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Atlanta-Based Agency Develops Google Docs-Based Methodology To Help Businesses Streamline Their HubSpot Web Design Process

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

All web design projects have at least 3 stages: strategy, design, and implementation. Often, companies start the graphics portion of their web design before addressing their messaging and determining how their website will help them capture more leads, often leading to higher costs, frustration, and an ineffective website.

One of the major web design pitfalls that we have seen, is the tendency of business owners and marketers to focus first on the look and feel of their website. said Eduardo Esparza, president of Market 8, this only leads to countless revisions, increased design costs, and ineffective websites that do not support sales growth.

Last December of 2011, Market 8 launched a series of web design templates for the HubSpot CMS and a methodology that helps companies understand their messaging and their lead conversion triggers.

Companies adopting HubSpot and immersing themselves in inbound marketing, need to be thinking about how to generate leads through their website. Our methodology for HubSpot web design forces companies to think about what they want to say and how leads will convert; we then help them execute their message and their lead capture process with custom graphics, custom calls to action buttons and a series of web page templates that they can reuse as they create their content, said Esparza.

Market 8s HubSpot web design is facilitated by a proprietary, easy to use Google Docs-based Implementation Workbook that allows efficient collaboration between clients and the Market 8 team.

Our process is designed to facilitate collaboration, Esparza said, sometimes we see up to 6 people working and discussing different aspects of messaging, content and conversion, simultaneously, in a single Google spreadsheet; this eliminates e-mailing information, version control, and allows for quicker implementations and a better end result, every single time.

Market 8s hubspot web design templates have a starting price of $ 950 and are available in 4 different layout structures and implementation levels.

About Market 8

Market 8 is an inbound marketing and branding agency that helps clients increase revenue and return on marketing investments by focusing on strategies that are fundamental, effective and measurable. A fully integrated agency, Market 8 specializes in marketing strategy, website development, interactive design, content creation, video marketing, and marketing analytics including specific prospect and lead tracking.

Read Market 8’s Inbound Marketing and Branding Blog

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Appizon launches ‘Online App Builder’ allowing any consumer to manage and create their own iPhone and Google Play (Android) app with no programming experience required

North Port, FL (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

The mobile app industry is booming with consumers and businesses from all over the world wanting to take part of the ‘big boom’ in creating their own apps and partaking in the ever-expanding world of mobile commerce. Every consumer and business is noticing how advantageous it is to have their app on the mobile market. Having an app on the mobile market can increase exposure and boost sales profits just like the “dot com boom” that began in the early 90’s.

The cost of developing such apps can be overwhelming especially for businesses and consumers just starting out on a low and tight budget. Appizon has created a platform that’s incredibly reasonable for any consumer or business to create an app with pricing packages as low as $ 59 without having to invest thousands of dollars into hiring a programmer.

Appizon is a new and innovative ‘One App Builder’ allowing any corporation, business or consumer to create, manage and publish iPhone and Android apps with great simplicity. Best of all, no programming experience is required. You can also choose to format it for the Apple iPad and in HTML5 format for great cross-compatibility.

“The goal of Appizon is to allow any consumer or business to build professional looking iPhone and Google Play (Android) apps at an incredibly affordable price. Mobile is the future of things to come. ” says Rudy Triana the CEO at Appizon.

The driving force behind Appizon is their online app builder that allows for everyone to develop their app online in 5 easy steps within a very short amount of time as well as their online app simulator that allows you to preview your app before it’s published. Add app tabs, select color themes, templates and embed features into your app such as QR code coupons, map directions, one-touch calling, social media integration (Facebook or Twitter), Event Listings, custom-branding and more. Best of all, consumers can update their app in real-time without having to resubmit their app into Apple’s Appstore and wait 2 weeks for it to get approved.

Apps can be made for a endless number of industries such as modeling agencies, real estate agencies, photographers, musicians, nightclubs, restaurants, online stores and many more. Appizon offers 4 pricing packages to choose from, trying it today will help you save money and increase exposure in the mobile world.

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mSecure Password Manager for Android Only 99 Cents (90% off) During “Longest Day Deals” Flash Sale on Google Play

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

mSeven Softwares mSecure password manager app for Android is on sale for 99 cents during the “Longest Day Deals” Flash sale on Google Play. The sale began at noon on June 19, 2012 PST, and ends on June 21. This sale price is a 90% discount from the regular price of $ 9.99.

mSecure for Mac OS and mSecure for Windows will also be heavily discounted during the Flash sale, now only $ 9.99 rather than its normal price of $ 19.95. This is a 50% discount from the regular $ 19.95 price when using the discount coupon provided in the mSecure store description on the Google Play Store.

mSeven is pleased to participate in Google Play Flash sales to promote mSecure for Android, said David Pfeiffer, Marketing Director of mSeven Software. mSecure for Android is the number one password manager in the Paid and Top Grossing Productivity category in the Google Play store. For more information, please see the mSecure for Android website: https://msevensoftware.com/msecure_android

About mSecure

mSecure for iOS is available via the iTunes App Store as a Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. mSecure for Android is available in the Google PlayStore, Amazon App Store, AndroidPIT and Verizon Media Store. The regular price of mSecure for iOS and Android is $ 9.99. mSecure for Mac OS is available in the Mac App Store for $ 19.99 and mSevenSoftware.com, where the Windows version is also available, both for $ 19.99 each.

mSecure continues to be held out as an industry-standard in password and personal information protection for mobile and computing devices. mSecure uses ultra-secure 256-bit Blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. mSecure provides seventeen popular personal information templates with the ability to create custom templates to facilitate easy entry of user information.

A video demonstration of mSecure is available at http://www.youtube.com/v/mmVQb9NIxHE?rel=0.

About mSeven Software

Based in Portland, Oregon, mSeven Software has developed and supports mSecure and several other applications for the iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms. As a leader in the productivity category, mSeven Software operates on the principle that useful software is made simple for everyday users. For more information, visit http://www.msevensoftware.com.

Media Contact:

Contact: David Pfeiffer

Phone: 262-968-1940

Email: dave(at)msevensoftware(dot)com

Web: http://msevensoftware.com

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/mmVQb9NIxHE?rel=0

Google, Google Android, Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Google, Apple and Microsoft Corp. respectively in the United States and/or other countries. mSecure, mGifts, mSevenSoftware, Security Everywhere are trademarks of mSeven Software.

First Ever Google Apps Consortium Expands Prestigious Roster

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

The Cloud Alliance today announced the addition of five new member companies to its prestigious roster. The Alliances newest members, AwayFind, Harvest, Lucidchart, ShuttleCloud and Yesware, are among some of the most popular and heavily installed applications in the Google Apps Marketplace and were chosen based on user reviews, depth of integration with Google Apps and Marketplace position.

The Alliance, an independent network of cloud software developers building applications integrated with Google Apps, strives to educate Google Apps administrators and end-users alike. Through monthly webinars and industry-wide reports, the Alliance and its member companies promote awareness of the Google Apps Marketplace, share best practices for operating within the ecosystem and serve as thought leaders in the emerging space.

Since founding the Alliance, weve had several requests from Google Apps customers for the inclusion of applications similar to those of our newest members, said David Politis, CEO and Founder of BetterCloud and Chairman of the Alliance. In an effort to meet the needs of Google Apps users and expand the product range covered by the Alliance, we thought now was the time to add to our roster.

The Alliances newest members join BetterCloud, Expensify, Insightly, Okta, RunMyProcess, Smartsheet and Spanning Backup, who came together just over six months ago to found the consortium. As the Google Apps ecosystem continues to expand and mature, the Alliance will look to add new strategic partners and vendors and continue to produce compelling industry-related content similar to the groups 1st Annual Benchmark Report for Google Apps.


AwayFind alerts users to urgent emails even if theyve stepped away from their inbox. The handy tool turns important emails into SMS, Voice, iPhone, or Android notifications. Used by over 2,000 businesses, AwayFind was a featured Google partner in the launch of the Gmail contextual gadgets and seamlessly integrates with Google Apps. For more information please visit http://www.awayfind.com.


Harvest (http://www.getharvest.com) is a leader in time tracking software. Harvest provides more than 10 easy ways for freelancers and teams to track time. Once the time is tracked, Harvest’s reports make it easy to analyze and understand the data. With Harvest it’s easy to manage business and bill clients for work. Plus, set up is simple. Within a few minutes customers can start tracking time and invoicing clients.


Lucidchart provides collaborative online diagramming to make it easy to draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more. With Lucidchart, you can work together with an unlimited number of collaborators to create and edit diagrams in real time — great for team collaboration and working with clients. Lucidchart is also the only web-based application that supports import of native Microsoft Visio (.vsd) files, and also the only application that supports exporting back to Visio. Please visit http://www.lucidchart.com.


ShuttleCloud is a New York-based technology company focused on providing the most comprehensive data management and migration solutions for Google Apps administrators and users. ShuttleClouds deep integration with Google services has helped it to become the leader in Google Apps migration. We also partner with leading Google Apps resellers to provide top-tier migration services to their clients. For more information on ShuttleCloud, please visit http://www.shuttlecloud.com.


Yesware is a Gmail productivity service that helps users close deals faster and make more money. Yesware provides email tracking & analytics, customizable sales templates, CRM integration and more to help salespeople communicate with customers more effectively. Please visit http://www.yesware.com for more information.

About Cloud Alliance for Google Apps

Founded in 2011, the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps is a trusted network of independent cloud software providers that build and deploy applications heavily integrated with the Google Apps platform. Members include AwayFind, BetterCloud, Expensify, Harvest, Insightly, Lucidchart, Okta, RunMyProcess, ShuttleCloud, Smartsheet, Spanning Backup and Yesware.

Google Nexus 4, UGG Boots, Playstation 3 Holiday Sales at My Hot Electronics

Detroit, Michigan (PRWEB) December 01, 2012

My Hot Electronics has the new Google Nexus 4 available unlocked at 27% off during the holiday season. My Hot Electronics also announced many holiday deals on many Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita games. The games are marked down up to 40% and are available for shipping immediately. During the holiday season only, the store has the popular UGG boots available for shipping.

The new Google Nexus 4 smartphone available unlocked for 27% off during the holiday season. The phone comes in 8GB and 16GB models. The phone features a front and rear facing camera, as well as a 4.7 inch screen. Both versions of the phone also feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon Pro CPU processor, for optimum performance.

On the Playstation 3, the popular FIFA Soccer 13 is available for $ 38.95, 35% off of the retail price of $ 59.99. The 2012 version of the game features upgraded artificial intelligence, 360 degree complete dribbling, and mechanical enhancements including lateral movements on offense and defense. The top players are featured as their real-life counterparts such as Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba, Kaka, David Beckham and many others.

The new Assassin’s Creed III game is available for $ 49.99, 17% off the retail price of $ 59.99. In Assassin’s Creed III, the gamer plays as a Native American assassin who fights for their land and the people during the Revolutionary War. On the Playstation 3 version of the game, players have the opportunity to play in 4 exclusive single player modes.

The store also has Call of Duty: Black Ops II available for $ 49.99, 17% off of the retail price of $ 59.99. The game features new storylines, characters and weaponry to combat the zombie apocalypse. The game also features two different time periods that gamers can play in, yet the game periods are connected together.

On the Playstation Vita, the store has many themed consoles available at low prices including consoles for Assassin’s Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Madden NFL 13, and Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes. The regular Playstation Vita Wi-Fi version is available for $ 230.00 while the 3G version of the Vita is priced at $ 235.00.

Mortal Kombat on the Playstation Vita is on sale for $ 17.99. The game features a new Challenge Tower mode with 150 new missions, touchscreen fatalities, and gameplay at 60 frames per second. The Playstation Vita version of the game features the story mode that was introduced in the console version, along with the downloadable characters and costumes from the story version.

MLB 13 The Show is available for preorder on the Playstation Vita for $ 39.99. The game is due to be released on March 5, 2013. Gamers can save the game to the Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita via the Playstation Network and be able to play and load the games up anywhere. The game features new in-game commentary, new Road To The Show and improved Franchise modes, giving a deep realism to the game.

The store also has the latest Apple iPhone – the iPhone 5 – available unlocked at My Hot Electronics. The iPhone 5 is 30% lighter than the previous iPhone, the 4S. The phone features LTE connectivity, a 4″ retina display, a strong A6 chip that allows for fast multi-tasking and load times, an 8MP iSight camera, and an upgraded version of Siri, the voice controlled personal assistant software.

The store also has the new Kindle Fire HD available for shipping. The Kindle Fire HD is available in a 7″ and 8.9″ screen and in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory sizes. The 7 inch versions feature a 1280×800 HD display, Dolby Audio, and dual-driver stereo speakers. The Kindle Fire HD features dual-band Wi-Fi which allows for 40% faster downloads and streaming on the tablet. On the 8.9″ 32GB and 64GB versions, the Kindle Fire HD has the fast, 4G LTE connectivity available through AT&T.

During the holiday season only, My Hot Electronics will have the popular UGG boots, slippers, and care kits available for sale. The UGG brand originated in Australia and has become one of the most well known and popular brand of boots and slippers anywhere in the world. The UGG boots and slippers are available for men, women and children. The signature of the UGG line is the warmth, comfort and the style of the boots and slippers for a night out, a walk to the postbox, or just going to the grocery store.

For the sports fans, with the SEC championship game taking place this weekend between Alabama and Georgia, My Hot Electronics has a variety of products available for the Alabama Crimson Tide fans and the Georgia Bulldog fans. Items available at low prices include jerseys, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items to show off a person’s pride for their favorite team and who will most likely play in the BCS National Championship game on January 7.

The winner of the SEC Championship Game will play the University of Notre Dame for the BCS National Championship in Miami. My Hot Electronics has an extensive amount of Notre Dame Fighting Irish apparel and accessories, including jerseys, hats, party accessories, flags, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other top items to show off the Fighting Irish pride.

My Hot Electronics has deals across the store including in tools, tablets, laptops, Macbooks, music, food, TV, cameras, appliances, printers, office supplies, and unlocked cell phones.

For more information, please visit MyHotElectronics.com.

About My Hot Electronics –

My Hot Electronics is a leading online e-commerce provider of electronics which range from tablets, PCs and cameras to video games, DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, appliances, lawn and garden products, IT systems and hardware, and more. The store recently began having the unlocked Apple iPhone 5 and the new iPad Mini is available in their marketplace.

The store also carries the top brands in electronics including Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Cisco, Apple, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, EA Sports, and many more. The company recently expanded into clothing, jewelry, and sporting goods and will continue to expand over the next several months.

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Google Head of Consumer Marketing to Keynote at Leading Canadian Internet Marketing Conference

Toronto, ON (Vocus/PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Internet marketing conference Online Revealed Canada is proud to announce Bernardo Hernandez, Director, Consumer Marketing at Google at its keynote speaker March 9 at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. The two day internet marketing conference March 8-9 features 36 educational sessions, two networking receptions and access to a new one-day event, the Canadian Tourism Marketing Summit. Also featured are the Canadian e-Tourism Awards to be presented at a lunch March 9, sponsored by Google.

Our conference has always been known as the only user generated conference in Canada, states Patricia Brusha, Co-Founder of Online Revealed and A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing who produces the tourism marketing event. The significant role Google and other digital media giants are playing at ORC this year is a direct reflection of our commitment to ensuring relevant and cutting edge content.

Hernandezs keynote will address how Google markets its brand with tips on how attendees can take Googles strategies and integrate them into their own internet marketing plans. Other topics include SEO for marketing, how social media will change your business, social media monitoring, mobile 101, word press camp, reputation management, Twitter for tourism and iPad or Playbook, iPhone or Blackberry, the new age of tablet and smart marketing.

At the 2010 online marketing conference, keynote speaker Geoff Ramsey, Co-Founder of eMarketer, stressed the importance of staying ahead of the curve for 2010 with a focus on mobile and social media a recap interview with Ramsey can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA8p7o_FTCM. Online Revealed continues into its 6th year bringing fresh and innovative content and speakers like Ramsey to guide marketers into the year ahead.

The tourism online marketing conference is expected to draw over 300 attendees including destination marketing organizations, hoteliers, online travel marketers, tourism sales and marketing professionals. Early bird registration with preferred rates closes January 25, 2011 at midnight and hotel accommodations are booking quickly. Sponsorship opportunities are still available by contacting Vicki Welstead at vickiwelstead@bigpictureconferences.com

About Online Revealed:

The Online Revealed tourism marketing conference provides travel and tourism professionals with unique and innovative online marketing education, with an agenda that includes educational workshops, keynotes and panel discussions, all driven by the industry for the industry. The event is produced by leading online marketing firm, A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing, http://www.acoupleofchicks.com in association with Big Picture Conferences. Online Revealed Canada is an annual Canadian conference with a mission to educate the tourism industry to be successful on the World Wide Web. Visit http://www.onlinerevealed.com for more information.


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Google Drive Alternative Googles New Cloud Storage Solution

San Pedro, CA (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Google is a well-established name in the internet world, and has a range of products that users everywhere are happy to use on a regular basis. In Google Docs, for example, it provides a selection of tools and templates that enable people to produce work that looks effective and professional, and its web search facility provides access to billions of pages across the internet. Many other services are available from Google, too, such as instant translation across fifty languages, and up-to-thee-minute news reports from across the globe. Google Drive is another product that is sure to meet the needs of many, with features such as file sharing, file syncing, free file storage up to 5GB, cost-effective paid-for plans, and file versioning, which automatically keeps files for thirty days, and forever if required.

In common with many newly-launched products, there are a few issues with Google Drive that have caused some concern; one of them is customers privacy, and it is the ambiguity of Googles unified Terms of Service, as highlighted in Nilay Patels press release in The Verge on 25th April 2012, http://www.theverge.com/2012/4/25/2973849/google-drive-terms-privacy-data-skydrive-dropbox-icloud that have caused the concern. Google has addressed the issue, and reassures users by telling them that what belongs to you, stays yours.

Some other problems with Google Drive are fairly common, and can be put right easily. Abhishek Bhatnagar highlighted some of them in his article in Troublefixers on 7 May this year, http://www.troublefixers.com/fix-google-drive-errors/ . For instance, users may get an error message which says An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit. To put this right, they need to restart Google Drive. If they see the message frequently, they may also get this one: If you see this error repeatedly, try disconnecting your account. Users then need to restart Google Drive by opening it from the Application folder, then re-syncing files and Google Docs.

Another issue is offline editing. Users can put a Microsoft Word document into their Google Drive, but they can only view it there; they will not be able to edit it. To do that, the file will have to be converted into a Google Document via Googles Web application. Furthermore, as PCWorlds Tony Bradley points out in his article in TechsZone on 28th April 2012, http://techszone.blogspot.fr/2012/04/google-drives-six-substantial-slip-ups.html, You cant edit Google Docs in your Drive Cloud from an offline computer; you can only view them. For novice cloud users, the relationship between Google Documents and offline documents can be pretty confusing.

Googles comprehensive range of products has many loyal users and, with its new cloud storage service, it has created a seamless way for them, and future users, to transfer their data to online storage efficiently and securely.

Choosing any online service with which to entrust data involves a commitment, not only in terms of finance, but in confidence, too. To help them make such an important decision, users would do well to refer to http://www.online-backups.net and Google Drive Alternatives for a definitive and informative article outlining the privacy issue with Google Drive, and recommending several alternative services.

About Online-Backups.net:

Online-Backups.net was created in order to guide and assist people toward better product choices.

Further information:

Russell Bruce

Webmaster and Administrator

Adversite LTD


Google Analytics for Photographers: PhotoShelter Releases New Free Business Guide

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

PhotoShelter (http://www.photoshelter.com), the worldwide leader in photography portfolio websites, sales and marketing tools for photographers, today published a new free educational guide, Google Analytics for Photographers. This guide explores ten ways to improve a photography business using Google Analytics, plus key marketing insights from leading photographers who use the service to optimize their presence online. Google Analytics for Photographers can be downloaded directly here: http://bit.ly/2012analytics

The 2012 Google Analytics for Photographers guide offers a photographer-centered approach to learning the service, understanding reports, and using the data to inform everyday business decisions. Inside this free guide, photographers will also discover ten actionable steps to learning analytics, all of which are designed to help inform online decisions – from email campaigns to social media marketing to bigger website design changes, and more.

Photographers can use this free guide to gain a deeper insights into their websites, including tips to identify web content that engages visitors most, understand where web traffic comes from, determine if social media drives traffic, create specific campaigns to track marketing efforts, and more.

Google Analytics for Photographers is the latest in PhotoShelters ongoing series of free business guides for photographers and marketing professionals. PhotoShelters e-book library includes 21 educational guides including topics such as email marketing, search engine optimization, and starting a photography business. All can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/psresearch.

About PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. Over 74,000 photographers worldwide use PhotoShelter to power their success online, with customizable website templates, searchable photo galleries, e-commerce capabilities, and bulletproof image storage. Photographers can create a professional PhotoShelter website in under five minutes, or customize the design of PhotoShelter to power their existing photography website.

A complete solution designed to make the business of photography easier to manage – PhotoShelter offers image security, online image delivery, and advanced marketing tools like SEO and social media sharing capabilities so photographers can make their images work harder for them. To join our community or try PhotoShelter, visit http://www.photoshelter.com.

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Author Marketing Experts’ Announces Leading-Edge Internet Program: The Google Knol

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2008

Leading the charge in Internet Marketing and Promotion, Author Marketing Experts, Inc. (AME) has just announced a unique new Internet marketing option for their authors: Their Google (NYSE: GOOG) Knol program is the first of its kind to be offered anywhere in the U.S.

Knol (which stands for a “unit of knowledge”) is Google’s foray at stepping into the social networking arena. Much like their predecessors: Squidoo, Facebook and MySpace, Knols offer anyone the opportunity to share their knowledge online in what is predicted to be the fastest growing social network ever. Now AME has created a promotional campaign around these new social networking pages, offering them exclusively to their authors.

The program, designed by Susan Gilbert, an internationally recognized search engine optimization expert who joined the AME team in 2007 to lead its flagship Internet division has exclusive access to advanced knowledge and new programs online. Together with AME, their Internet marketing campaigns are among the best and most successful in the country.

“The fact that Google is putting their muscle behind these Knols can’t be underestimated. The online marketing community is bracing itself for what is certain to be a new flood of social networkers headed to this site. But it’s not common knowledge, yet. Much like Facebook and MySpace, these programs take a while to get into consumer vernacular; when they do there will be an explosion of marketing. But it’s not enough to just put up a Knol, promoters have to be smart about it, that’s why I’ve researched and crafted these programs, offering them exclusively to AME and our authors.”

AME is a leading international book marketing firm that pioneered using the Internet to promote its authors and their books. AME uses social networking sites to drive traffic to authors’ websites. This new program is one in a long list of advanced marketing techniques the company offers. Says CEO Penny C. Sansevieri, “We were the first to use social networking sites to promote our authors, and the first to use book trailers and micro blogging. In fact, we were promoting online before it was the ‘in’ thing to do. We’re pleased to once again be ahead of the Internet marketing game with this new program.”

About Author Marketing Experts, Inc.:

AME, founded by Penny C. Sansevieri, is a full service marketing and publicity firm that has been specializing in Internet marketing and publicity since 2003. AME created The Virtual Author Tour that specifically promotes authors on the worldwide web through social networking sites, blogs, ezines, and relevant and genre-specific websites to drive an author’s message into the virtual community and connect with sites related to the book’s topic, positioning the author in his or her market. For more information, visit Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

About Susan Gilbert:

Ms. Gilbert, an internationally recognized Search Engine Optimization expert, owns Joomla Jump., a Web 2.0 based company that specializes in Joomla-based websites and marketing tools.


New Tool By Kunvay Helps Websites Combat Google Copyright Infringement Crackdowns Related to Search Engines Update that Penalizes Copyright Infringing Sites in Search Results

Wilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) August 21, 2012

Kunvay has launched a first-of-its-kind tool to help freelancers, creatives and buyers of creative work easily manage the ownership transfer of copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights online and avoid potential copyright infringement risks that can impact a websites search ranking as a result of Googles new algorithm update.

The company makes it easy to transact the sale of knowledge work online and ensure the full transfer of copyrights and IP rights from the creative to the buyer in the cloud with documented assurance.

Documented proof of copyright and IP ownership has never been more important for buyers of knowledge work and website owners with Googles new search algorithm update that takes into account the number of valid copyright removal notices a website has received. Google will now penalize copyright infringing websites with lower search rankings and potential elimination from its search engine altogether.

The sale of knowledge work is considerably more difficult to transact than the sale of physical goods, due to the legal complexities surrounding the transfer of IP. Today, many buyers pay for and acquire knowledge work from others without receiving full ownership rights, unknowingly exposing themselves to significant legal and financial risk. On the flip side, contracting to provide IP transfer can be onerous especially for small projects. Kunvay solves this problem and helps buyers guard against copyright infringement claims with an end-to-end IP transfer solution as easy as a click.

When buyers of creative work use Kunvay to receive ownership rights to design work, photos or written content, from freelancers, creatives or anyone, buyers receive documented proof of full copyright and IP ownership that can be used to successfully defend against copyright infringement claims, and protect a websites valuable Google search ranking.

In the next 3-6 months many websites are going to feel the direct impact of Googles new copyright infringement stance explained Reggie Solomon, Founder of Kunvay. Kunvay is thrilled to be a resource to help freelancers, creatives, and buyers of creative work easily manage the ownership transfer of copyright and intellectual property rights, and protect against copyright infringement risks that can negatively impact Google search rankings.

About Kunvay

Kunvay helps freelancers, creatives, and buyers of creative work easily manage the ownership transfer of copyrights and intellectual property rights (IP) online including ownership rights to design work, photography and written content. Through its proprietary, automated solution, Kunvay is able to provide superior legal services at a lower cost while helping customers avoid the costly pitfalls of template legal contracts. Kunvay is the first-of-its-kind cloud-based copyright and IP transfer solution that makes it easy to transact the sale of knowledge work online so that creativity can change hands with documented assurance.