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Companies Turn Pain Into Gain With Free Outplacement Guide

West Des Moines, Iowa (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

In a recent survey, 78% of HR executives stated they believe outplacement and career transition services improve the organizations image both internally and externally. In addition, 81% of employers engage help from external outplacement providers to assist with these transitions.

Prositions, Inc., a career coaching and consulting firm, is now offering a free Outplacement Guide to help companies that are going through, or planning for a transition event. This includes mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, lay-offs, or any kind of restructuring.

The problem is too many organizations wait until the last minute to act because no one wants to think or talk about the pain of downsizing, terminations or layoffs, said Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions, Inc. But, the best time to plan for organizational change and restructuring is before you actually need to do it. Thats why we developed our free Outplacement Guide. It gives companies a jump-start to take advantage of the benefits of a well-executed transition plan.

Prositions new Outplacement Guide includes a number of tools that companies can use to evaluate, plan and implement their own outplacement strategy. These include an ROI (Return on Investment) calculator, reproducible strategy planning guides, vendor comparison charts and checklists, and PowerPoint templates for strategy planning sessions.

The Outplacement Guide is a complete package. It leads companies, step-by-step, through the process of how to effectively transition employees out of their current positions and on to new career opportunities. We have a number of clients who have used the Guide for inplacement efforts as well, said Tom Russell, Senior Career Strategist, at Prositions, Inc. Anyone considering a restructuring or change should go to our website and download a free copy.

The Outplacement Guide offers companies that are thinking about a possible transition, a free tool for planning a strategy that will not only help them ensure the happiness of their departing employees, but also help them retain their positive image.

Prositions Inc. is a rapidly growing company that provides career transition services to help organizations and individuals manage their career change process. Prositions helps to maintain a companys positive image, while giving affected employees a pain-free path to their next career prospect. It does this in a unique and advanced way by combining the power of the Internet with an international network of career experts. For more information on Prositions and their unique services, or to download your free copy of the Outplacement Guide, visit them on the web at http://www.prositions.com.

Build.com expands into flooring with launch of FloorMall.com

Chico, Ca (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

The brand that simplified shopping online for plumbing, lighting, door hardware and ventilation is expanding into flooring. The Build.com Network of Stores has added FloorMall.com to its lineup.

As the second-largest online home improvement store, Build.com has historically benefitted from a simplified shopping and buying process for its customers. And adding FloorMall.com to its Network of Stores represents its commitment to further understanding its customers unique needs.

This expansion into home flooring represents another step in creating a complete offering for all of the customers home improvement needs, said Brandon Proctor, Build.coms VP of Marketing.

With its vast selection of home flooring options (laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring and other materials), FloorMall.com is following the template Build.com created as a one-stop shop for home improvement.

For its expansion into the flooring category, Build.com looked to its category manager of new business, Bob Trafton. Traftons previous new launch (Build.com in April 2010) was the companys most successful ever, and he embraced the idea that flooring can be one of the most important investments for an existing homeowner or someone looking to buy.

If you walk into a home youd like to purchase and you see horrible carpet or torn-up floors, the first thing that comes to mind is flooring, Trafton said. Its the first step in a real home renovation, and something you can build around. Flooring decides wall colors, fixtures, and style for many customers.

And by giving that customer use of various shopping tools, Build.com (through FloorMall.com) has once again simplified a complicated buying processthis time, for flooring. So, whether its laminate or bamboo hardwood flooring or ceramic tile flooring, the exact measurements and cost is clearly seen by the customer.

For more information on FloorMall.com, click here.

About Build.com

Based in Chico, Calif., Build.com is innovating the online home improvement retail space. Build.com creates a unique shopping experience by encouraging customers to visit a diverse range of niche stores within its network. Build.com, the second-largest online home improvement company, is among the online category leaders in plumbing, lighting, door hardware and ventilation. For more information on Build.com, visit the companys corporate site or its Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BuildDotCom.

Contact: Sean Murphy, Public Relations, Build.com, smurphy(at)build(dot)com and (800) 375-3403, x476.

Spring into Summer Charity Events

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

The WeRaiseIt Fundraising Web Portal Software offers a platform for credit card processing for online donations, auctions, and the promotion and processing tools for physical event activities. The portal provides a nonprofit the ability to design their own fundraising website based on a large collection of standard customizable templates and host any number of online or physical events. Full scale online auctions can be conducted and the comprehensive features allow for important details like registering silent auction donations, building and printing catalogs and bid sheets. Visitors to the website can give donations, make advanced reservations, purchase event tickets, pay sponsorship fees, participate in online auctions, etc.

The summer is just around the corner, which means getting ready for your summer event. WeRaiseIt is feasible with all types of summer charity events. These events include, but not limited to, charity golf events, marathons, walkathons, luncheons, banquets, camp registration, sports event registration, and many more.

To learn more about what WeRaiseIt has to offer please visit the website or connect with WeRaiseIt on Facebook or Twitter.

About Event Payment Services: Event Payment Services was created by BancCard Financial Services, Inc. (BFSI) to specialize in the fundraising needs of nonprofit organizations. ePSPay and WeRaiseIt are brands of Event Payment Services. Since 1997, BFSI has provided credit and debit card processing, check verification, check conversion/imaging, gift and loyalty card services, and merchant processing terminals. BFSI provides these services through its terminals and web-based software. EPS was created in 2006 to focus on the fundraising needs of nonprofit organizations. BFSI, through ePSPay and WeRaiseIt brands, is an innovator in fundraising tools for the nonprofit world. BFSI, EPS and WeRaiseIt can be found on the web at http://www.eventpaymentservices.com, http://www.weraiseit.com.

Postcard Mailing Turns Real Estate Agent Into a Rock Star

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

expresscopy.com, leader in online design, print & mail postcards in 24 hours, helps Realtor, Cathy Fulton, stand above the crowd in her market.

I just received my latest order from you and it is PERFECT!. Thanks so much for the excellent and speedy work. stated Cathy Fulton.

Providing agency quality at affordable prices is a staple at expresscopy.com, explained Joshua Carlsen, Director of Marketing at expresscopy.com. Beyond that though, were focused on ensuring our clients generate the best sales results on their marketing efforts.

Special Offer Save 20% off postcards on your first mailing when you enter promo code PR6235 at expresscopy.com.

About expresscopy.com

Located in Portland, Oregon, expresscopy.com is the leading provider in online design, print & mail postcards with 24-hour turnaround. Customers can upload their own design file or can customize one of the many free online design templates and expresscopy.com will print, address and mail out the professional postcards with their state-of-the-art production facility.

For more information, please visit expresscopy.com or contact Joshua Carlsen at 800.260.5887 or Joshua.carlsen@expresscopy.com.


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Wine-Loving Friends Turn Mastermind Group into a Profitable Business Partnership

Northville, MI (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

Three wine-loving friends, each living in different states, have teamed up to create online wine-gift recommendation resources for businesses and individuals shopping for highly-rated wine or wine-themed gifts to send this holiday season.

Tricia Meyer, Eric Nagel and Todd Farmer are co-founders of the “Wine Club Group”, the joint venture that produces their websites, videos and buying guides – all of which revolve around wine club reviews.

The three partners review and rate “wine of the month clubs” (a.k.a. “wine clubs”) and other select wine-related gifts. The products and services they recommend are not produced by the Wine Club Group; rather, they review products from the many companies that market wine clubs, like WSJ Wine Club, Zagat Wine Club and Laithwaites Wine Clubs., among countless others.

“Wine Clubs are a perfect gift to send to wine lovers,” says Farmer. “When someone receives delicious wine over the course of a few months or a year, you are remembered with every delivery. Your gift really stands out. That’s one of the key reasons we chose Wine Club Reviews as our specialty.”

For one full year prior to launching the Wine Club Group, the three friends were informal business advisors to one another, by participating in a self-directed “mastermind group”, where they discussed their own businesses and helped each other achieve individual business goals.

Although each of the three friends have their own unique and different online businesses, the challenges they face are similar in nature. With their varied business experiences, each person in the group brought different perspectives and insights.

By meeting for one hour once a week, the friends were able to advise and assist each other on topics ranging from “identifying business opportunities” to “emergency crisis management”. This support provided positive results for each of their individual businesses.

With the trust gained between the friends from their mastermind group experiences, Nagel initiated a conversation with Meyer and Farmer to explore adding a new dimension to their relationship. He proposed the three consider a joint venture.

Nagel explains, “After a year of getting to know our work ethic, and recognizing our complimentary skill sets, I knew we had to build a site together. I had been contemplating Wine-of-the-Month Clubs as a niche, and since all three of us love wine, I thought that would be a great place for us to start”.

Ironically, this joint-business discussion occurred after the three friends delivered a presentation about their mastermind group, to an audience of online marketing professionals attending Affiliate Summit in January 2012.

“The presentation was extremely well-received and inspired several people in the audience to start their own mastermind groups,” remarks Meyer. “Among all the questions we received during our presentation, most people wanted to know if we were working together on projects or if we had become official business partners.”

She continued, “After a number of these questions, I really wondered why we hadn’t already teamed up!”

Within three months after this presentation, and the ensuing “new joint venture business discussion”, the three online marketing professionals developed a partnership agreement, created their Affiliate Marketing Plan and launched their first website.

Their new joint venture, the Wine Club Group, would focus on helping businesses and individuals find the right wine gift, by reviewing and rating various wine clubs and marking recommendations based on their findings.

Their first wine-gift resource, “Wine Club Reviews And Ratings” found at WineClubReviewsAndRatings.com is home to their full wine club reviews and recommendations, including video reviews and “unboxing videos”.

“We each have different tastes in wine”, says Farmer, “so we each have a different perspective and wine preferences. I strongly prefer Red Wine, while Tricia is slightly partial to White Wine, and Eric will drink pretty-much anything you put in front of him,”

Meyer rebuts, “Come on Todd, you know Eric prefers Pinot Noir. But yeah – he will drink anything.”

Nagel comments, “You guys make me sound like a lush. Just for that, I’m sending Todd a delivery of Reisling”.

The three friends tease and joke with each other quite a bit, as good friends often do. Their personalities and friendship shows through in their writing and in particular, their videos.

But, they do maintain a level of professionalism when it comes to their business. They deliver high quality, unbiased reviews and recommendations of the products they cover. The resulting websites and resources have been considered very helpful to those seeking to find the right wine club to send as a gift, or for themselves.

About the Wine Club Group:

Wine Club Group can be found at http://wineclubgroup.com where wine clubs can initiate a review of their wine clubs and learn about the related costs and additional advertising opportunities.

Some of the Wine Club Group Sites:

WineClubReviewsAndRatings.com – The Premiere Wine Club Review resource, providing recommendations and detailed reviews and ratings of wine of the month clubs.

http://WineClubsDirectory.com — The complete directory of wine clubs. Wine Club owners can get their clubs listed via the self-service interface.

http://GiftClubGuide.com — The guide to “gifts that stand out”. Providing reviews of popular and unique “of the month” gifts, including wine clubs and beyond.

WineClubMonthly.net — The Wine Club Group’s official emailed subscription service. Free Wine Club Buyers guide included with free subscription.

About the Founders of the Wine Club Group

Tricia Meyer, founder of http://sunshinerewards.com, a premiere Cash-Back Shopping & Rewards Site and Affiliate Marketing Consultant at Tricia.me.

Eric Nagel, founder of http://cloudbackupreviews.com, an authority on online backup services and is an SEO Consultant and PHP Programmer at EricNagel.com.

Todd Farmer, founder of PerformStreet.com, an online marketing agency and consulting firm and Affiliate Marketing Strategy at AffiliateMarketingPlan.com.


For advertising opportunities or getting your wine products reviewed, or if you’d like professionally written wine-related content to publish, contact Todd Farmer, todd(at)wineclubgroup(dot)com

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Fathoms Actify Messaging & Analytics Portfolio Converts Leads into Revenue

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Fathom is now offering a portfolio of solutions geared towards driving more revenue for clients through precision marketing and predictive analytics. This portfolio is comprised of 3 main solutions: performance-based email marketing, marketing automation and predictive analytics.

Named Fathom Actify, a synthesis of activate and amplify, the solution enables Fathom to continuously refine clients inbound marketing and nurturing strategies with data-driven insights yielded from an advanced messaging and analytics platform.

We believe all marketing dollars should be held highly accountable. Actify enables our clients to gain intelligence that can be applied across their entire marketing strategy, said Jeff L. Herrmann, VP of Sales & Marketing. It gives us the real-time ability to drive better results across both inbound and outbound campaigns, which translates to better business for the client.

To summarize how the solution is applied, an initial analysis of datasets creates segments which can then guide refined marketing messaging. The new messaging is matched to appropriate channels (Google AdWords, display, email, landing pages ) while Fathom determines the best timing for its actual delivery based on users respective stages of the buying cycle.

Actify can also be simply illustrated in 3 phases: Discovery, setup, and going live. In the discovery phase, clients receive a detailed profile of their most profitable customers, a segmentation model, and a detailed map of a typical customers buying cycle. In the setup phase, clients receive form-CRM-database integration; email deliverability strategy and infrastructure; full-service message creative (includes templates, landing pages, collateral); and lead-scoring tied to automated messaging where appropriate. In the going live phase, clients receive custom monthly reporting, strategic recommendations after every send, and monthly evaluation of message timing and delivery channels.

Building upon 12 years of growth as a full-service digital marketing and analytics agency, Fathoms Actify solution is aimed to appeal most to businesses that are overwhelmed with their data collection; want greater insights into their data; want more quality leads and accelerated conversions; or those looking to make better and faster decisions about product development, customer service and sales. The offering is designed to support existing users of digital revenue management software providers like Marketo and Act-On.

About Fathom

Fathom begins with the end in mindachieving its clients financial objectives. As a full-service digital marketing & analytics agency, it helps clients surpass business and financial goals in an ever-connected digital world. Ranked one of the top interactive search firms in the nation, Fathom delivers effective and high-return strategies that drive revenue at every digital touchpoint. Its proven expertise makes it an easy choice for mid-cap and large enterprises alike by offering simple and accountable solutions to a complex world.

The company has offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit and San Diego.

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Burbank Airport Hotel Transforms Universal Deal into Extraordinary Package

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

When it comes to one of the deals being offered by the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport, theres definitely more than meets the eye.

The Burbank airport hotel hopes guests will take advantage of its Transform Your Stay Package to celebrate Universal Studios Transformers: The Ride 3D. Theres no need to disguise the highlight of the Burbank hotels deal: deluxe accommodations starting at $ 299, plus a number of special incentives. Perks include a pair of two-day tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood (a $ 160 value), breakfast for two at the hotels Daily Grill and complimentary shuttle service to and from the theme park with an advance reservation.

Autobots aka guests can soak up some of Southern Californias radiant sun while leisurely checking out the upper and lower lots in the entertainment capital of LA. Universal Studios features a real working movie studio; numerous shops, restaurants and cinemas; thrilling shows and a behind-the-scenes Studio Tour which explores Hollywoods most famous back lot and includes the award-winning King Kong 360 3-D adventure. The park also sports more than 16 rides, including Transformers. The motion-based ride fuses high-definition 3-D media with flight simulation technology for a mind-blowing adventure that puts visitors in the middle of the ultimate war zone. The attraction pays tribute to the Transformers movie trilogy which debuted in 2007.

After the first of two action-packed days destroying the evil forces of the Decepticons, vacationers can travel back to the hotel near Burbank airport and relax in one of 488 stylishly designed rooms featuring large comfortable beds, marble bathrooms and spacious desks. Technology-savvy visitors will enjoy high-speed Internet access along with consoles that allow personal music devices to be played through their rooms 32-inch LCD TV.

Early risers can then transform their hungry stomachs into full tummies with two complimentary breakfasts at the Daily Grill. The classic and casual American eatery serves everything from omelets and cereal to bagels and lox with French toast, pancakes, muffins and more also on the menu.

The hotels Transform Your Stay Package is available now through April 18. Guests should use promotional code THM when booking their stays.

About the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

The Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport is near Bob Hope Airport, Universal Studios Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. The Burbank hotel features 488 modern guest rooms, 46,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, an onsite American-style restaurant, two outdoor pools and a state-of-the-art fitness center. For information, visit http://www.marriott.com/BURAP.

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Verdant Analysis, Investment Technology Company, Unveils New Application to Export Financial Statements into Excel

Hamilton, Ontario (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Investment technology company Verdant Analysis announces a new addition to their suite of investment analysis tools. The enhancement is called Fast Exports and it allows users to download multiple financial statements into excel in a matter of seconds.

The whole focus of our company is to help people make better investment decisions by revolutionizing the analysis process, says Jennifer Cameron, co-founder and CEO. It is all about finding meaning in the information that is out there. For example, financial statements have very little merit in a read-only format. You need to be able to manipulate the data, to compare and contrast it. To be useful, they have to be in a spreadsheet. Before today people generally had to do it by hand; a time-consuming, tedious and frustrating process . Now its fast and painless.

The companys core product already allows users to generate financial models and ratios using specific line items, statistical measures and market information.

There was a demand from our users to work with entire statements in excel, says Cameron. And although it was possible to build analysis templates to access the full statements, we designed a much more elegant solution to accomplish this particular task.

In Fast Exports, users can pull the financial statements of any public company in Canada or the U.S. After entering the ticker symbol, choosing any or all of the three financial statements and the time periods, the user clicks a button to generate an excel version.

The company plans to expand their selection of Fast Exports to include suites of commonly used ratios, such as liquidity or profitability ratios, and valuation models such as discounted cash flow.

About Verdant Analysis

Verdant Analysis develops software to help people to achieve investment excellence. Various applications help users create and test their own investment theories and measure their results. The result is improved speed and quality in financial decision making. The companys powerful and intuitive applications are designed to meet the needs, including custom design needs, of serious investors performing robust analysis. The data infrastructure upon which the applications reside includes market and financial statement information, with new data streams to be incorporated soon.

Postcard Mailings Turn a Realtor Into a Star

Portland, OR (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

expresscopy.com, leader in online design, print & mail postcards in 24 hours, helps Agent, Mark Shepherd, zoom past the competition and save money.

expresscopy.com prints my addresses from my uploaded list and then mails them directly for me using their discounted rates at the post office which saves me time and money, commented Mark Shepherd.

Real estate agents are looking for solutions today which is why we developed a complete turnkey postcard mailing service. Agents dont have time to work with a graphic designer, a printer and then a mailing house which is what makes our complete solution so beneficial. Throw in industry leading quality, 24 hour turnaround and result generating designs and youve got a powerful new sales, explained Joshua Carlsen, Director of Marketing with expresscopy.com.

Special Offer Save 20% off postcards on your first mailing when you enter promo code PR7978 at expresscopy.com.

About expresscopy.com

Located in Portland, Oregon, expresscopy.com is the leading provider in online design, print & mail postcards with 24-hour turnaround. Customers can upload their own design file or can customize one of the many free online design templates and expresscopy.com will print, address and mail out the professional postcards with their state-of-the-art production facility.

For more information, please visit expresscopy.com or contact Joshua Carlsen at 800.260.5887 or Joshua.carlsen(at)expresscopy(dot)com.


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AdoptAShelter.com Welcomes KOHL’S, Overstock.com And Zazzle Into It’s Online Mall

(PRWEB) June 19, 2012

AdoptAShelter.com is pleased to announce that it has added KOHL’S, Overstock.com and Zazzle to it’s cash-rewards shopping mall. Now a portion of every purchase made through AdoptAShelter.com at these fine merchants, as well as over 450 more is donated to animal charities across America.

We are thrilled to have KOHL’S, Overstock.com and Zazzle join our mall, says Chris Ruben, founder and CEO. They are a wonderful addition to our growing list of over 450 top-name merchants, providing another shopping choice for our users. As the economy slows, shoppers will demand more options as they seek out the best values in everything they purchase. At the same time, many smaller shelters and rescue groups are experiencing an increase in demand for their services while receiving less in donations. AdoptAShelter.com is a powerful free and easy fund-raising tool, and regularly adding new merchants makes it even more so. Just Shop to Donate!

AdoptAShelter.com also announces a new and improved Shelter Resources section, designed to help animal charities better promote and utilize this Free & Easy fund-raising website. We want all animal lovers to shop online using AdoptAShelter.com, says Ruben, because the more people shopping means more money to the local shelters and adoption groups who desperately need it. The Shelter Resources section features email and tweet templates as well as a printable flyer that can be handed out at group events and included in adoption kits. Soon it will list What Works, specific examples of organizations who are best utilizing our website.

About AdoptAShelter.com

AdoptAShelter.com is an online community where animal lovers can shop at hundreds of well-known merchants and service-providers while turning everyday purchases into contributions that directly benefit their chosen animal shelters, humane organizations or rescue and adoption groups. Meet Dusty Rainbolt, Vice President & Editor-in-Chief at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 21 23.