt’s website, this year’s Awards proved to be the most popular and also the highest quality. The task of selecting a top three from the finalists was a difficult one for the judges due to their high standards and myriad features.

Finishing in second place and receiving $ 3,000 was Joomla!, the youngest of the three finalists and a previous winner of the Overall Award. Judges were impressed with Joomla’s ease of installation and ability to get a website up-and-running in a short space of time. Particular praise was reserved for its sizeable and enthusiastic community, which has allowed the project to grow so quickly in such a short space of time.

In third place and receiving $ 2,000 was DotNetNuke, the only CMS in the final that is written in VB.NET for the ASP.NET framework. DotNetNuke received positive feedback from judges who were impressed with its ease of development and security implementation features.

Alongside the Overall Award, Packt ran categories for best Open Source PHP Content Management System and best Open Source CMS that isn’t written in PHP. The final category was the Most Promising Open Source CMS, which was won by SilverStripe. Packt handed out a total of $ 20,000 in prize money to the winning Content Management Systems.

Winners in the other final categories include:

Drupal Hosting Review 2012 From Speed, Reliability, Support and Price

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 09, 2012

Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com (TCWH) releases the Drupal Hosting Review for 2012 based on the Drupal hosting reputation, compatibility, features, performance, reliability, technical support and price, rated by the TCWH editors and the 1043 real customers.

Nowadays, there may have been 100,000 shared web hosting companies over the world, and most of them declaim that their shared web hosting is 100% compatible with Drupal, but just like flowers need the appropriate environment to grow, Drupal runs faster and more reliable when it’s hosted with a right shared web host.

As introduced by Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com, Drupal consumes more server resources than the light-weight WordPress as its more flexible, customizable and extendable. This is the reason why there were many Drupal users complained with the loading speed of the Drupal sites.

After reviewed 50+ reputed Drupal hosting, TCWH had come out of a list of top five Drupal hosting including BlueHost, InMotion hosting, WebHostingHub, HostMonster and GreenGeeks, even BlueHost, InMotion hosting and GreenGeeks are recommended as the best Drupal shared web hosting by Drupal.org at http://drupal.org/hosting. Based on the TCWH Drupal hosting review, these top 5 Drupal hosting providers far exceed their competitors by offering the following compelling Drupal hosting features and warranties:

1) Drupal page loading times that average less than 2 seconds.

2) 100% compatible with Drupal, with 128MB memory for PHP “memory_limit”.

3) Run PHP as suPHP for improved Drupal hosting security.

4) 99.9% Drupal hosting uptime guarantee.

5) cPanel, 1-Click Drupal installation and upgrade, with 500+ Drupal themes & widgets for free.

6) Rock-solid Drupal technical support, with holding times that average less than one minute.

Now, Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com is offering up to 50% discount for the top five Drupal hosting starting at $ 3.95/mo only. To claim the Drupal hosting discount and to learn more about the Drupal hosting review and rating, visit http://www.top-cheap-web-hosting.com/linux-web-hosting/best-drupal-hosting/

About Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com

Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com (http://www.top-cheap-web-hosting.com) is a leading web hosting review website, rating web hosts independently based on their real hosting experience and the real customer reviews, designed to help people find the best web hosting deal at an affordable rate.

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Drupal to Joomla Conversion Solution Creates Opportunity for CMS Community

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 24, 2011

CNP Integrations announced their proprietary conversion service for a Drupal to Joomla! CMS platform migration, allowing web administrators of the well known Drupal system to embrace the ease of use and extensible framework of the powerful Joomla! CMS.

The CNP solution quickly and safely migrates content directly from the Drupal database into a new Joomla! installation. CNPs conversion process interfaces with Drupals core content options, to migrate all existing content, even comments! Further options and features are also available with the expanded Joomla framworks using the popular K2 extensions.

Given todays trend to maximize return on investment, especially as it relates to human capital, its no wonder that webmasters are considering every way they can to cut the overhead and time constraints of administering their work, without losing the effectiveness and capabilities of their work. Joomla! is well know for ease of use for non-technical users while being robust enough to be trusted and admired by large enterprise organizations such as Ebay, Shell Oil, McDonalds, The United Nations and many others around the globe. This makes Joomla a significant force in effective content contribution and management.

Drupal administrators searching for like-kind platform capabilities and the potential for new features and concepts, especially in social community building and learning management capabilities, are finding the Joomla! solution standing out as the platform of choice. Until now, a migration or conversion of data between platforms has been a daunting prospect. CNPs in-house solution alleviates the concern, making Joomla! an easy choice to expand a Drupal administrators catalog of available functionality. The move opens up community building with extensions like the popular JomSocial tools or Learning Management Solutions with extensions like JoomlaLMS and many others. Joomla offers limitless new features that are not as readily available or fully supported in the Drupal community.

CNP has long been known in the Joomla community as a key provider for development and support for large scale, enterprise level solutions that leverage the Joomla! CMS platform. CNPs new Drupal migration service grew from their core business of providing custom development, cross platform integrations and data migration services. Driven from client requests to switch from the Drupal platform to Joomla, CNP set out to improve the migration process and bridge the gap between how data was managed between the two CMS platforms.

According to CNP CEO Christopher Nielsen, We had a client with a large scale Drupal site that required a migration to Joomla, when our team searched for other developers that had faced this same challenge there were no real viable solutions in the marketplace. We found none that had attempted this yet on any sites of any magnitude. We see this service as a great opportunity for Drupal administrators to convert their sites and leverage the huge catalog of extensions available for the Joomla CMS.

In one example, a large Drupal site with many modifications made in order to accomplish site goals was recreated in a new Joomla! environment where, along with K2, a more sustainable workflow was implemented, with far less customizations required. This migration successfully ported over 20,000 content pieces, comments for each article, as well as thousands of users.

Seeing a burgeoning market for making life easier for wide range of CMS site administrators, the Drupal migration service is expected to expand CNPs support offerings and fill a growing service niche in the open source community. CNPs Drupal to Joomla CMS migration service is quoted on a case by case basis. Simply call the firm at 1-508-644-1553, for a free, no-obligation consultation.

For more information about CNP Integrations you can visit: http://www.joomladesignservices.com, http://www.cnpintegrations.com or http://www.cnpsupport.com


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Cyber-crime security integration for Joomla and Drupal hosting kills hacker threats

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 02, 2012

CNP Integrations (a team of Joomla CMS and Drupal experts found online at http://www.cnpintegrations.com, http://www.joomladesignservices.com or http://www.cnpsupport.com) teams up with Secure Live and Rackspace to provide the best of breed hosting solution for Joomla, Drupal and other open source CMS platforms.

In October 2011, CNP Integrations made the shift to a completely cloud based hosting environment for their clients, dramatically improving support coverage, ease of use and site performance thanks to the RackSpace infrastructure and fanatical support. They have now combined this with an added layer of cyber security monitoring provided by SecureLive software solutions and their advanced security resource team. As a mandatory integrated feature for all hosting accounts, this will allow CNP Integrations to deliver an even higher level of focused and responsive application support service for Joomla CMS and Drupal. This new strategic alliance will prove to offer the most robust and responsive security monitoring and cloud based hosting environments available in the marketplace. When combined with the CNP Integrations support team, clients of this group will experience the safest and most competent options for meeting and surpassing their content delivery needs while protecting their investments from cyber-crime.

Experts in the field anticipate cyber-crime in 2012 could rise as high as 7000% from 6 years ago. With this type of rise in cyber crime we are making web security a priority for all of our hosting customers. CNP Integrations collaboration with the SecureLive team backed by the Rackspace hosting infrastructure we feel will offer the highest level of security, service and technical support available. Says Chris Nielsen, CEO of CNP Integrations.

Stats on cyber-crime over the past 6 years:

First Enterprise Migration of Drupal to Joomla! CMS

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

On May 15th at 1 p.m. CNP Integrations is proud to present a new webinar and discussion focused their unique process for the migration of an enterprise Drupal portal to a Joomla! CMS. This webinar will offer an inside peak of the data migration and restructuring of content to leverage a Joomla! CMS for optimized security and advanced features only available in the Joomla! CMS.

This presentation lead by Jonathan Neubauer, the project manager for CNP, will review the case study of CNP Integrations most recent migration and redesign of an enterprise level Drupal site to a Joomla! CMS. The site http://www.truth-out.org was the topic of much hype in the CMS community lately and this months featured article on the Joomla Community Magazine explains the project in greater detail: http://magazine.joomla.org/.

The Truth Out organization manages a large news portal with heavy traffic and large archives of content. This is the first known enterprise level migration from Drupal to Joomla. says Christopher Nielsen (CNP Integrations CEO/General Manager). Since the Joomla! CMS has a much larger development community and because it can be easier for less technical administrators to manage, there is a growing interest in this migration service. Our unique process makes it affordable for smaller and mid-sized organizations that have experienced trouble with their Drupal installations and want to make a switch to a Joomla Platform. Our custom extensions allow us to offer value and cost savings for multiple data migrations required through the testing and implementation phases of this type of project, continues Nielsen.

This webinar will cover the process for effectively migrating data from a Drupal installation as well as what is required to configure a Joomla CMS to support a matching data set. We will cover some of the custom features such as previews and multi author capabilities that were built custom for this unique publishing environment.

Join CNP Integrations and other Joomla enthusiasts on May 15th at 1 p.m. for an hour long webinar and discussion: Registration is available online: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/829493890 or visit the CNP Integrations webinar page for more information: http://www.joomladesignservices.com/joomla-cms-webinars.html.

CNP’s new webinar series is free, and open to any Joomla! users, or people interested in Joomla!. Upcoming regular, monthly webinars will cover topics such as Joomla! Security, Mobile for Joomla!, Extending Your Joomla! Content, Learning Management with Joomla!, and many more helpful topics for Joomla! CMS site owners, administrators, and users.

CNP Integrations is known for delivering world class support for Joomla CMS

CNP Integrations has an engaged global team of technical and configuration experts and employs highly skilled programmers and project managers with the focus of providing the most responsive web application support services for the Joomla CMS and other compatible technologies. CNP Integrations is a business division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc., a Massachusetts based corporation. CNP Integrations offers premium technical support and hosting with a value building methodology and a proven process of project management success.

CNP can be found on line at the following web portals: http://www.cnpsupport.com, http://www.cnpintegrations.com, and http://www.joomladesignservices.com.

CMS Commander Launches Open Beta Version of Remote Management Software for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla Websites

Oakland, California (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

With today’s availability of webspace and domains more and more webmasters operate and manage multiple websites. Due to the need to constantly oversee each site separately, keep software up to date and other regular tasks the management of a site network can quickly become a nightmare that consumes a large amount of time and reduces efficiency, in particular for bigger companies or organizations with dozens or even hundreds of web properties. CMS Commander – which has just released an open and free beta version – intends to solve this problem for both private site owners and large companies by offering an easy to use remote management solution that allows webmasters to control all their websites from a single account.

“We want to make CMS Commander for everyone: It is easy to learn, simple to use and supports sites created with all of the most popular content management systems on the market.”, says creator Thomas Hoefter, “If you own and mange two or more websites CMS Commander can save you lots of time by creating automatic backups, installing updates, managing content and much more for all of them at the same time.”

Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have a combined market share of over 70% as of August 2012 according to statistics from W3Techs, making them the three most widely used content management systems (CMS) to build a website with on the market. The CMS Commander software supports all three of those CMS and can remotely manage any number of websites built on Drupal, Joomla or WordPress from the same account. Furthermore CMS Commander also supports the popular open source forum platform phpBB.

In early August CMS Commander already had over 2000 active beta testers managing more than 10,000 websites through the software. The support forum that is integrated into each account makes it easy for all testers to highlight issues or make suggestions for new features. An online documentation and 18 video tutorials are available for new users.

The software is designed around the core concept of making day-to-day management of multiple websites easier and save the users time by automating processes or completing them in bulk on several domains. Key features include the automatic creation of backup files, bulk plugin and theme updates, installation of new plugins on any number of websites as well as remote management of articles, comments, settings and user accounts. CMS Commander also provides a suite of automatic content features, allowing users to fetch related images, videos, affiliate products and other content from over 15 different sources and include them directly into existing or new articles.

Everyone interested can sign up for a free beta tester account at http://cmscommander.com/#signupbox

About CMS Commander

CMS Commander is a software that helps webmasters manage multiple websites by collecting all of them in a single control panel, automating many otherwise tedious tasks and completing processes in bulk on all of the sites at the same time. Writing articles, installing new plugins, keeping themes and plugins up to date and creating automatic backups all become super simple with CMS Commander. To learn more visit http://cmscommander.com/.

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Award-winning Website Design and Development Firm, Project6 Design, Launches New Drupal Site For Oakland, CA Self-Directed IRA Investment Services Firm

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Project6 Design, a top Bay Area website design and Drupal development agency, launches a new site for Self-Directed IRA Investment Services Firm, The Entrust Group. The new website design better communicates the brands administration, information, and tools to make self-directed retirement investments straightforward and compliant.

A key feature of the site is the custom built Learning Center, created to provide resources like webinars, case studies, articles and course-based events for individuals to better understand investment options and taking charge of their retirement. The Learning Center created an educational platform within Drupal and included: Salesforce CRM integration for seamless lead tracking and customized forms; online registration for events and webinars for a smooth user experience; filterable data to help answer frequently asked questions and sort through a depth of articles, blog postings about types of investments and plans; tagged content to allow the users to easily find relevant content that would help them learn about investments. The site also includes dedicated informational pages for The Entrust Groups satellite offices to better highlight personnel, locations, regional events and existing user logins.

The Entrust Groups new website was built using the Drupal content management system (CMS), the worlds most the worlds most widely-supported, open-source CMS and a core component in the majority of Project6 Designs web development work. Drupal is a free, community based CMS web development platform used by organizations small and large, including Sony Music, AOL Corporate, Popular Science, Fast Company and the White House to name a few.

We are very excited about the launch of the new website we created for The Entrust Group, said Esten Sesto, Founder and President of Project6 Design. Its a much cleaner and clearer presentation of their information, truly improving the overall user experience. The customized Learning Center has exceptional features to help educate visitors about investment options through engaging articles, tools, case studies and events. This section of website, as well as the How it Works, Plans, and Investments sections, will make Entrusts goal of creating well informed, self-directed investors even easier.

About The Entrust Group

For 30 years, The Entrust Group has provided account administration services for self-directed retirement plans and has been an acknowledged authority in the field. Entrust facilitates the investment of alternative assets that are typically unavailable through a brokerage firm in self-directed retirement plans. Entrusts team of professionals are regularly examined to ensure compliance with current state and federal banking requirements, and keep up to date by participating in ongoing educational programs to ensure that the most accurate information is shared with clients. For more information on The Entrust Group, visit http://www.theentrustgroup.com

About Project6 Design, Inc.

Project6 Design, established in 2001, is an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, CA) based graphic design firm that specializes in strategic brand, print, and website design and development services. Project6 Design is unique because of its strong emphasis on design and usability while still having the ability to implement web projects in-house (leveraging years of expertise in the Drupal CMS). From nonprofit to Fortune 500, clients include the University of California – San Francisco, eBay, CA Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Gap, United Way, Serena Software, and Old Navy. For more information, call (510) 540-8005, email info[at]project6[dot]com, or visit http://www.project6.com.


Project6 Design, Inc.

Esten Sesto, Founder & President

(510) 540-8005 ext. 100


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Drupal Growth & Innovation Focus of Midwest Developer Summit

Madison, Wisconsin (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

The Midwest Drupal Developer Summit and DrupalCamp will bring together developers and technical business leaders interested in building the next version of the Drupal content management platform. Chicago-based Drupal developer Duo Consulting is sponsoring the Summit and Camp in Madison, Wisconsin July 2628, 2012.

This years event was lengthened and expanded to accommodate the demand to participate in guiding the next version of the Drupal platform the focus of the Summit. Anticipated topics at the Camp which follows, ranging from online communities to user interface-driven design, are hot trends online. Duo Consulting CEO Michael Silverman sees the evolution as a big opportunity in open source software development.

The audience for Drupal has begun to resonate beyond developers, Silverman explained. What were seeing is a growing interest from marketing professionals, decision-makers and other web stakeholders. Its driving a revolution in thinking that will continue to position Drupal as the core player in the open source enterprise CMS market.

The one-day Camp that follows the two-day Summit is a free, community-organized event where Drupal experts share their knowledge and experience through both scheduled sessions and unconference content. The Summit and Camp provide business leaders responsible for guiding Internet strategy an efficient path to understand more about Drupal as a software platform and the community that supports it. The Summit features leaders in the Drupal community, including Drupal founder and project lead Dries Buytaert and core maintainer Angela Byron.

About Duo Consulting

Based in Chicago, Duo Consulting is an enterprise web design & development firm that uses Drupal open-source technologies to create content-rich websites accessible through traditional and mobile platforms. Since 1999, Duo has worked to improve the website user experience for diverse brands across media, legal, education, nonprofit and other industries.

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Asahi Technologies Launches Custom Drupal Services for Businesses Across New York

(PRWEB) July 18, 2012

A decade since its inception, Drupal has emerged as an industry standard in web content management and publishing field. Used in more than 200 countries with 180 languages, Drupal has significant influence all over the world. Open source and free it is a cost-effective option compared to proprietary CMS, making it an ideal solution for small and medium businesses. To let small and medium businesses access Drupal framework, Asahi Technologies a New York based Web Development firm launched custom web services with Drupal CMS for small and medium businesses at affordable cost.

This steady rise of Drupal has made companies of all sizes to consider it for their content management requirements. Easy to use, sophisticated and flexible, Drupal has plenty of features to offer for all from a web development team to a small business owner who doesnt know the complex structure of web CMS. The striking feature of Drupal is its in-built modules that are customizable as per developer requirements, and this lends much needed flexibility for business operations. Apart from being a simple CMS, Drupal can be used for every web requirement from blogs to enterprise applications.

We are excited on the launch of custom Drupal services for startup and enterprise level businesses stated Vinod Subbaiah, CEO of Asahi Technologies. We at Asahi Technologies have wide expertise in developing custom Drupal solutions to meet any client requirement. As the market grows for open source CMS at enterprise and startup level, these customized solutions could be a game changer. And it gets us closer to our goal of providing custom web solutions at affordable cost for small and medium businesses

About Asahi Technologies

Asahi Technologies is a New York based web design and development firm that provides software consulting and development solutions to small and medium level businesses all across North America. Asahi Technologies specializes in responsive design, cloud computing, online marketing, mobile application development and open source technologies. Under the leadership of Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, who himself started his career as a software programmer, Asahi Technologies team comprises of experienced software professionals have extensive knowledge of technology covering B2C and B2B operations. The firms headquarters is located in New York City, NY.