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Chatwing Launches Free Live Chat Widget to hPage.com Website Admins

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

hPage.com offers easy and intuitive menu, immense selection of designs and layouts with more than 300 professional designs and many more. With these features, hPage website host has been a favorite to thousands of users. hPage.com caters to different types of users personal site, online stores, and business website. Each user has their own needs and ways of maintaining a page. But all these users were able to appreciate the presence of a free shout bo x on their website provided by Chatwing.

Chatwing understands that increased online visibility is the common aim of each bloggers and website owners. Chatwings chat software helps users to have a head start among other bloggers. This chat widget can be installed in a matter of seconds, and after installation, it can be used instantly!

To provide a larger scope in the online community, Chatwing development team was able to increase the capacity of this free live chat to handle 1000 users online. With this update in the application, Chatwings chat box can be a great tool in directing the desired popularity to its targeted visitors.

This chat widget can be easily installed on the hPage website. Users simply create an account in Chatwing. An HTML code will be created which will be installed to hPage website. The chat widget is highly customizable to sync with the sites design and layout. Website Admin can change the size and color. They also have the option for the chatbox to be embedded on the website or appear as a pop out button. Chatwing also integrated in this chat software the presence of social networks. Users can log in using their Facebook or Twitter account. Nonetheless, they can log in anonymously as guests. Chatwing development team has also taken into consideration users that are not tech savvy. They made sure that the chatbox is user-friendly, with no complicated commands.

The presence of a free shout box widens the reach of each user. Web Admin can now communicate directly with their visitors real time, in a fast and easy way. This tool is more popular to those engaged in online selling and marketing. With live chat, Admin and prospective clients can have a venue to discuss in detail their products and services and will be able to address queries right away.

About Chatwing.com

Chatwing.com has developed live chat software for websites. forums and blogs. It caters to different online communities ranging from travel blogs, tech savvies, online gamers to fashion bloggers. Everyone can create a customizable live chat widget in less than a minute. The ability to chat via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter enable Chatwing to offer a special and one of a kind real-time experience to all sites. Chatwing is 100% free and very easy to use.

CAPA International Education Launches Shanghai Global Business Study Abroad Program for the Summer of 2013

Boston, MA and London, England (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

CAPA International Education is pleased to announce the launch of a new study abroad program in Shanghai, or the Shanghai Global Business Program, available to students for the summer of 2013, from June 29th to August 10th.

The Shanghai Global Business Program is a survey of the past and a look into the future in Asia’s Century, which combines two academic courses, Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Shanghai and Doing Business in China, with the rich MyEducation cultural program. CAPA’s MyEducation cultural program provides students with a means of engaging with the Shanghai urban environment in ways that will be relevant to them and their interests to make a better connection between classroom theory and the outside world.

This 6-week summer program, which costs $ 5,499, also includes housing at Shanghai International Studies University, a weekly meal stipend, a transportation pass for the metro and buses, a full-day excursion to Suzhou, overnight weekend excursion to Hangzhou, company visits, medical, travel and accident insurance, and access to CAPA Shanghai student services and support.

Shanghai is the economic center of the worlds second largest economy, with a rich history that will expose students to a unique culture and diverse business environment, explains John Christian, President and CEO of CAPA International Education. As a result, we knew Shanghai would be the perfect location for our newest Global Cities Program and are confident students will be come away with a deeper, globally diverse experience that they can draw upon into their post graduate lives.

For more information on CAPA International Educations new Shanghai Global Business Program, please visit https://www.capa.org/shanghai; or to learn about other CAPA International Educations study abroad programs in Beijing, Buenos Aires, Florence, Istanbul, London or Sydney, please visit https://www.capa.org/students

About CAPA International Education

CAPA International Education has been a global leader for innovative academic learning abroad since 1972. By providing a self-driven, self-selecting and self-identifying experience, CAPA International Education enables the student to be in charge of defining their international learning experience and what it will incorporate. With both individual and group based study abroad programs, CAPA delivers quality experiential education across the globe. With programs located on four continents in seven countries, students are taught using a tested and proven educational program called MyEducation which blends theme based classroom learning and experiential learning to give students the context they need to expand their understanding of the world in which they live. For more information, please visit http://www.capa.org/.

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Maui Wowi Hawaiian Launches Initiative to Support and Increase Female Franchise Ownership

Greenwood Village, Colo. (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Maui Wowi Hawaiian has recently initiated an increased effort to draw more female candidates through sharing the success stories of its current female franchisees. Maui Wowi Franchise Operator Cheryl Kohan is a business owner who knows from experience the type of qualities that lead to success.

Im a real people person. Im creative and I have a good imagination, says Kohan. Women are way more empowered now than they used to be. I think its that urge to have a business, do their own thing and make a mark on the world; it gives you freedom.

Kohan began her business in Minnesota 14 years ago with Maui Wowi Hawaiian, an island themed company known for their fresh fruit smoothies and premium Hawaiian coffees. Founded in 1982 and celebrating 30 years, the company has franchises around the world with nearly 50% of them having female ownership, according to Maui Wowis Executive Vice President, Erin Hicks.

Cheryl and her husband Jack co-own their franchise, consisting of a mobile unit called a Kaanapali Cart and two tiki bar-style catering units. They were one of the original Maui Wowi franchisees, after taking an early retirement and finding out that they werent quite ready to settle down. Through the years, they have seen the system grow into a thriving business opportunity that has allowed them the freedom and flexibility they desired.

For the last 14 years with Maui Wowi, weve been able to earn enough additional income to maintain our pre-retirement lifestyle, said Cheryl. Its a really great way for people to own their own business, set their own standards, and earn as much money as they want to work hard for.

Prior to Maui Wowi, Cheryl had already exhibited her entrepreneurial interest and creative qualities through a variety of different careers. She spent some time working for the government as a liaison, later transitioning into the marketing field at a large corporation, and eventually buying a business that allowed her to provide independent administrative services for clients.

Her experience in the business world provided her with skills that she has carried into retirement and now into her new career as a female franchise owner. Cheryl loves how franchising serves as a foundation and allows her to apply a personal touch.

With a franchise you have guidance. You learn from people who have done it. Its a really good idea for women who are thinking about owning a business, says Cheryl. In a way, its a confidence booster once you have started your business because you know youll always have backup and support if you need it.

Finding success as a female franchise owner can be challenging, says Cheryl. Shes found success by using the qualities and characteristics she has developed through the years, while continuing to rely on her experience, her research, and her drive to pursue a dream.

You have to do your research. You cant just fall in love with a concept and go blindly into it, but you also have to follow your dream. Its a wonderful thing if you are willing to put in the work, she says.

Maui Wowi creates opportunities that have empowered its existing female franchisees and strives to continue increasing its value and support to women entrepreneurs. For more information regarding franchise opportunities, please visit http://www.mauiwowifranchise.com.

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies:

Since 1982, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has embraced the Hawaiian culture and has been serving paradise in a cup since the day it began, 30 years ago. From event carts, mall kiosks and stand-alone retail locations Maui Wowi Hawaiian offers premium, all-natural, gluten-free, fresh-fruit smoothies, as well as gourmet Hawaiian coffees and espresso beverages. With over 600 operating units in eight countries, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has truly gone Global by adding an online store, shop.mauiwowi.com. Now customers from anywhere in the world can experience the prized-gourmet Hawaiian coffees and taste the Aloha Spirit with a Click-of-a button! To learn more information about Maui Wowi Hawaiians, products, locations, or flexible, low cost franchising opportunities, visit http://www.mauiwowifranchise.com.


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Web Entrepreneur Launches Website and Blog for Man Cave Products

Live Oak, TX (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Jerome Hodge is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, http://www.BarStyleTables.com. The website offers pub tables, bar stools, billiard ball sets, Blizzard cue sticks, and other billiard supplies, as well as floor lamps, game table lamps, and hanging lamps, all products that are perfect for making a man cave more personal. In addition to this, many of these products are college-themed and can be used to show support for ones favorite college sports teams.

Hodge knows that there are many people that have a lot of pride for their schools, which is why so many excellent, high quality collegiate products are available for purchase on BarStyleTables.com. He intends to continually look for other products that will fit into the repertoire of products that the website currently has to offer, which fit into the theme of enhancing ones man cave with the best possible furnishings.

There are also many products focused on those who enjoy pool and other billiards games, with plenty of billiards balls, cue sticks, and cue racks of different varieties to choose from. Hodge wants to ensure that all of the products available on BarStyleTables.com are of the highest quality, while still being offered at affordable prices so that anyone will be able to purchase the items they desire to spruce up their man cave.

To complement the main website, Hodge is also launching a blog located at http://www.BarStyleTablesBlog.com. The blog will feature a number of discussions and stories related to the products available in the online store. Hodge will offer a decent amount of information about each of the products and will also use the blog to announce specials and sales going on at the website.

About the Company:

BarStyleTables.com a division of JOH Enterprise is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Jerome Hodge.

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1-800-BunkBed, LLC, America’s Premier Home Based Woodworking Business, Launches New VIP Program

Gloucester, MA (PRWEB) April 29, 2012

1-800-Bunkbed, LLC will start providing an all-encompassing, jump start program to their already comprehensive woodworking business package this summer. Driven by their consumer base’s need to get off to a quick, profitable and structurally sound start the VIP package will include hands on training by 1-800-BunkBeds leading producers.

The VIP service will include but not be limited to the following:

AU10TIX Launches ‘Secure Customer Enrollment’ Concept to Help Mobile Firms Cut the Bleeding of Millions to Fraud & Errors

Nicosia, Cyprus (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

The weak link at the front-end

Mobile firms bleed billions to fraud and bill errors, was the title of a recently published BBC article. The article quotes a Juniper Research estimate that the annual loss to mobile phone firms to billing errors and fraud is at $ 58bn (

Creative Media Web Company Launches New Line of Templates Compatible With Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages

Orinda, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Ever since the advent of the Internet, more and more businesses have started offering services online. Companies feel this will make the shopping process less complicated and time saving for their clients. In the process, it will also help the companies to generate significant revenue from web users.

With the steady rise in the number of companies and agencies offering services online, the key lies in ensuring that a company’s website garners sufficient mass attention. Unless this is achieved, even companies offering the best services and products might go unnoticed. This makes optimization and other attention-grabbing features of websites extremely important and necessary. Through proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the visibility of a company’s website is enhanced. When this happens, a website is able to attract a lot of traffic or visitors. These visitors can then be turned into customers. The development of any company website without the proper integration of SEO features therefore undermines the company’s online marketing potential.

Creative Media Web is one of such companies that integrates the most appropriate SEO and other attention-grabbing features in the design or redesign of websites. Not only has this company been developing websites for over a decade, Creative Media Web has recently launched a new line of design templates compatible with Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages.

Templates are available for the wedding and memorial industry but can also be used for other occasions, if desired. Branding for the templates are noted under The Wedding Program Site and The Funeral Program Site.

The easy to use templates help create programs of any layout for these special occasions. You do not need any graphic design skills with amazing professional results. All templates are available for immediate download with a huge inventory of styles and themes.

Aside from being credited for having developed a good number of highly professional and search engine friendly websites over the years. The company, well equipped with experienced and dedicated workforce understands the needs and aspirations of clients all over the continental United States. Their range of services covers most aspects of SEO solutions including:-

Ecommerce, Real Estate and Business Web Development

Audio/Video Streams

Flash Banners and Headers

Content Management

Church and Non Profit Websites

Funeral Program Business Websites

Located in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, Creative Media Web Company specializes in website design for different types of businesses. Creations are innovative, appealing and customized in strict accordance to clients’ requirements. With years of professional experience, websites are competently and easily developed for user-friendly web portals.

Merely putting a great product or service on your website is not sufficient to reap dividends. To be successful, websites needs to have proper interactive communication channels such as allowing the sharing of views and customer feedback. Creative Media Web Company takes this to be their business motto and tries to work to achieve this accordingly.

Their creations and new line of program templates have enjoyed positive responses from clients. The fact that Creative Media Web has been successful in fulfilling the expectations of a large section of their clients can be understood from the words of a representative from one of their clients, who testifies as follows; “All I can say is Carole and Creative Media Web ROCK! My website is “simply beautiful” as promised. Have a look. Thank You Carole for all your hard work and patience with a first time e-commerce site owner. You have been a true professional and an excellent teacher!”

This is also what one online retailer says: “I just want to say thank you for the wonderful templates you are now offering. It makes it so much easier on those of us who do not create designs for a living. It has been a pleasure to work with Creative Media Web.”

In addition to web development and template creation, Creative Media Web Company offers professional graphic design services. Transitioning into template creators was a natural progression since the company already houses many talented graphic designers.

Creative Media Web can be a great resource for todays business owner as well as individuals who are searching for wedding and funeral related printed materials.

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JustLuxe Launches New Social Marketing Strategy for Luxury Hotels

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

The JustLuxe Hotel Collection celebrates the World’s Best Hotels by offering partners a new way to improve upon current hotel marketing initiatives. In its continuing quest to connect luxury hoteliers with affluent travelers, the luxury travel experts have developed and employed a unique strategy known as aesthetic distribution.

Designed to feature the hotel’s most vivid imagery, the newly enhanced template encourages social engagement and provides direct response tools as a means to measure results. The customized template allows luxury hotels to reach their target audience on a consumer level, engage with social media fans, as well as facilitate bookings through an online GDS-powered booking engine.

“Our hotel partners understand the need to be social and are investing more and more time into developing their social media channels,” said Robert Gautereaux, Director of Travel Sales Acquisitions. “In addition to pushing traffic directly to their site, we drive traffic to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and feature stunning high-resolution images that are likely to become popular on Pinterest.”

With a portfolio of more than 1,700 luxury hotel partners, the JustLuxe Hotel Collection is dedicated to providing partners with new, innovative ways to increase online visibility. As an added value to editorial coverage, preferred city guide placement, targeted banner ads, and dedicated call-center tracking, the new enhancements maximize the ongoing effort to create brand awareness.

The company has recently expanded its efforts by introducing the World’s Best Hotels, a collection of enhanced hotel listings designed to increase brand awareness and social presence while maintaining high standards of luxury. JustLuxe has extended its methods of aesthetic distribution to the most relevant sections across the site, from its new luxury travel and hotel news sections, to its extensive collection of Best Spa Resorts and Best Family Hotels.

FTC Family of Companies Launches Three New Interactive Software Games Titles

Bloomington, Illinois (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

FTC Publishing, a division of FTC Family of Companies, has just released the newest editions to their award-winning interactive games series. Dinero Drop, Crazy Crash Taxi, and Mind Games join 10 others in this product line, recognized by ComputED Gazette in its 16th Annual Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIE) for Best Educational Game Platform.

Based on popular game show themes, all of FTC Publishings interactive games are fully customizable and can be used for any sized audience, from a few students in any K-12 classroom to an enormous lecture hall or corporate presentation. Whats so unique about our gaming products is that theyre open-ended, where teachers/presenters enter their own questions and answers into a template, and where all of the design elements are already done for them, said Zach Lancaster, Vice President of Development for FTC Family of Companies.

FTC Publishing has spent the last 17 years bringing educational technology products and services to life. Thousands of school districts across the country and around the world have relied on FTC to make learning engaging and interactive. We are proud to offer products and services that enable educators to support curriculum, and also motivate, excite, and stimulate student learning, said Michael Kessler, President and CEO of the FTC Family of Companies. There is nothing a teacher loves more than for a student to be excited about learning. And there is nothing we love as a company more than being able to help facilitate that experience.

These new game templates head up our next generation of gaming in support of curriculum. Not only can they be installed and played from CD or online download, but they have been developed to support our move to a complete online system for teachers to create and share their games, created to support all curriculum areas, shares Lancaster.

This August, FTC Publishing will take interactive gaming to a whole new level when it launches an innovative online experience with the Teacher Gaming Network (TGN). Designed to be the largest gaming network for K-20 teachers throughout the country, TGN will provide teachers a hosted space to design, share, and collaborate on various games supporting any and all curriculum units. This online service will be available to all public and private school teachers free of charge, with optional features available at minimal cost.

For more information on FTC Publishing’s latest interactive games or the groundbreaking Teacher Gaming Network, contact Michael Kessler, President and CEO of the FTC Family of Companies, 888-237-6740, or visit them online at http://www.ftcomp.com.

All of the titles in the Interactive Games series are available on CD and for online download.

About the FTC Family of Companies

The FTC Family of Companies (http://www.ftcomp.com) has been developing educational software and print resources for K-12 schools for the past 17 years. The FTC Family is made up of several divisions: FTC Publishing develops install-based software and print resources including the award-winning GameIt! Interactive Game Series. FTC Hosting Services, featuring MyVRSpot, develops online systems utilizing technologies students use outside the classroom to enhance in-school curriculum. WebFTC is the web-based software curriculum division of FTC, whose products include the award-winning WriteIt! Live system.