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Irelands Leading Hen Party Organizer Henit.ie Adds New Website Payment/Party Tracking System

Mullingar, Ireland (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Irelands leading hen and stag party organizer Henit.ie announced that they have just added a new online payment facility to their website. Henit.ie is Irelands leading hen party organizer that arranges, supplies and packages Hen parties for thousands of women all over Ireland, the UK and Europe to celebrate their last night of freedom before their marriage.

Thousands of brides have created lifelong memories with Hen parties that they have created with the help of Henit.ie. Their excellent team is known throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe for being able to handle every detail and create the very best hen parties imaginable. Now, Irelands leading hen party company is making the process even easier for brides, their maid of honor, bridesmaids and friends with their new online payment system that allows the party planners to view all of their package details online. Our new system allows online viewing of maps, events and accommodations as well as providing the organizer with the ability to text the entire group with updated info, view installment payments and see who has paid and who hasnt, said a Henit.ie spokesperson.

With the best premade packages, locations, venues, accessories, and services in the country at their disposal, the excellent team of party planners at Henit.ie can take care of every detail. That includes booking accommodations, activities, and nighttime entertainment for the group. Their exciting variety of hen party locations throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe all feature a centre of activity conveniently located within an hour of accommodations.

Group organizers just choose one of their packages, provide an estimate of group size, and the team at Henit.ie will take care of the rest. Organizers can place their order and pay for the booking deposit by using a credit card, money transfer, or a bank draft. They then have the options of paying their balance in convenient monthly or weekly installments. Booking with Henit.ie is very affordable as they have special negotiated rates with all of their suppliers in exchange for the thousands of clients that they provide. In fact, booking with our services is not only easier, it is just as affordable as booking the whole event yourself, said the spokesperson.

For those that would rather do the planning, the Henit.ie online store provides a one-stop shopping experience for every hen party need. Choose from a variety of wild, funny, or wholesome hen party themes. Their collection of hen party games, costumes, gifts, party accessories, T-shirts and invitations can make each hen party a one-of-a-kind memory.

We have everything you will ever need to make your last night of freedom an affair to remember. said the Henit.ie spokesperson. For more information, please visit http://www.henit.ie/

About Henit.ie:

Henit.ie is Irelands leading hen party organizer and party supplier. Each year, they send thousands of women all over Ireland, UK and Europe to celebrate their last night of freedom before their marriage. With the best premade packages, locations, venues, accessories, and services in the country at their disposal, the excellent team of party planners at Henit.ie takes care of every detail. Their online store also has everything that party planners need to create a lifelong memory ranging from hen party themes, costumes, games and party accessories to gifts, T-shirts and invitations.

Recent Study Reveals Widespread Tax Evasion in Greece; Special Report by Leading Financial e-Letter Investment Contrarians

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

In a recent Investment Contrarians article, editor Sasha Cekerevac reports that in a recent study to determine the number of Greek citizens who pay taxes, approximately 70% of Greeks were found to underreport their income. He notes that because this income was not declared, the Greek government lost 11.2 billion euros in taxes, or approximately four percent of gross domestic product (GDP). (Source: Wealthy Greeks Still Dont Pay Taxes, Der Spiegel, November 1, 2012.) According to Cekerevac, while Americas problems arent exactly the same, it has too many loopholes and deductions that are only contributing to the ever-increasing government debt.

One of the common themes around the world is the growing level of government debt, due to high budget deficits. Budget deficits occur when spending is greater than revenue, explains Cekerevac. Taxes are the main source of revenue for governments; taxes decrease with a slow economy. A slow economy means fewer employees, which means less revenue from income taxes, and lower taxes on goods purchased. This increases budget deficits, which then adds to the rising total of the government debt.

But, as Cekerevac notes, this is not a problem that exists solely on American shores. He points out that a big issue around the world is how to tax the wealthy.

While many in America believe that increasing taxes for the wealthy will decrease the budget deficits and, in turn, eventually decrease the government debt, the problem is more severe in some nations, states Cekerevac.

Using Greece as an example, Cekerevac reports that a recent study revealed that undeclared income totaled in excess of 10% of Greeces GDP for 2009, or 28.0 billion euros. He adds that the report cited lawyers, journalists, entertainers, and doctors as being the biggest culprits. (Source: Wealthy Greeks Still Dont Pay Taxes, Der Spiegel, November 1, 2012.)

That is a truly staggering amount relative to GDP, which is exacerbating the budget deficits and the growing government debt, says Cekerevac. This lack of revenue is pushing the government to enact further spending cuts, of which the average citizen is feeling the full effects, including massive pension cuts.

The Investment Contrarians editor notes that the U.S. has out-of-control budget deficits, too, but its problems are quite different from those of Greece. According to Cekerevac, the U.S. has too many loopholes and deductions that need to be eliminated, and structural changes that need to be made to reduce the budget deficits and begin paying down the government debt.

To see the full article and to get a real contrarian perspective on investing and the economy, visit Investment Contrarians at http://www.investmentcontrarians.com.

Investment Contrarians is a daily financial e-letter dedicated to helping investors make money by going against the herd mentality.

The editors of Investment Contrarians believe the stock market and the economy have been propped up since 2009 by artificially low interest rates, never-ending government borrowing, and an unprecedented expansion of our money supply. The official unemployment numbers do not reflect people who have given up looking for work, and are thus skewed. They believe the official inflation numbers are also not reflective of todays reality of rising prices.

After a 25- to 30-year down cycle in interest rates, the Investment Contrarians editors expect rapid inflation caused by huge government debt and money printing will eventually start us on a new cycle of rising interest rates.

Investment Contrarians provides unbiased research. They are independent analysts who love to research and comment on the economy and investing. The e-newsletters parent company, Lombardi Publishing Corporation, has been in business since 1986. Combined, their economists and analysts have over 100 years of investment experience.

Find out where Investment Contrarians editors see the risks and opportunities for investors in 2012 at http://www.investmentcontrarians.com.

George Leong, B. Comm., one of the lead editorial contributors at Investment Contrarians, has just released, A Problem 23 Times Bigger Than Greece, a breakthrough video where George details the risk of an economy set to implode that is 23 times bigger than Greeces economy! To see the video, visit http://www.investmentcontrarians.com/press.

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Denvers Leading Website Design/Development Firm Launches its Own New Website to Showcase Expertise

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 02, 2011

Unleaded Group, Denvers premier website design, development and creative agency with a growing portfolio of completed websites for local, regional and national clients, has updated and launched its own new website to better showcase its work, capabilities, client websites, and its mature sophistication in the field. Found on the web at http://www.unleadedgroup.com, the firms new site was custom designed and developed in-house utilizing many of the software products and techniques successfully employed on client websites.

Founded in 2004 as Unleaded Software, with web development work dating to 10 years before that, the Unleaded Group has grown into a full-service agency delivering web design and development, ecommerce solutions, search engine optimization services, video production, and social media expertise, as well as such traditional marketing services as advertising, public relations, collateral media creation and printing, and print and online publishing consultation.

Our new site is not only an expression of who we are in the web design and development world, but also how successful our clients have become in their own online efforts to market their brands and to sell their products, says Jarod Clark, Unleaded Group President. We build sites to meet our customers business objectives, and our growing roster of business ventures teaming up with us is testament to the power of the web in todays marketplace.

Designed by Unleaded Group partner and Creative Director Andrew Klein, the extensive new website was developed using ExpressionEngine, the worlds leading content management system (CMS). ExpressionEngine, which Unleaded Group deploys in many client websites as well, is a highly customizable and versatile CMS that allows each and every user the ability to maintain company image and branding through the visual language of a website, while offering proven and convenient management of the content and images presented to site visitors. The Unleaded Group is a Professional Partner with ExpressionEngine, meaning that the firm has met a rigorous level of demonstrated capability and creativity in developing ExpressionEngine websites.

Using ExpressionEngine offers the affordability of a mature content management system that is continuously updated, while avoiding the cookie-cutter look and feel of many websites which use limited off-the-shelf software products, says Clark. It gives every website a unique presentation without the expense of a fully customized solution, and with its proven track record of reliability and features growth, ExpressionEngine has many capabilities, is easy to use and will never go out of date.

Clark adds that the ExpressionEngine platform also is designed to maximize the search engine optimization of a sites content, helping to maintain and boost its rankings in Google or other search engines search results. In addition, regular updates to the software, which are part of the licensing package, ensure that each time the search engines change or alter their search criteria algorithms, the site maintains its ability to be ranked among the leaders in a web search.

While the Unleaded Group site itself is not a classic ecommerce shopping site, the Unleaded Group also specializes in building online merchandizing websites utilizing Magento, hailed the world over as the finest ecommerce solution on the market today. As a Gold Partner with Magento, and one of only a handful of website design and development firms in the Western United States to garner such status, the Unleaded Group has developed award-winning shopping car technology sites for clients large and small. Among the more notable clients utilizing Magento technology developed by the firm are the Number 1 web tool retailer Tool King, Marczyk Fine Foods, the well-known national shoe brand Airwalk, Trouts Fly Fishing, ecomom, and many more. Collectively these firms do millions of dollar in business each year on the web, a process made easier and more efficient through the deployment of Magento. Many of these websites also use ExpressionEngine as their primary CMS system, and the Unleaded Group is an expert in integrating the complimentary software programs to boost efficiency and search results.

The Unleaded Group, located in Downtown Denver in the heart of the historic and popular Ballpark Neighborhood adjacent to Coors Filed, the home of the Major Leagues Colorado Rockies, has a team of more than 20 designers, developers, writers and marketing specialists and has experienced growth in every year of its existence. In addition to its website and marketing services, the firm also created Beanstalk Solar Hosting, powered by solar panels installed on the firms office roof that delivers high-speed hosting for even the most robust ecommerce websites.

For more information on the Unleaded Group and its leading website design and development capabilities, and marketing expertise, visit http://www.unleadgroup.com and call 855-UNLEADED (855-865-3233).


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Top PET Majors & Corporate Heads to Play Leading Roles at Ho Chi Minh PET Outlook Summit

Ho Chi Minh City (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

Leading multinationals are taking on major participating roles in the PET Outlook Asia for 2013 forum organised by Centre for Management Technology to deliver a broad overview on the implications of growing PET capacities, Asias producers chance to export out of the region, new emerging markets and growing interest in rPET.

Dydacomp Announces New Partnership Enabling Magento

Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for small and mid-sized eCommerce and multichannel merchants, today announced a new strategic partnership with Freeportway, an eCommerce integration solutions provider. Freeportways BizSyncXL software enables merchants to seamlessly integrate Dydacomps industry-leading order management solution, Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), with the top eCommerce shopping cart, Magento, to automate and improve their online businesses operations and overall efficiency.

Our goal is to ensure that small and medium-sized businesses have the most flexible and comprehensive order management solution on the market. The partnership with Freeportway reinforces this by providing Magento users with the tools to implement the most powerful solution available to grow their online businesses. They now have the ability to synchronize inventory, pricing and orders while ensuring their online business and offline operations seamlessly work together, stated Fred Lizza, CEO at Dydacomp.

BizSyncXL connects M.O.M. to the MagentoGO, Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions of Magento to give clients the features and functionality needed to compete in todays eCommerce marketplace. It seamlessly passes data from BizSyncXL to Magento and back to M.O.M. so clients don’t have to do the transferring or importing of data manually. The data includes everything from products, prices, customers and orders to completely automate the process of updating the Magento shopping cart system.

We are excited about this strategic partnership and the new direction of Dydacomp as the company opens up its M.O.M. solution. As part of this partnership, we have jointly worked to create, test and verify the functionality so Magento users can easily implement and begin using the solution. This helps merchants focus on growing their business, while we handle the required technical aspects. We also look forward to taking advantage of the new features and functionality incorporated into M.O.M. Version 8, including the API. Well integrate this with BizSyncXL to offer Magento merchants the most efficient and complete multichannel solution available, said Gary MacDougall, CEO of Freeportway.

Dydacomp launched its new partnership program with the release of M.O.M. Version 8 to provide small and medium-sized merchants with the most robust order management solution available. By partnering with companies such as Freeportway, Dydacomp ensures that multichannel merchants will have the tools and resources they need to thrive at a price they can afford.

About Freeportway

Freeportway provides integration solutions to multi-channel merchants, on-line retailers and direct marketing professionals who need to bridge the gap between their off-line and online systems. They help customers achieve end-to-end compatibility to increase efficiency in their operation, decrease operating costs and increase revenue by integrating systems within their organization to improve workflow and reduce the manual labor involved in keeping disparate systems updated. For more information, please visit http://www.freeportway.com.

About Dydacomp

Dydacomp solves the business automation and order management needs of eCommerce, catalog, DRTV, and traditional point-of-sale businesses worldwide. Since 1986, nearly 10,000 companies have relied on the Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) solution to streamline processes, increase efficiencies and boost revenue in areas such as inventory control, order entry, customer maintenance, credit card processing, list fulfillment, shipping and more. Through its open API, M.O.M. connects to virtually any eCommerce platform as well as SiteLINK

Leading Web Host to Feature Drum Corps International on Website

The Colony, TX (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

CFDynamics, a leading web host, will feature Drum Corps International (DCI) as an outstanding customer this month on their website, cfdynamics.com.

We have a great interest in what DCI is trying to accomplish. And we realize that when we help them, were helping thousands of young performers and musicians, said Jason Egan, CFDynamics Chief Operations Officer. Our relationship works- because if we care about our customer, then they will care about us.

Drum Corps International governs over 40 junior drum and bugle corps in the USA and Canada, made up of members ages 21 and younger. With over 5000 youth participating each year, DCI strives to provide a life changing experience for youth through the art of marching music performance.” DCI currently has corps from all around the world, competing in performances across the country during the summer season.

Video: About Drum Corps International

DCI is on the cusp of opening their 2012 competition schedule- with over 100 performances across the United States, from June through August. This year will also mark DCIs 40th anniversary. They will celebrate the milestone with a Grand Reunion event, August 9-11 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

DCI not only facilitates and governs the corps competitions, but they also sell audio and video merchandise for the junior drum and bugle corps, as a means of marketing and financial support for their young performing groups. They sell and promote this merchandise via The Fan Network, a site that CFDynamics helped them create.

DCI signed with CFDynamics in 2004. They were seeking expert support and guidance to create and support The Fan Network. And, they needed a web host who could offer extreme, unique support for the changing needs of their site. In partnering with CFDynamics, DCI has tripled hardware, heightened security and lowered hosting costs. As a result, traffic to both DCI sites has more than quadrupled.

CFDynamics has truly been a business partner, and that has made all the difference for us. said Mat Chavez, DCI’s Senior Technology Manager.

The spotlight feature on CFDynamics sight will promote DCI and illustrate the story behind their partnership. To read the full story, visit CFDynamics Customer Spotlight page.

To learn more about Drum Corps International’s corps, events and merchandise, visit http://www.dci.org/

About CFDynamics:

CFDynamics has been hosting websites for over two decades as a friendly, customer-oriented web host. The company specializes in ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET, and WordPress hosting. CFDynamics combines years of development and expertise with excellent customer service to provide individuals, small businesses and large corporations with budget-friendly dedicated and shared web hosting solutions. For more information about CFDynamics, and to learn more about the best web hosting services in the industry, please visit http://www.cfdynamics.com

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Profit By Search, The Leading SEO Company India Launches Knowledge Base Section To Its Website To Educate People On The Basic Internet Marketing Techniques

NOIDA, India (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

The leading SEO India veteran, Profit By Search has come up with a new idea to educate people with basic internet marketing techniques. The company has added a new section in its website called Knowledge Base which would cover topics on Search Engine Optimization, Google news, link building techniques, etc. Some of the recent topics are:

Top Ten Reasons Why Google May Penalize You

How to Submit to Open Directory Project

Targeted Content Versus Keyword Density

Worst SEO Practices

How Link Building Helps To Get #1 Ranking on SERP’s

Wolfram Alpha – A Google Killer

Remove Rip Off Report, Complaints Board Complaints from Google

Easy Steps to Optimize Joomla Site

How to Choose a SEO Services Company in India

Tracking More than 4 Conversions (Goals) in Google Analytics

Google Adwords Conversion Data & Analytics Goals Data are NOW Linkable

The topics discussed in the Knowledge Base section of this SEO Services India are aimed to provide necessary knowledge and information to people who are interested in internet marketing, be it the people who want to carry SEO promotion for their business on their own, or people who are looking forward to outsource experts. This new addition will surely help it reach a huge number of people.

As per a study by eMarketer.com in 2011, “only 17% of searchers bothered to move past the first page of their search results.” Thereby, we at Profit By Search conclude that, Keywords Ranking on or beyond Page 2 can be good for tracking trends, but has almost no business value. says Rakesh Bijewar, Head Of Search at Profit By Search.

About the company:

Profit By Search is the fastest growing SEO Company India with a team of over 170 SEO professionals. One of the premier providers of SEO Services India, Profit By Search not only serves the purpose of increasing a website’s visibility on search engines, but also helps solving various technical issues on a website like providing its client with unique content to keep the website away from getting slapped by Google Panda, improvise on methods to improve lost rankings, help a client fight better against bounce rates, maximize the rate of return on investment for an advertising budget and many more of such services.

# # #

Leading Web Host Offers Powerful, Advanced Email Solutions

The Colony, TX (PRWEB) July 23, 2012

Veteran web host CFDynamics now offers Hosted Microsoft Exchange plans, in addition to their extensive range of web hosting solutions.

MS Exchange is a powerful solution that just blows standard email software out of the water, said Jason Egan, CFDynamics Chief Operations Officer. It can help teams of any size work more effectively, and were excited to pass that power on to customers.

Microsoft Exchange has been called the worlds most popular business messaging software, offering powerful sharing and collaboration tools that can help businesses save time and boost productivity. Exchange is a giant leap in technology compared to other, basic email software. Hosted exchange solutions offer valuable communication tools like centrally located data, shared contacts, shared calendars and easy email access for mobile devices like Iphone and Blackberry.

CFDynamics offers two hosted Exchange options, starting at $ 8.99 monthly. Some plan highlights include:

Advertise Purple Announces Leading Online Marketing Strategy to Increase Web Retailer Sales for Fall

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

Advertise Purple, LAs #1 Online Marketing Agency, recently met with Global Press subsidiaries to discuss holiday sale projections for medium to large Internet retailers. Advertise Purple is a boutique online marketing and advertising agency that helps e-commerce companies and Internet retailers increase sales online. According to Kim Choe, their PR contact, We really focus on getting online retailer more traffic that counts. Whether its organic search traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing, paid traffic through PPC, social media traffic from Facebook or Twitter, or affiliate traffic from our partners Commission Junction, LinkShare, GAN (Google Affiliate Network), or ShareaSale, we work with advertisers to ensure these channels are bringing them the highest conversions at lowest cost per acquisition.

When asked what online retailers should focus on for driving sales this Holiday season, Choe notes Definitely growing your affiliate programs. Its too expensive for most retailers to spend their resources on targeting the traffic online, so the better option is having expertly marketed shopping sites promote your items for a percentage of the sale. Sure it sounds easy, but we are curious how to do that.

Choe went on to note At Advertise Purple, we work very closely with a pool of about 10,000 affiliates. We focus on working with clients who have products and services we know will be hit on the webs premier shopping sites. Results can be dramatic for these organizations – usually established retailers will see $ 5,000 to $ 20,000+ sales increase per week through affiliate channels. And weve seen much higher than this, up to $ 100,000 increase per week. We were curious if anyone can participate in these affiliate networks. We typically work with retailers that currently do $ 1MM to $ 10MM/year in online sales. We noticed they see they most dramatic increase.

For those who are interested in affiliate management with Advertise Purple, you can visit their site at http://www.AdvertisePurple.com

About Advertise Purple

Advertise Purple is a premier, boutique online marketing and advertising agency based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since 2009, Advertise Purple has offered a full suite of innovative and proven online marketing services, including affiliate management, search engine marketing, pay per click marketing (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), landing page optimization (LPO), and analytics mining. Our in-house staff works directly with leading internet retailers and e-commerce sites, ensuring positive growth and return on invested marketing capital.

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OTC Stock Picks, a Leading Penny Stock Newsletter, Proudly Announces the Launch of its Free Real Time Stock Charts Program for Penny Stock Traders and Investors.

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

OTCStockPicks.net proudly announces the World-Wide launch of its Free Real Time Stock Charts program powered by FreeStockCharts.Com.

FREE Real Time Stock Charts

Free Real Time Stock Charts is a valuable trading application for new and professional traders to quickly make decisions during penny stock trading. The Free Real Time Stock Charts program can tell the stock trader when the technical aspects of the stock are changing.

As recent as July-August of 2012, investors who followed the OTC Stock Picks newsletter bottom play calls experienced a 3000% overall return, and this stock chart program can assist in generating those types of returns.

As experienced traders know, high-level technical charting is an essential tool for investors of OTC stocks and higher-exchange stocks like Smith and Wesson, A123 Systems Inc., Google, Apple and Yahoo.

The OTC Stock Picks team encourages all penny stock traders and investors to visit the company website to use the Free Real Time Stock Charts tool.

About OTC Stock Picks

OTC Stock Picks penny stock newsletter is among the US market leaders in connecting OTC exchange-traded stocks to investors. With over two decades of market experience, the OTC Stock Picks team prides itself on having the pulse of the OTC stock market.

OTC Stock Picks is reliable and steady resource for finding hot penny stocks in the market, and uses the latest technologies, websites and social media outlets to skillfully amass and communicate stock information.

The company’s penny stock newsletter emails are among the most polished in the business with first-class content and striking visual appeal. They provide investors with due-diligence and annotated- technical-charts to assist with insight on the hot penny stocks.

The OTC Stock Picks team tracks over 100 penny stocks with the goal of bringing traders attention to stock momentum changes and trading opportunities. The team at OTCSP is exceptional at predicting momentum-changes in stocks via technical analysis, and then swiftly relaying this information through its penny stock newsletters.