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Picaboo Enters the Yearbook Market with a Strong Revolutionized Product

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Picaboo, a Silicon Valley born technology and photo merchandising company was founded in 2006 by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy with the idea of offering premier photo products. After mastering the art of providing consumers with quality photo books, greeting cards, calendars, posters and more the company decided to take the plunge into the yearbook market. In February 2012, Bryan Payne was hired and assumed the role of President of the Picaboo Yearbooks division. Bryans mission is to lead the way in revolutionizing the way students make a yearbook through personalization, offering e-yearbooks and on demand printing, believing every student deserves and should be able to afford a yearbook.

Picaboo Yearbooks offers students the ability to make a yearbook with the easy to use web based software that manages the yearbook process every step of the way, eliminating the fear of needing technical or design expertise. The platform offers the ability to work from professionally designed templates that can be modified to suit the creators needs, or the pages can be designed from scratch. With this innovative platform students can work simultaneously on the book without disrupting the structure or each other, and advisors can view their progress at any time.

In keeping with Bryan Paynes mission, the company offers yearbooks in various sizes, styles and price points making Picaboo Yearbooks affordable for everyone. The product is offered in 8.5 x11 or 9 x12 portrait book sizes, available in hard cover, soft cover, e-yearbooks or any combination of the mentioned.

In addition to the attractive flexibility of the product overall, there is no pre-order quantity commitment contract required elevating the anxiety inducing deadlines that standard yearbook companies impose. By allowing the consumer to order when ready, it also eliminates the dreaded extra yearbooks or the inability to order extra yearbooks. Picaboo Yearbooks can be ordered at any time, even years later if needed.

Best of all, consumers can try Picaboo Yearbooks software with no commitment to buy, and without the need to provide personal information to get started. This innovative product is sure to become the most powerful yearbook creation and ordering solution in the nation.

About Picaboo Yearbooks

A new division of Picaboo.com, Picaboo Yearbooks is a premier provider of a customized yearbook application, making it simple and fun to create, share and buy high-quality yearbooks. The companys software empowers people at any skill-level to create one-of-a-kind yearbooks they will treasure forever with an intuitive, clean interface and unmatched creative flexibility. Picaboo is made up of a team of experienced Internet and consumer products entrepreneurs who are passionate about digital photography and memory preservation. Picaboo is based in Palo Alto, California and can be found on the Web at http://www.picabooyearbooks.com..

Elementary Mail Deliver First-Class Hybrid Mail Service to Consumer Market

(PRWEB UK) 11 May 2012

Hybrid Mail certainly isnt new although many existing services serve only the business-to-business market. Elementary Mail is bringing a fresh introduction to this already popular concept, with a consumer-geared mail service for the everyday person.

Everyone has shared the frustration of keeping up with snail mail; running to the Post Office for a stamp, or taking envelopes from work. Thanks to Elementary Mail, those looking to send postal mail now need nothing more than a computer and a cup of coffee.

The new online mailing service allows users to send postal mail to any address in the world by doing nothing more than spending a few minutes at their computer.

While regular letters are the obvious offering, Elementary Mail really does have a first-class range of products available. From CVs to love letters, personalized cards and even mail-able gifts the web based service is poised to become a godsend to those who do communication the modern way.

The companys Founder, Henry Dudding, explains why Elementary Mail is different from existing hybrid mail services:

We dont place a focus on business-to-business orders, which usually have to be placed in extreme bulk. We focus instead directly at the consumer allowing single orders with no quantity or contractual requirements says Dudding.

He continues, This is perfect for job seekers who may want to keep a CV on file with us and quickly mail it they can also use one of our CV templates to give it a professional look. The service is also set to become popular among holidaymakers who want to send mail back to the UK quickly, as well as the over-50s market, who want to keep communicating in a traditional way.

Everything on the site is neatly laid out, with templates and guides available for most products. As mentioned earlier, the site also contains a gift shop for those looking to ship a last minute gift, or send one while away from the UK.

Whilst the modern and chic site offers a vibrant method of communication, Dudding believes that postal mail is still vital to 21st Century life:

Emails and texts may dominate communication these days, but letters are absolutely still needed. We became aware that most households dont have the necessary stationary on hand anymore. Thats why weve moved the process of sending postal mail onto the internet making it simple, affordable and fast he concludes.

To send mail today, please visit: http://www.elementarymail.com

About Elementary Mail

Elementary Mail allows users to send letters, cards, gifts and many other postal items to any address in the world, without ever having to leave their home or workplace.

With guides, templates and examples on hand for a myriad of items, users simply create each document to their liking and leave Elementary Mail to dispatch it the very same day.

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Asia-Pacific Sports and Leisure Equipment Retailing Market to 2016: Trends, Analysis & Forecast

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

Sports and Leisure Equipment Retailing in Asia-Pacific: Market Guide to 2016 provides in-depth detail on the trends and drivers of the Sports and Leisure Equipment Retailing market in the Asia-Pacific. The report includes quantitative information (historic and forecast market values), segmented at category level.

The report provides data, analyses and opinion to help companies in the retail industry better understand the changes in their environment, seize opportunities and formulate crucial business strategies.


This report is the result of Canadeans extensive market research covering the Sports and Leisure Equipment Retailing market in the Asia-Pacific. The report provides a top-level overview and detailed category insight into the operating environment for the Sports and Leisure Equipment Retailing market in the Asia-Pacific. It is an essential tool for companies active across the retail value chain in the Asia-Pacific and for new players that are considering entering the market.


Market 8 to Launch a Simplified Approach to HubSpot Web Design

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Market 8s new product will allow customers to choose from among different templates, purchase their template online, and within a period of 24 hours, have their template loaded into their HubSpot CMS.

Simplex will allow companies to save money on design, and spend more on generating traffic and leads through inbound marketing, said Eduardo Esparza, president of Market 8.

With Simplex, marketers will be able to easily update their own copy and upload their own images to their website through their CMS for a custom look. In addition, some of the Simplex designs will be optimized for access via mobile devices.

Currently, Market 8 provides semi-custom HubSpot web design templates that help companies understand their messaging and their lead conversion triggers.

Simplex is different, Esparza notes. It is oriented to inbound marketers who are looking for a quick way to get started with inbound marketing without going through any kind of complex design process. You get the site up quick, you get quick results.

The new web design template sets will have a starting price of $ 500. Upon the launch of Simplex, the company plans to discontinue its basic and plus packages currently being offered.

To learn more about Simplex, sign up to receive updates here.

About Market 8

Market 8 is an inbound marketing and branding agency that helps clients increase revenue and return on marketing investments by focusing on strategies that are fundamental, effective and measurable. A fully integrated agency, Market 8 specializes in marketing strategy, website development, interactive design, content creation, video marketing, and marketing analytics including specific prospect and lead tracking.

For more information about HubSpot Web Design templates by Market 8 visit: http://www.market8.net/hubspot-website-templates/

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Premium News Sites Using Perfect Market Enterprise Show Year over Year Growth of More Than 50 Percent

Pasadena, Calif. (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Perfect Market, Inc., a leading provider of traffic and content optimization solutions for web publishers, today announced that an analysis of its publisher partners who have implemented the Perfect Market Enterprise platform shows a consistent, year-over-year growth in visits of more than 50 percent on average for the first quarter of 2012. Additionally, the year-over-year growth in visits for Perfect Markets top 10 (by size) Enterprise customers averaged 57 percent with one customer in particular experiencing a 127 percent increase in total visits.

Customers who have deployed the Perfect Market Enterprise platform on their sites have seen growth that significantly outpaces the overall search market growth which, according to a recent Comscore report, only grew by approximately 8% year-over-year.

Link space on most websites is a valuable commodity and must be used to its fullest potential, said Stephen Walker, COO at Perfect Market, Inc. Perfect Market goes above and beyond the basics of page optimization by de-cluttering unrelated elements from the page and grouping like content together through related links and relevant topic or keyword pages. The uniqueness of our technology is that we know which pages are which we predict which pages are likely to have continued interest and should therefore continue to be featured versus which articles are unlikely to have interest and therefore can be orphaned. Sophisticated publishers implement similar programs but few see growth rates as high as 50 percent per year.

Perfect Market bolsters sites with 5-10x improvement on in revenue on pages they optimize through its innovative optimization program and technology which ensures that links to articles with continued relevance, reader demand (traffic potential) and advertiser demand (revenue rate potential) remain well-linked and prominent on a publishers site. This results in a more satisfied user, increased traffic and higher click-through rates for advertisers which ultimately generates more revenue to publishers. More than 40 customers have deployed the Perfect Market Enterprise solution on their sites, including some of the worlds premier publishing and content producers.

Perfect Market’s Enterprise Product includes features and offerings that grow engagement, traffic and revenue for online publishers. Key features of Perfect Market Enterprise include:


Working with huge libraries of high quality, professionally written content, Perfect Markets algorithms and semantic analysis system identifies the highest value related content and ensures that every page is linked to the most relevant related stories. As a result, readers and search engines see strong clusters of related, interlinked articles that drive engagement and traffic.


Perfect Market uses the same semantic analysis of the content that helps search engines understand content and applies that to on-page advertising. This technology dramatically improves the relevance of CPC ads for visitors to article pages, resulting in high increased yield from existing CPC ad networks and improvements in the user experience.


Perfect Market Enterprise adds a layer of science by displaying a featured content box on your article pages that highlights your best performing content. By measuring every link click, the featured content box self-optimizes to yield click thru rates up to 5% on your highest monetizing evergreen content.


Perfect Market believes that customizing the display and packaging of content is integral in creating a highly engaging experience for all readers. The adaptive publishing platform does just that. By identifying key elements such as audience segment, page type, page length, and publication date, we can make real-time data-driven decisions about what to display, where, and when.


Perfect Market recognizes that no two publishers sites look alike, and have built our solution to be flexible and customizable. We work with each individual publisher to fine-tune sizes, placements, fonts, and colors so that the modules integrate seamlessly into your existing design and brand.


The Vault provides publishers with the ability to visualize, analyze, and override everything tracked and generated behind-the-scenes through a clean and engaging user interface.


Perfect Market provides clients with a weekly report that shows total traffic, revenue, and RPM levels across the site. This data is also collected and analyzed internally to help build or enhance products designed to further increase engagement, traffic and revenue for your online content.

About Perfect Market:

Perfect Market works with professional publishers to create, distribute and monetize content more effectively online. Perfect Market’s patented solutions helps publishers, including San Francisco Chronicle, Orlando Sentinel and Chicago Tribune serve readers with exactly what they are looking for in online content. By delivering the right content in the right format, to the right user, with the right relevancy, Perfect Market has significantly increased the revenue for its publishing partners. Perfect Market is headquartered in Pasadena, CA with offices in New York.

InfoTrends Identifies Top Market Drivers for Labels and Packaging

Weymouth, MA (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

The color digital label and packaging (CDLP) market will grow strongly between 2011 and 2016, with a 18% compound annual growth rate in digital press revenues according to InfoTrends, a specialist consulting firm. This market will have dynamic additions in terms of technology and competitors. The most important technology additions will be high-end color electrophotographic (EP) and inkjet presses, ones that will steer color digital printing much more into the printing of folding cartons and flexible packaging, deep applications that are minimally penetrated by even the most capable current color digital presses.

There are two megatrends among brand owners that support the growth of the color digital press market in label and packaging uses,” says Bob Leahey, Associate Director of InfoTrends Color Digital Label and Packaging Service. One is the brand owners focus on target marketing, and the other is their focus on lean manufacturing. He adds that, together, these influences have caused brand owners to order packaging and labels more frequently and in smaller amounts and will continue to do so. For converters of labels and packaging, this situation will result in increasing numbers of short run print jobs, which color digital presses such as HP Indigo, Xeikon, and Jetrion can print more efficiently than conventional presses.

Another key theme of the current forecast is that the market will soon change with the arrival of a new generation of color digital label and packaging (CDLP) presses, most of which were introduced at the drupa 2012 show in Germany. These new presses will be high capacity models most with web or throat width at least 26, which is over twice the width of most current CDLP presses. That difference in width and overall productivity will drive the use of CDLP presses to new levels in folding cartons and flexible packaging, two important applications where current models have only a limited role today. Both EP and inkjet technologies will contribute to this new generation of high-end CDLP presses in a receptive, growing market.

InfoTrends CDLP Press Market Forecast: 2011-2016 estimates and forecasts the regional and world market for CDLP presses based on EP and single pass inkjet print technology for the years 2011 through 2016. The forecast is cut by EP and inkjet mid-range and high-end categories for placements, installed base, total press sales value, consumables value, and value of print. It estimates the consumption and value of print in terms of label, folding carton, and flexible packaging applications.

This report is available immediately for purchase. For more information, please visit our online store or contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or email scott.phinney(at)infotrends(dot)com.

InfoTrends, a Questex company, is the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. We provide research, analysis, forecasts, and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to grow their businesses. Additional information about InfoTrends is available on the Web at http://www.infotrends.com.

For media inquiries contact Donna O’Malley at +1 781 616 2116 or donna_omalley(at)infotrends(dot)com.

CRE Distress Varies Widely Market to Market

Evergreen, CO (PRWEB) September 1, 2010

QuantumRisk LLC, a Colorado Registered Investment Advisor has developed CMBS Property Risk Analytics** available as annual or monthly subscriptions. This monthly report shows that CMBS defaults & losses vary across the US by city from 0.0% to 80.0% defaults & 0.0% to 78.0% loss severities. We are also very pleased to announce that CoStar’s Watch List featured some of our May 2010 analytics in their article, “Impact of CRE Distress Varies Widely Market to Market” receiving more than 10,000 reads within 24 hours.

A sample report for All Properties is available at http://www.QuantumRisk.com/

Every month we analyze reported data on more than 85,000 properties backing more than 52,000 loans to identify default probability, loss severity before recovery, loan to value ratio (LTV), debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), occupancy rates & change in property appraisal value for more than 400 U.S. markets, by property type, by city, by SMSA/MSA by state across the US. Five property type reports are generated: All Properties, Lodgings/Hotels, MultiFamily, Office & Retail.

To provide more insightful commercial real estate business intelligence to our clients QuantumRisk LLC invested more than $ 250,000 in research to develop the algorithms required to produce CMBS Property Risk Analytics on a monthly basis. If you are familiar with the raw CMBS data you know this is no small feat.

The purpose is for real estate professionals, sophisticated investors, investment bankers, underwriters and fund managers to know what is happening where it is happening when it is happening. Even the muni bond professionals and local & state governments can use this report to figure out what is happening in their local market, as the commercial real estate market is reflective of the local business environment and therefore reflective of the local economy.

The big surprise. Are single property loans a higher risk than multi-property loans?

Using this data we set up 2 pools of loans. The first pool consisted of 42,488 single property loans of all property types and the second of 2,177 multi-property & cross collateralized loans. The surprisingly result is that Multi-Property loans are worse (7.49% defaults & 7.19% loss severity) than Single-Property loans (5.94% defaults & 5.65% loss severity).

So much for the assumed portfolio diversification effects. With respect to losses, for a better understanding of how portfolio diversification does or does not work, see our blog post Loss Containment: Portfolios at http://QuantumRisk.WordPress.com/.

**Property Risk Analytics is the registered trademark of QuantumRisk LLC.


Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2012,The platform to support entrepreneurs who challenge world market will be held by SunBridge GV and Venture Now in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

The global seed accelerator SunBridge Global Ventures Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, President & CEO: Ikuo Hiraishi, henceforth SunBridge GV) and Venture Now, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Yasushi Takeuchi, henceforth Venture Now), the media specialized on Internet venture companies, have announced that they will hold Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2012 on December 4, 2012, at JIJI PRESS Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Innovation Weekend was launched to serve as a platform to develop global venture business originating from Japan. It discovers promising entrepreneurs and creates opportunities to raise seed money and to receive various kinds of supports by linking them and investors. It was started in May, 2011, through the efforts of three main individuals – Ikuo Hiraishi of SunBridge Corporation (at the time, currently SunBridge GV); Yasushi Takeuchi who has investigated and reported the venture industry in Japan since 1998; and Kiyoshi Nishikawa who restarted the Netage.

Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2012 will have rich and useful contents including presentations by successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and seed accelerators from Japan and overseas, and business plan contest by promising startups, as a culmination of quarterly held Innovation Weekend.

Moreover, adding to the universal theme of Go Global!, a tagline Its not a joke!! is set this year. We hope all the people who participate in Innovation Weekend can absorb the valuable stories and knowledge shared by the remarkable challengers who try expanding their business on a global scale, and also sense the possibility of global challenge.

Mr. Keith Teare will make a keynote on abundant stories about developing business on a global scale through the various positions as an incubator or as a serial entrepreneur. Previously he was co-founder of TechCrunch, and currently is CEO of just.me, a next generation SNS for coming mobile era born from Palo Alto based incubator “Archimedes Labs” established by him.

Furthermore, more and more challengers who aim to develop their business on a global scale will share their experiences to the challengers to be. Mr. Ray Grieselhuber, CEO & Founder of Ginzamarkets, Inc., is an alumnus of Y-Combinator and 500 startups in Silicon Valley, and has an experience of starting a company in Japan. From Japan, Mr. Taku Harada, CEO of Peatix Inc., is steadily gearing up to develop their business in the USA with his very international team.

In the pitch presentation part, being a feature of this event, the Grand Champion of Innovation Weekend 2012 will be chosen from the winners of quarterly held Innovation Weekend 2012, and the qualified public presenters. Ticket to international startup pitch contest held in Silicon Valley will be given to the grand champion by the organizers.

We hope that more and more people feel through this event that global expansion is a feasible dream that comes true. Thus, we will keep supporting and contributing to the activities that increase the population of global challengers.

[Event Overview]

Title:Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2012 http://innovation-weekend.jp/en/

Date:13:30~20:30 Tuesday, 4th December 2012

Location:JIJI PRESS Hall (Ginza Tokyo)


Fee:Pre-registration : General 6000 yen / Student 3000 yen

(On the day tickets: General 8000 yen / Student 4000 yen)


Organizer:SunBridge Global Ventures Inc./Venture Now, Inc.


Declining Prices and Rapid Adoption by SMBs Drives the Global 3D CAD Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

Follow us on LinkedIn Going beyond traditional CAD, 3D CAD is revolutionizing design agility in ways hitherto unimagined. Product designs whether for automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, industrial, architectural design or for medical prosthetics, is a thought provoking process, which can be taken to higher levels through the sophisticated functionality of 3D CAD tools. Defined as a computer software tool for creating technical and engineering drawings of product prototypes in three dimensional (3D) vector-based drafting systems, 3D CAD helps create realistic digitally constructed images. 3D CAD provides superior, attractive and informative graphics which allow the designer to retrieve better data from images by creating a superior visual context for better understanding of technical scenarios. In other words, 3D CAD enables easy visualization and understanding of product designs in a digital format that allows for easy, hassle free, cost effective modification of design models. Given that most of the critical, high impact changes are made only in late stage product development, the most important advantage offered is the flexible modeling agility that provides the power to make late stage design changes. As a visually exciting way to convey illustrative information, 3D CAD is expected to score lucrative gains in the upcoming years as unabated migration continues with users upgrading their 2D CAD drafting software to 3D modeling software.

One of the primary factors triggering growth in the global 3D CAD market is the technologys faster time to market advantages and benefits offered to a range of industry segments. The importance of reduced time to market cannot be undermined, given the competitive edge provided by first mover advantage. 3D CAD, in this regard, helps in faster conversion of prototype designs into executable (in terms of machining and production) designs. This is primarily possible because 3D CAD models and designs provide unrivalled depth of information about a product, thus eliminating bottlenecks in production possibilities. For instance, on the production floor, actual production schedules are often disrupted by missing and/or inadequate machining measurements on 2D product designs. And revision and/or changes in one product dimension/component triggers changes in the rest of the design necessitating engineers to hit it back to the drawing board.

3D designs, by virtue of its associative ability, enables automated adjustments in all other product dimensions in the event of changes in one part, thus eliminating downtime otherwise involved in product revision. The ability to get revised measurements right from the model itself immediately post revision is a killer advantage critical for successful operation in the marketplace. In conclusion, reduced machining time and costs, reduction in scrap, reduced need for reworking designs and for re-running production tests, increased customer satisfaction, all help result in accelerating the time to market speeds. Growth in the upcoming years will also be supported by falling prices of entry level 3D CAD, which currently averages on par with the cost of a 2D CAD package. The cost benefits accrued due to 3D modeling in a design process further outweigh the initial costs incurred in 3D applications.

The 3D computer aided design (CAD) market is expected to gain significant traction from increased adoption of the technology in the SMB segment. The growing acceptance of 3D CAD among SMBs can be thrown into sharp relief by the fact that over 50% of SMBs have implemented 3D CAD in their product design and development efforts. 3D CAD enables SMBs, especially small job shops, to reduce reliance on client blueprint for manufacturing and to be proactively able to create product prototypes out of rough ideas presented by clients. This ability to create value added designs with minimal inputs from clients can spell huge gains for SMBs. Interestingly, variables such as, quality, reliability and speed are even more important and critical for SMBs than in comparison with larger companies, given the limited resources, both human and capital at their disposal. To tap into this potentially large goldmine of opportunities, vendors are getting their act together in developing software solutions tailored to meet SMB needs. In this regard, features such as, ease of use, scalability, flexibility, simplicity, pre-configured functions, ready-made templates, and affordability, rank supreme.

As stated by the new market research report on 3D CAD, the United States represents the largest regional market. Asia-Pacific represents the fastest growing regional market with annual dollar sales from the region waxing at a CAGR of about 19.7% over the analysis period. Increased outsourcing of ODM (original design manufacturing) activities to Asia and the resulting increase in number of low cost manufacturing and designing companies in the region is expected to push up investments in computer-aided design software in the region, thereby driving opportunities for 3D CAD. The massive shifting of manufacturing bases into Asia such as in India, China and Singapore, propelled further by fears over natural calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, has and will continue to drive demand for CAD systems including 3D CAD.

Major players in the global marketplace include Ashampoo GmbH & Co., KG., Autodesk Inc., Bentley Systems, Incorporated, CAXA Technology Co., Ltd., Chempute Software (Pty) Ltd., Dassault Syst

Detroit Auto Show Opens Jan. 14 A Hybrid is Least Stolen Car Chevy Springo for Chinese Market Mercedes-Benz Concept Unique

Campbell, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2012

NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show) Opens Jan. 14

Representatives for the North American International Motor Show named an official presenting sponsor this week. Event media reps announced that AISIN, one of the worlds largest Tier One suppliers to the automotive industry, would be the presenting sponsor of the Drive Green Experience at the 2013 NAIAS. AISIN plays a major role in a number of automotive shows around the world, notably in Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Beijing. The company makes several EV and hybrid components and will be hosting its own product exhibit during the Detroit show. For the complete story, see:


Hybrid is Least Stolen Car, Study Reveals

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has just released its latest report, which shows that the Toyota Prius hybrid is the least stolen car in America. Between the years 2000 and 2012, the Prius accounts for approximately 50 percent of all hybrids sold in the U.S., but ranks at the bottom of the list when it comes to cars that thieves target. Criminals have, according to the NICB, several reasons for avoiding the car, though the uniqueness of its engine system seems to be a primary factor. Besides the difficulty in transplanting the engines, there is a relatively small secondary market for Prius parts. So many of the cars are still under warranty that car thieves find it hard to sell what they do manage to steal. For the complete story, see:


Chevy Springo to Debut in China

The new electric car from Shanghai-GM will be known as Springo, and is based directly on Chevrolets Sail. The vehicle will make its world debut at next weeks Guangzhou Auto Show. In addition, Shanghai-GM will be announcing their updated plans concerning other green vehicle offerings. It is widely expected that the company intends to bring out more models in the near future. Springo features a 22 kWh lithium battery pack and an 88 horsepower motor, with a range of 93 miles per charge. The cars top speed is 80 mph. Before the official name was announced, industry-watchers and company executives had been referring to the car as the Chevy Sail EV. The cars front fascia resembles that of the Chevy Volt. Though the Springo will never be sold in the U.S., it is the product of a joint venture between GM and Chinas SAIC. For the complete story, see:


Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept Competes for Award

One of the entries in this years LA Auto Show Design Challenge is from Mercedes-Benz. It is a law enforcement-themed, giant four-wheeled vehicles known officially as Ener-G-Force. Californias Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio came up with the concept cruiser in their studios. It includes military, police, and off-road elements, as well as an alternative fuel propulsion concept. The hydrogen-powered Ener-G-Force features emergency lights on the roof, and various components that creators envision to be part of the model year 2025 line. For the complete story, see:


About MyPerfectAutomobile:

MyPerfectAutomobile (MPA), a California-based news source for the hybrid, electric, and alternative-fuel transportation sector, covers breaking news on the green car front.

The MPA flagship website has grown into a major presence on the Internet. It features a complete shopping mall as well as a free-to-list classifieds section for all things green. For advertisers, MPA offers the chance to be in front of over 20,000 readers each month who are interested in hybrids and electric vehicles, as well as sustainable transportation in general.

Bob Twaalfhoven: President and Founder of MPA, is an MIT-educated engineer whose primary interest is planetary sustainability.

Larry Judkin, General Manger and Sales Coordinator, has tasked himself with taking MPA to the number-one spot among green transportation websites.

MPAs offices are located at 307 Orchard City Dr., Suite 210, Campbell, Calif. 95008.

For advertising opportunities, contact MPA directly: Phone: 408-963-6427 Fax: 408-963-6730 Email: driven@myperfectautomobile.com Web: http://www.myperfectautomobile.com

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