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James Schramko Recommends Savvy New Tools for Gaining an Edge Over SEO Competition

Sydney (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

In his most recent Internet marketing video update, SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramko recently identified web tools that can help SEO companies with WordPress blogs fine tune their operations and improve their performance. The video focuses on how useful web resources and a disciplined research philosophy can help website owners harness technological advances and achieve success in their business.

Schramko begins the video with a recommendation of Backup Buddy and ManageWP for businesses seeking an easy, automated backup solution. Companies managing a small number of WordPress blogs and other websites can benefit greatly from these tools, especially with version 3 of Backup Buddy just recently made available to the public.

Blog owners also have a new option for incorporating catchy images on top of their blogs. The SlideDeck content plugin for WordPress was singled out by Schramko as a tool that offers an easy-to-use solution for presenting several different images, and it enables readers to simply slide from one photo to another without having to scroll down.

Schramko also revealed a way for website owners to benefit from observing the performance of their competitors. The Internet marketing mogul recommended visiting SEMRush.com and Ahrefs.com to search for competitor sites. By typing in the competition’s URL, one will be able to see that site’s rankings, what they are ranking for, what kinds of links they have, and what phrases people are using to reach these sites. Such information can serve as helpful advice for companies looking to craft quality content and get good links of their own.

Apple’s new Podcast app provides a new opportunity for getting heard and discovered by more people. Schramko then noted the top business podcasts acknowledged by members of FastWebFormula: SuperFastBusiness.com, InternetMarketingSpeed.com, FreedomOcean.com, as well as business podcasts from Mixergy.com, ILoveMarketing.com, and Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn were all cited as excellent resources.

Brandable domains were also discussed in the SEO news update video. Should you be looking at brandable domains? I think so, affirms the Sydney-based online business specialist. Now that people are actually looking for you by name, its much easier to own that search position And if you look at the top brandsApple, Clickbank, Amazon, Yahoo, Googletheyre all brandables. So go for the brandable domain over the exact match keyword domain.

Furthermore, apart from utilising the best web tools available, Schramko also encouraged viewers to assume a healthy, positive mind-set and prioritise important site management tasks in order to attain success.

“When it comes to doing things like research, sometimes we put them off,” says the SuperFastBusiness CEO. “Research, conversions, testing, doing updating things, backing things up, doing your accountsthese are all things that I call ‘big rocks’ because unless you make time for them in your schedule, theyll just get rolled over. I’m afraid that you’re probably losing profit in your business as long as you avoid those big rocks So put them into your schedule, and make sure you get to them.”

Schramko emphasised as well how aligning one’s mind-set with goals helps him conquer his fears and ultimately become more successful. The book “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield, he says, is valuable recommended reading for anyone still in amateur business mode but seeking to evolve into a true business professional.

Wrapping up the video, Schramko invited viewers to check out his Conversions Podcast at InternetMarketing Speed. “Its a wonderful discussion Ive had with Greg Cassar, whos a conversions expert. I’m sure you’ll get a few handy tips (that would help you) see more dollars or more opt-ins coming from the traffic you’ve already got.”

Newer Version of Magento 1.7 Gaining Momentum: Asahi Technologies Announces Magento Upgrade Services in New York

New York (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

Magento has come a long way as an e-Commerce platform right from the year 2007. Though Magentos popularity and influence comes from a strong backing by eBay, Magento features cutting edge technology for e-Commerce content management system. Its launch revolutionized the e-Commerce tool market. With modular architecture and exceptional flexibility, Magento never restrains developers of options. The newer and advanced version 1.7 has some spectacular features that can render well for modern e-Commerce requirements. Magento is currently the most widely used framework in countries like USA, India and Germany.

The recent versions of Magento have been enhanced for developers as well as merchants to provide a personalized shopping experience for clients says Vinod Subbaiah, CEO of Asahi Technologies a New York based e-Commerce development firm specializing in Magento. Some notable features in the new version include mobile optimization, easier order placement and payment bridge upgrades.

Some notable features of Magento 1.7

Gaining the Competitive Edge in this Economy May be Based on How Well You Know Your Personality According to New Book

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 8, 2010

What drives the economy? People. People are behind every transaction. Business leaders will be the first to say that the most costly thing in business is personnel turnover. Unemployment is at 9.7%. This has led to an unstable work environment filled with a diverse group of workers. No matter what age, it is necessary to understand the different personality types that workers possess. For post-Baby Boomer generations, it can be a challenge to educate them about personality assessment, while still maintaining their interest. The recently released book, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace, may have the solution.

There is an undying stratification in how the new generation of workers relate to their older peers. Technology sets them apart. A feeling of entitlement is out there for many workers. Each experience in life creates the personality a worker brings to the table. Dr. Diane Hamilton and co-author daughter, Toni Rothpletz, argue that if Americans want to be successful, its time to look inside and find out what inherently makes them tick. The authors explain how to do this in their fun and sometimes irreverent look at the current workplace.

It is essential for people to understand their own personality and to realize the impact their interactions may have on others. This is becoming increasingly more important as business owners and managers look to keep harmony among workers. Morale is important and if there is friction among personalities, managers are forced to make some tough decisions.

Toni and I believe that it is the workers responsibility to know their own personality and how their responses may be judged by others, says Hamilton, If anything, this economy has shown us that it is essential that we take ownership of our roles in the workplace. We wrote this book to help the modern worker learn some important personality skills while still having fun in the process.

Personality tests can be an informative tool. Myers-Briggs, DISC, The Big Five, Birth Order, Color Tests, Emotional Intelligence and other top personality tests are used by employers to assess potential and current employees. Hamilton and Rothpletz argue that it gives workers a leg up to have these powerful self-learning mechanisms. There are so many personality assessments, it can get confusing to know which one to research. Its Not You, Its Your Personality explains the top assessments and shows readers that learning about themselves and their coworkers can be a lot of fun.

Mother/daughter team of Hamilton and Rothpletz, set out to edutain (educate and entertain) their post-Baby Boomer working world audience. If someone has ever wondered how their personality compared to famous celebrities like Lady Gaga or Johnny Depp, they may get some answers. However, one of the most valuable things they will learn from this book is why these personality tests are so important to their success and future ability to get ahead in the working world.

About the Authors:

Diane Hamilton currently teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses for six online universities. Along with her teaching experience, she has a Doctorate Degree in Business Management and more than twenty-five years of business and management-related experience. She is a qualified Myers-Briggs instructor as well as a certified Emotional Intelligence trainer.

Toni Rothpletz has a Bachelor Degree in Global Business Marketing and is currently working on receiving her MBA. She currently works as a business developer/sales executive in the computer industry. Her background includes working in several industries including computer software, identity theft, and social networking organizations.

To find out more about their writing or to schedule an interview, visit Dr. Hamilton’s website at http://drdianehamilton.com or her blog at http://drdianehamilton.wordpress.com/.

Review copies are available.

It’s Not You It’s Your PersonalityDecember, 2010 ($ 19.95/Amazon). ISBN: 9780982742839 Approximately 220 pages

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