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Artspan Presents Awards to Exceptional Moore College of Art & Design Seniors

Lambertville, NJ (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

As part of its commitment to supporting the best emerging art talent, Artspan.com is delighted to announce awards to exceptional seniors graduating from the BFA program at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. At a ceremony on April 25, 2012, six Moore seniors were presented with the first-ever Artspan Awards by Founder and Director Eric Sparre.

The award recipients, selected by faculty in their respective departments, will each receive their own full-featured, top-level website with Artspan.com for a full year, giving them an immediate launch into their professional careers. Designed to easily put artists in full control of their online presence and marketing, these Artspan websites are completely customizable and include unlimited images, email accounts, mailing list management, e-newsletter tools, stats, a personal blog, and sophisticated e-commerce capabilities, including integrated shopping carts and an optional prints-on-demand feature, plus access to a wide range of marketing tools and advice. The websites will also be linked to the central portals and searches of Artspans high-traffic main site, a major online art destination that consistently ranks in the top results for Contemporary Art in the major search engines.

The recipients of Artspan Awards are: Alison McMenamin (Photography and Digital Art); Kendra Ranck (Textile Design); Elise Anzini (Illustration); Kellie Reagan (Interior Design); Gladys Pasapera (Fine Arts 2D); and Gracie Lewis (Fine Arts 3D).

Internet Marketing Gems Featured in Latest SuperFastBusiness Update: Exceptional Content Creation, Social Media Leverage, E-Commerce Solutions, and More

Sydney (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

In the latest instalment of his highly informative weekly Internet business updates, SuperFastBusiness.com CEO James Schramko discusses the best ways to accomplish important marketing tasks that reap the most benefits for businesses like cementing one’s social media presence, effectively distributing press releases, and choosing the right e-commerce solutions. In addition, he announces Content Assault as the newest live training topic available at FastWebFormula.com, the Internet business coaching forum community he created to help intermediate to advanced online marketers learn and master the tricks of the trade.

Receiving proper payment for online marketing services rendered poses a common and significant challenge for some business owners, especially if the service providers prefer to perform jobs upfront and collect payment afterwards. “The problem with things like web development or paid campaigns is that sometimes the job never finishes. Its very hard to close out jobs, especially web jobs; they just seem to stay open,” Schramko explains. “The best technique, of course, is to get paid upfront.” Choosing this strategy eliminates the concerns about debt collection, following up on customers who fail to respond immediately or forget to provide the information necessary to get the job donecommon headaches that come with running a small business.

Next, the Internet marketing expert announces the latest live training topic available at FastWebFormula.com: preparing amazing content. Aptly titled Content Assault, every important aspect of content creationfrom authoring content to transferring them to different formats (text, PDF, images, video, or audio), from the actual process of preparing content to the tools usedis explored to teach marketers to produce good content for publishing on their websites and generating valuable traffic. Videos continue to be strong marketing tools as well, so it’s important to brush up on relevant video-making techniques. FastWebFormula.com also has informative training materials about choosing the correct camera, lens, microphone, lighting, and other components that help produce top quality videos.

With the subject of content creation done, Schramko focuses next on ideal ways to gain solid social leverage. In making use of communities like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, and forum posts, Schramko recommends using one’s real name and putting one’s picture on posts and updatesall the time. “If consumers constantly see you and your profile in the social media sites they visit, they’ll start to know who you are,” he shares. This would then be nicely accompanied by adding social widgets and links to the company’s various channels as well as a call to action encouraging people to visit its official website and join its newsletter to stay updated on developments and offerings.

Press releases play a significant marketing role, too. It’s vital for marketers to distribute a press release throughout different categories; when done right, positive results are sure to follow, as Schramko found. “I received 100 Twilerts in my email; that means my press release was syndicated everywhere,” he says. “What you want to do is always link to a different page on your site with a different key phrase.”

Finally, the Internet business expert relates how e-commerce stores will be huge in the near future, so retailers looking to make a profitable online venture can start exploring the best platforms to use. “WooCommerce gets the thumbs-up for WordPress-based e-commerce, while BigCommerce provides a hosted solution at a considerably pro level…The next one (the ‘big daddy’) is your own hosted version of Magento; somewhat expensive and difficult to use, but the best e-commerce platforms if you’re going to be doing millions of dollars’ worth of e-commerceand I hope you are,” Schramko encourages.

Spanky Media Provides Exceptional Custom WordPress Development for Starting Online Entrepreneurs

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) July 09, 2012

Spanky Media, a custom WordPress website specialist in Perth, Western Australia, has announced that it has finished updating its roster of products and services in order to provide exceptional website development for starting online entrepreneurs, thus allowing new virtual enterprises to have equal footing with major online companies.

This development stems from an MYOB Business Monitor Online Special Report, stating that Western Australia has the highest number of businesses with an online presence, with 43% of businesses with a website, compared with the other regions in the country New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia with 41%, 40%, 39%, 35% and 34% respectively. Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) is a provider of business management solutions in Australia.

In addition, a recent survey was also conducted by the Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA), and the survey shows that 93% of consumers in Western Australia indicated that they would be making their purchases, such as gifts, online. ANRA CEO Margy Osmond said, A third of shoppers in regional WA told us they would do most of their Christmas shopping from their lounge.

MYOB CEO Tim Reed also stated, Its great to see the numbers of Aussie businesses getting online increase and even more pleasing to see that 32% of those businesses with a website are selling products and services online.

Experts suggest that although promising, a large number of online retailers find it difficult to start their own online campaign due to lack of technical skills and knowledge of online marketing strategies. In this light, Spanky Media announced that it is willing to help deliver the appropriate online marketing campaign needed by small retailers. As a leading web development firm in Perth, Spanky Media WordPress experts aim to help small online entrepreneurs make efficient websites using the simple WordPress platform.

Kirk OConnor, Director of Development of Spanky Media, said, WordPress is by far the most popular global Content Management System, with excellent in-built SEO. It is used to create highly functional online marketing solutions for any vertical market. What Spanky Media and its WordPress developers do best is create business oriented websites using third party and in-house designed and developed premium WordPress themes. We provide the full range of service offerings which includes the development, installation and customisation of WordPress websites, development of custom functionality and WordPress plugins, third-party plugin evaluation, installation and setup, and WordPress training and ongoing helpdesk support.

OConnor also added, Spanky Media can incorporate other new technologies into your site such as mobile website development, social media plugins, ecommerce, and a lot more.

Spanky Media provides affordable custom WordPress development to small business owners so they could have an equal footing with major companies that have first-rate and expensive online campaigns. They also offer their services affordably so small online entrepreneurs can easily avail of their services without sacrificing the quality of web development, providing them with efficient and attractive websites without the need to spend too much money.

For more information, you may contact Spanky Media by calling 1300 729 261 or you could also visit their website at http://spankymedia.com.au/.

Company Offers Exceptional 15% Discount on Popular VIPRE Antivirus Software

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

PCAntivirusCoupon.com, a company that helps people save money on Antivirus Products, is excited to announce a special 15% discount on the ever popular VIPRE Antivirus software this month.

“We’re proud to be able to offer this special promotion on VIPRE Antivirus 2012 – the latest version,” says Jason Green, Co-Founder of PCAntivirusCoupon.com. “It’s brilliantly fast and now extremely affordable by using our special coupon codes.”

VIPRE Antivirus software, itself, is renowned for excellent product features, exceptional customer support and top-of-the-line detection rates for viruses. In fact, VIPRE is currently becoming one of the worlds top antivirus solutions for companies and individuals alike.

That said, compared to its competitors, VIPRE offer superior protection through features that include thorough email scanning, real-time scanning, and internet protection. In turn, this type of protection ensures that consumer and business documents are protected from any sort of risk on a 24/7 basis.

Will Not Slow Your Computer Down

One of the biggest complaints among business managers and consumers alike is that other brands anti-virus software tends to slow down computers. Fortunately, this situation is definitely not the case with anti-virus software from VIPRE. Instead, users can expect to continue to start and run their computers without any type of issue whatsoever.

Other Reasons Why VIPRE Antivirus Software is Outstanding

Efficient Anti-Spyware Protection unlike other antivirus products, VIPRE will prevent hackers from stealing and spying on your bank accounts, personal email, and other online activities.

Offers Fully-Certified Antivirus Protection as the product is fully certified, it effectively guarantees the effectiveness of this anti-viral software

Provides 24/7 Active Protection To ensure that your computer remains free of viruses, spyware, and malware, VIPRE continuously protects and scans your computer

Exceptional Remote Device Scanning Since infections often occur via flash drives, iPods, and similar devices, VIPRE scans each and every device introduced to your computer.

Powerful Malicious Website Protection Should your computer attempt to access and or visit a virus spreading website, VIPRE will effectively stop the computer from doing so.

Outstanding Firewall Protection As the VIPRE firewall protection is more powerful than your usual firewall, it can effectively download updates via the internet while also stopping hackers from accessing your computer.

Anyone interested in obtaining feature-rich anti-virus software that will not slow your computer down can visit this site to obtain the generous 15% discount code at http://www.pcantiviruscoupon.com/vipre-antivirus-coupon.html.


Founded in 2011, PCAntivirusCoupon.com offers consumers the best way to save on antivirus software as the company offers coupon codes, promotional codes, discount codes, promo codes and special voucher codes for all of the major antivirus software products. Moreover, as PCAntivirusCoupon.com has established relationships with the antivirus companies, consumers can only expect the most exclusive of deals. Visit us today at PCAntivirusCoupon.com.

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