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KidCheck Improves Reliability of Childrens Check-in and Introduces Innovative New Features

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

KidCheck, Inc. today announced it has released an updated version of its secure childrens check-in software solution. This new version boasts many system enhancements, additional user benefits and innovative new features. It significantly improves check-in system reliability and performance, as well as delivers faster check-in printing times.

The latest version eliminates reliance on any third party technologies, putting all technology firmly in KidChecks hands, enabling the ability to quickly and easily fix an issue should one arise. Additionally, a new user interface simplifies functionality and enhances ease of use.

Were excited to introduce our new and improved solution and take our secure, easy-to-use childrens check-in system to the next level, said Alex Smith, KidCheck CEO. At KidCheck, we are continually looking for ways to innovate and improve to deliver the best check-in product on the market. Just as importantly, we are delivering these improvements without increasing our price, keeping KidChecks starting cost at only $ 19.99 per month.

Obtaining feedback from our customers and responding to their requests is critically important to us, Smith continued. In addition to improving the overall childrens check-in experience, weve also added many new and innovative features to meet their needs. These enhancements are all being provided to our current customers at no additional cost, it is simply a benefit of being a KidCheck customer.

Some of the key new features include:

Multi-Service Check-In – allows guardians to check children in to multiple services right at the initial check-in

Remote Check-in Station Management – saves time by allowing for start/stop of check-in, templates and more all from a single check-in station

Check-in Assistant Station (pre check-in) helps to more quickly move visitors through check-in while still keeping the personal touch

Customized User Interface Themes choose from one of several themes to customize the check-in station, including seasonal and holiday options

Multilingual Support provides a choice of languages to be shown on the check-in screen (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish)

Automatic Check-in Station Open and Close allows the ability to designate a certain time to automatically open or shut down all check-in stations at once

About KidCheck

KidCheck, Inc. provides secure, web based childrens check-in software and complete check-in station solutions for churches and child care professionals. KidCheck is committed to delivering easy-to-use, reliable and secure check-in systems backed by expert, personal service and support. To learn more or to sign up for a demo visit http://www.kidcheck.com.

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Agency Matrix Insurance Software Company Introduces Agency Matrix Lite Package

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 02, 2012

Agency Matrix, an insurance software company offering web-based insurance agency management software, is pleased to announce the release of Agency Matrix Lite. This is the most affordable way to enjoy insurance software for multiple offices and unlimited users.

The benefits of Agency Matrix Lite from this insurance software company include:

MySafetySign.com Introduces New Think Quality Signs

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

MySafetySign.com, the Webs largest retailer of safety signs and labels, has updated its Think Signs Collection to include Think Quality Signs. These products promote motivational messages for the workplace. The signs encourage employees to take pride in work projects and maintain standards of excellence.

VibrAlign Introduces http://www.CompressorAlignment.com Website For Compressor Shaft Alignment And Flatness Measurement

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

VibrAlign is launching a website at http://www.compressoralignment.com to provide information for anyone involved in laser shaft alignment and flatness measurement of compressors. The website features three laser measurement systems with special features aimed at these users. The laser tools are from Fixturlaser of Sweden, and include the XA Ultimate, XA Professional, and GO Pro.

The Fixturlaser XA Ultimate is the most comprehensive system. It comes packaged with all the hardware and software to measure and correct any misalignment of the rotating shaft of a motor connected to the shaft of a compressor. It also measures the flatness of the top cover mounting surface of compressors, including Ariel Compressors specified in ER-82. The package includes a T-21 sweep laser transmitter, RM Bluetooth movable detector, Ariel frame templates with tolerances and user friendly software. Measurement results are easily inserted into Ariels ER-82 worksheet for correction values and sign off when the specification is met.

According to Steve Gordon, VibrAlign Western Region Sales Manager, Compressor alignment is particularly timely given the resurgence of natural gas production in the United States. Were pleased to be working with compressor and engine OEMs, as well as packagers and end users, to provide tools to keep the compressors running.

This new website also offers information about a new mobile app being introduced by VibrAlign, Laser-Dials, which easily converts rotating shaft alignment data between dial indicator readings and laser shaft alignment system angles and offsets.

The new website also presents VibrAligns training offerings. Expert trainers are available to help companies become more efficient and effective at keeping rotating equipment well aligned for optimal performance and life.

VibrAlign uses the internet to provide a wide range of information about the alignment of rotating shafts. In addition to the new http://www.compressoralignment.com site and the companys main website, http://www.vibralign.com, VibrAlign also produces the popular alignment blog, http://www.thealignmentblog.com.

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ERISA Pros Introduces Wrap-Tight(sm) Online SPDs

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) May 29, 2012

ERISA Pros launches Wrap-Tight(sm), a convenient and economical web-based ERISA compliance system for Welfare Benefit Plans. It allows employers and insurance brokers to create and publish state-of-the-art customized wrap documents at a fraction of the typical cost. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and provides online help guiding users as they input information. Wrap-Tight documents can updated at any time from any web browser.

ERISA Essentials

The Wrap-Tight document suite includes these easy to produce documents:

Buykeywordarticles Introduces Managed Services for SEO Companies

Washington Terrace, UT (PRWEB) May 29, 2012

Content is the engine that drives the SEO industry. Whether it is social media, search engine marketing, SEO articles or website optimization, custom content is always the central figure. Buykeywordarticles.com, a prominent article writing service, is now providing a simple solution for large and small SEO companies needing many different kinds of custom content. Through the introduction of managed services, SEO companies and corporate internet marketing teams alike can quickly and easily set up a content creation system that molds to their business model. This is made possible through the use of a project manager, dedicated writing teams, and customized ordering and delivery of content.

Having worked with some of the largest SEO companies in the industry, Buykeywordarticles.com is tailoring their managed services to meet the needs of companies that service a wide client base. With a project manager assigned to every account, SEO companies get one point of contact to deal with any issues that may arise. This project manager takes care of creating a dedicated team of American writers, developing order templates that incorporate all of the necessary SEO article guidelines, and ensures that the order is sent in upon completion. Buykeywordarticles.com has steered away from an automated brokering system to provide SEO companies with a personalized customer support system. Project managers can be contacted through email, through the phone, or on live chat.

“In an industry that is dominated by the introduction of new technology, we felt the best way to differentiate ourselves as an article writing service was to bring back a ‘human’ approach,” stated Phil Secrist, lead project manager at Buykeywordarticles.com. “Rather than just giving clients access to thousands of freelance writers that may or may not be able to get them what they want, we do the work for them. We hand select all of our writers and personally match them to the client projects that fit them best. We actively monitor these teams and actually train them to write our client’s articles. This system reduces error, increases consistency, and maximizes turn times.”

With personally managed writing teams, Buykeywordarticles.com is able to scale projects to fit the needs of their clients. Ordering and delivery of SEO articles can be customized on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Finished orders are delivered via email, but can also be customized to work with an SEO company’s distribution service. For more information on the benefits of using these managed services, visit http://buykeywordarticles.com/managedservices.html.

About Buykeywordarticles.com

Buykeywordarticles.com is one of the leading SEO article content providers on the web today. They have served clients ranging from individual internet marketers to Fortune 500 companies. Their content services include both on page and off page content and they provide internet marketing solutions through the use of hand-picked writing teams, dedicated project managers and quality content. To acquire more information about the services that they provide, please visit http://buykeywordarticles.com/.

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QRt.co Introduces Industrys First Commercial, Full-custom QR Code Generator

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

QRt.co, a privately held technology company, announced today the availability of the industry’s first commercial, custom QR Code generator. No longer are auto-created QR Codes limited to the industrial-looking, black-and-white, square-block standard. Using QRt.co’s online tool, everyone can now produce visually compelling QR Codes with just a few clicks. Marketers in particular can easily brand their QR codes with company logos and unique color combinations, while tailoring to the look and feel of their campaign with the perfect gradients, textures, backgrounds, accents, and block styles.

“Customized QR Codes are just more persuasive. They are more eye-catching, convey brand, and give better indication of what the person who scans it will get. Also, there is the fun factor. These things all encourage scans,” said Will Bengtson, CEO of QRt.co.

Nathan Culbertson, the companys Chief Technologist said, We want everyone to be able to easily and quickly create an engaging QR Code, whether for personal use or for business. Our pre-configured templates for social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) make generation of an engaging QR Code effortless on your part. You can even use the templates as a starting point and add personal touches yourself. For the more serious designer, we provide the ability to customize nearly every element of the QR Code.


QRt.co offers customized QR Codes today at an introductory price of $ 9.95 per code, when purchased individually. Volume and corporate discounts are available. This price point is a substantial savings compared to the current cost of custom QR Codes that are manually created by graphic artists. These hand crafted QR Codes typically range from $ 25 for simple effects to in excess of $ 150 for fully customized QR Codes.

Businesses can use QRt.co as an enabler of cost-effective, high-volume, custom QR Code applications. For example, a template can be created for a real estate company and then custom QR Codes can be created for each of their individual property listings without incurring the traditional time and cost associated with custom QR Code generation.

Standard codes are available free of charge at QRt.co, when using the Basic QR Code generator.

About QRt.co

QR Codes are among the latest in mobile marketing technology. Our mission at QRt.co, or QRt (pronounced q-art), is to provide the ability to easily and instantly self-generate professionalquality custom QR Codes ranging from the standard black-and-white visual, to radically enhanced, clever, and persuasive designs. The end product can be considered a work of art, and thus gives rise to our company name. Visit us at http://www.QRt.co.

QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

One Stop Green Introduces Online Energy Calculator to Allow Users to Estimate Their Solar, Water, Lighting and Wind Resources

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

One Stop Green releases a comprehensive Energy Savings Calculator that estimates potential solar, water, lighting and wind resources in your area as well as estimated annual energy and monetary savings for any home or business.

The Energy Savings Calculator takes a users location plus data on sunlight, rainfall, and wind speed to calculate how much energy a user can generate from renewable resources. By putting in the average monthly electricity use, desired efficiency, and the cost of the electric bill for a home or business, the Energy Savings Calculator will display any expected annual savings. In addition, the Lighting portion of the Energy Savings Calculator can display how much energy can be saved by switching from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. The Wind Calculator will estimate the ability to produce power via wind by using the locations wind speed and desired efficiency. Finally, the Water Savings Calculator will calculate the potential to harvest rainwater by using historical data such as inches of rainwater fall for a location. Once a user has completed these various Energy Calculators, they will have a better idea of the cost and savings associated with each solution. Users in a sunny areas may not have wind available and thus find that their potential for producing power via solar is the best, most efficient option. People in areas where water shortage is a real problem will see that it is in their best interest to preserve and maintain a water supply by harvesting rainwater when it is available.

After estimating the potential for solar, wind, water, and lighting options, users can then create a project profile with One Stop Green, where the project profile asks questions about the property and outlines what the goals are. Climate data and other inputted information is displayed on the Green Project Page. Users who save their profiles are easily able to download templates, budget sheets, and other tools and resources and even schedule an energy audit or ask a One Stop Green expert should they have any questions all for free. Take a Green Project a step further by first completing a free energy audit of your home via the One Stop Green mobile app. Download the app and select the Conduct an Audit section to name the project and do a complete energy audit of any home. Once all the questions are answered and the audit is complete, a Green Score is generated that shows how energy efficient the home is in an easy to understand format similar to a nutrition label. There is also a link to related Green Solutions and products on the One Stop Green website to help identify problem areas and find solutions to address those inefficiencies and save on money and energy.

One Stop Green, LLC facilitates environmentally friendly improvements to residential and commercial properties through distribution of green, energy efficient products and services. They offer every product needed for sustainable energy independence enabling homeowners, businesses and commercial property owners to master their usage by reducing waste and implementing efficient energy consumption methods. Their goal is to provide user friendly and practical long-term solutions to existing inefficiencies and their carefully selected products and professional installers offer a higher level of satisfaction and service for their customers.


Nathan Kaufman


P: 877.449.9110|O: 713.541.2739|C: 210.846.5900


One Network Enterprises Introduces the Real Time Value Network (RTVN)

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

One Network Enterprises (ONE), the leading provider of demand driven supply chain solutions in the cloud, introduced today the Real Time Value Network (RTVN). More than 30,000 companies are already connected to ONE for existing Demand Driven services such as Intelligent Demand, Intelligent Supply, and Intelligent Logistics, which have repeatedly proven to lower inventories and operational costs, improve service, and increase profitability. The RTVN packages new robust integration tools and a suite of best practice templates.

The RTVN makes it easier than ever for enterprises to connect to their trading partners and access all of ONEs services. It includes ONEs Intelligent Vendor Access Network, an EDI gateway and powerful tool set for easy integration with ERP, execution systems, and other cloud services. The RTVN synchronizes the data across the network and promotes consistency between trading partners with a single version of the truth that incorporates real time data. Companies need connect to the RTVN only once to collaborate with all their partners worldwide across multiple echelons and enterprises and enjoy access to all of ONEs services.

Once connected to the RTVN, companies may choose from a full suite of pre-packaged best practice templates, called Network Optimized Workflows (NOWs), which allow for rapid time to value. NOWs include parcel management, lead logistics provider management, make-to stock and make-to-order solutions, a retail template including a demand sensing network data repository, and a spare parts management system, with many more to follow.

One Network has spent the past ten years deploying powerful and patented cloud-based network services, said ONEs CEO Greg Brady, the RTVN is the only global network available today that delivers complete network optimization, integration, and orchestration across multi-tier client and partner companies ERP and other execution systems in real time.

RTVN at a Glance

“Real Time Network”

The RTVN is an extremely responsive supply network that virtually eliminates informational lead times and minimizes physical lead times. One Networks cloud-based RTVN precisely models and connects you to your own unique value chain, whether in wholefor example every node from retailers to raw material suppliersor in part, for example your logistics and transportation network. One Network lets your value chain become as real time as you want it to be.

“Network Optimization”

One Networks patented tools and technologies do more than provide visibility, they optimize. In the RTVN, supply, demand, and capacities are planned and executed concurrently within the same system based on the most recent available demand data, as well as highly accurate forecasts. Short-term forecasts (for example, depending on the industry, the next 10 days) can be based on store level inventories and daily sales scan data. The supply chain problems left unsolved by ERP are multi-party in nature, and the solution is a multi-party network with integrated planning and execution capabilities.

“Network Scalability”

Todays decision support tools and processes cannot scale to allow users to be involved in planning millions of item and location combinations. There is far too much information and the decisions required are much too granular for human planners to be effective. For this reason, the RTVN was designed to be fully scalable across technology and business processes.

The RTVN relies on horizontal grid processing, giving it the ability to manage the millions of daily transactions and data points that todays large value chains generate. One Network recognizes that the majority of these transactions are routine and dont require human intervention, and the RTVN allows people to devote their resources to the complicated one-off problems that only humans can solve, using human intelligence to address the exceptions.

“Network Coordination and Connectivity”

The RTVN coordinates and orchestrates all internal functions and the activities of external trading partners, giving your value chain a single version of the truth, but securely packaging and filtering it in a way that makes it relevant to their individual roles. A single information pipe into the network provides integration across multiple companies ERP and execution systems. One Network takes this multi-enterprise data and continuously syncs and re-syncs demand, supply, and capacities in near real time across all trading partners.

Diverse clients from every sectorKroger, Lockheed Martin, Imperial Logistics, the US Department of Defense, Del Monte Foods, the US Marine Corp and many othersare becoming demand driven with One Network. Find out why more than 30,000 other companies are connected to the RTVN and call us today.

To schedule a demonstration, call us today at (866) 302-1936 or visit us at http://www.onenetwork.com.

About One Network Enterprises

One Network is the worlds only multi-party, multi-echelon supply chain solution in the cloud. As the leading provider of demand driven supply chain technology solutions, ONEs RTVN enables customers to easily collaborate with all their value partners and providers on a single network. With more than 30,000 companies connected, One Networks community based supply chain solutions help customers increase profitability and efficiencies by optimizing their supply chain operations. One Network serves a variety of industries including high tech, retail, consumer products, public sector, automotive, energy, and logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, One Network also has offices in Europe and India. For more information, please visit http://www.onenetwork.com.

PhotoBiz Introduces Two Beautiful New Flash, Blog and Store Designs

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Rio is nick-named the Marvelous City and this is why PhotoBiz chose this vibrant, larger-than-life metropolis as the perfect name for our latest full screen Flash website design.

The impressive full screen display has generous space for a logo in the top left, right, or center. The navigation menu bar is at the bottom of the design. Plus, a full array of social media icons are in the upper left corner. When a navigation item with multiple options is clicked on, the menu bar expands up to reveal a translucent bar and the additional options expand below it, while the image can still be seen through the bar. This state-of-the-art lightbox appearance has been utilized throughout the design.

What makes Rio truly marvelous is the gallery page. PhotoBiz has added the largest thumbnail displays for any Flash design it created. The oversized thumbnails, coupled with the translucent navigation, create a beautiful presentation of portfolio images.

One look will be all it takes to convince you that Rio is one of the most vibrant, contemporary designs that PhotoBiz has ever offered. said Sara Martin, Product Research and Design.

PhotoBizs unique color shifting technology can be applied to menu items, arrows, and icons.

Special thanks to Loren Callahan of Alante Photography for sharing her images for the sample of the Rio design.

PhotoBiz is also happy to introduce a new design for the Blog and Store Sites. Oxford Street brings a soft and informal look, with its beautiful rounded corners. Plus, for the first time the tabs for signing in and viewing the cart are in the upper right.

Suzanne Schonzeit Feinberg of PowerVision360 Productions says I really like how the menu comes out from the left into the background.

The samples of this new template feature images by Tracy Allyn (Store Site sample) and Larry Perez (Blog Site sample). A special thanks to these amazing photographers for sharing their images!

About PhotoBiz

Founded in 2004, PhotoBiz, LLC is a managed web solutions company for photographers, creative professionals, and other businesses backed by Passionate Support