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Creative Media Web Company Launches New Line of Templates Compatible With Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages

Orinda, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Ever since the advent of the Internet, more and more businesses have started offering services online. Companies feel this will make the shopping process less complicated and time saving for their clients. In the process, it will also help the companies to generate significant revenue from web users.

With the steady rise in the number of companies and agencies offering services online, the key lies in ensuring that a company’s website garners sufficient mass attention. Unless this is achieved, even companies offering the best services and products might go unnoticed. This makes optimization and other attention-grabbing features of websites extremely important and necessary. Through proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the visibility of a company’s website is enhanced. When this happens, a website is able to attract a lot of traffic or visitors. These visitors can then be turned into customers. The development of any company website without the proper integration of SEO features therefore undermines the company’s online marketing potential.

Creative Media Web is one of such companies that integrates the most appropriate SEO and other attention-grabbing features in the design or redesign of websites. Not only has this company been developing websites for over a decade, Creative Media Web has recently launched a new line of design templates compatible with Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages.

Templates are available for the wedding and memorial industry but can also be used for other occasions, if desired. Branding for the templates are noted under The Wedding Program Site and The Funeral Program Site.

The easy to use templates help create programs of any layout for these special occasions. You do not need any graphic design skills with amazing professional results. All templates are available for immediate download with a huge inventory of styles and themes.

Aside from being credited for having developed a good number of highly professional and search engine friendly websites over the years. The company, well equipped with experienced and dedicated workforce understands the needs and aspirations of clients all over the continental United States. Their range of services covers most aspects of SEO solutions including:-

Ecommerce, Real Estate and Business Web Development

Audio/Video Streams

Flash Banners and Headers

Content Management

Church and Non Profit Websites

Funeral Program Business Websites

Located in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, Creative Media Web Company specializes in website design for different types of businesses. Creations are innovative, appealing and customized in strict accordance to clients’ requirements. With years of professional experience, websites are competently and easily developed for user-friendly web portals.

Merely putting a great product or service on your website is not sufficient to reap dividends. To be successful, websites needs to have proper interactive communication channels such as allowing the sharing of views and customer feedback. Creative Media Web Company takes this to be their business motto and tries to work to achieve this accordingly.

Their creations and new line of program templates have enjoyed positive responses from clients. The fact that Creative Media Web has been successful in fulfilling the expectations of a large section of their clients can be understood from the words of a representative from one of their clients, who testifies as follows; “All I can say is Carole and Creative Media Web ROCK! My website is “simply beautiful” as promised. Have a look. Thank You Carole for all your hard work and patience with a first time e-commerce site owner. You have been a true professional and an excellent teacher!”

This is also what one online retailer says: “I just want to say thank you for the wonderful templates you are now offering. It makes it so much easier on those of us who do not create designs for a living. It has been a pleasure to work with Creative Media Web.”

In addition to web development and template creation, Creative Media Web Company offers professional graphic design services. Transitioning into template creators was a natural progression since the company already houses many talented graphic designers.

Creative Media Web can be a great resource for todays business owner as well as individuals who are searching for wedding and funeral related printed materials.

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DeeperCalling Media Announces Free Internet Bookstore Service for Members of the Book Trade

Suwanee, Georgia (PRWEB) May 02, 2012

For nearly a decade, DeeperCalling Media (DCM) has operated a thriving paid internet bookstore eCommerce service. The platform has proven extremely popular with booksellers throughout the country, and has been used to power thousands of mission critical bookseller websites. Now DeeperCalling – in close consultation with industry partners including distributors, trade associations, and retailers – is offering a new free version of its internet bookstore service.

“As a small business ourselves, we have a heart for independent booksellers and we understand the unique challenges facing book stores today. Retailers are struggling to compete against big box giants and are looking for a way to level the playing field. This Booksellers Free Online Bookstore program will give merchants the necessary tools at an extremely affordable price free. This is a no-strings service designed for stores with no current viable online strategy. It allows all bookstores to establish a solid beachhead in online retailing and drive new revenues from internet sales. stated DeeperCalling CEO Bill Goodyear.

Booksellers to Receive Free Online Store

To complement its paid service, DCM is launching a service completely free of any enrollment or recurring fees. In a time when retail booksellers of all sizes are going out of business or struggling to compete in a fast-moving, high-tech world, this is an opportunity for any bookseller wanting to join the online store marketplace to do so with no risk. This service is optimized to the needs of booksellers desiring a no-cost and fully functional way of getting a professional online store. DeeperCalling is giving store proprietors all the tools necessary to thrive online.

Free store features include:

Fully customizable template to reflect the look and feel of any store easily add logos, or trademarks
Unlimited number of product pages. Add Reading Lists, Hot Picks, Book Reviews and more
Choice of either of two free online store plans:

Santora Media Group Shows that High Quality Printing Can Go a Long Way

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 04, 2012

Every business wants to minimize expenses. Matt Santora, of Santora Media Group, is on a mission to teach businesses the difference between cutting costs and cutting corners, particularly when hiring a printer. Santora Media Group is dedicated to helping businesses understand the importance of high-quality printing to their business success.

Santora points out the first impression as the most important message a business makes. When someone holds your business card or brochure for the first time or looks at it after a meeting, you want to create a lasting impression that your company makes an investment in everything they do including their own branding.

Most businesses do not consider the importance of their printing company when developing their branding, but Santora says every company should. Nothing says I couldnt care less than a business card that had very little effort put into it. Todays economy is about differentiating yourself, and a unique professional card gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The Santora Media Group offers printing San Diego for businesses who want to create an impeccable image. One of the most important aspects of that image, Santora says, is good materials. Materials that wont degrade over time, and actually have some weight to them. This is what Santora offers when printing business cards in San Diego, and what any business should seek out.

The design, Santora says, is a crucial part of any branding campaign. Cheap online printers offer ready-made design templates. These designs do not speak to a businesss essence and purpose. Santora Media Group, in addition to printing, offers brochure design San Diego to ensure that Santora Media clients present the best face to potential clients and partners.

Is there really that much difference between the less expensive printers and high-quality printing San Diego? Yes, there is. From the design services offered through the materials used to the quality of the presses and printing, low-cost printing falls far short of the results of high-quality printing.

Unfortunately, small businesses who outsource their printing to the lower-tier printers may not notice the difference. They have a tendency, to begin with, to love their branded items because they have their brand on them. Its exciting to see your own business cards and brochures for the first time. Business owners may also resist seeing problems because they have already invested money in these materials.

The problem is that potential partners, lenders and clients will notice the inferior quality of a business card or a brochure. When they see that a company cannot or will not create compelling marketing materials and business cards, they will have doubts. It comes back to that same issue of the first impression being a lasting impression.

This is Matt Santoras goal, to convince businesses buying business cards in San Diego to develop a powerful brand backed by high-quality business cards, brochures and other materials. With clients such as Naked Pizza, Fantastic Sams and Lamborghini, Santora Media Group is well qualified to advise businesses on branding and marketing materials.

Santora hopes that his message will resonate with business owners, whether they choose brochure design San Diego or another high-quality printing. Even more than hoping businesses will choose Santora Media Group, he wants to create awareness of the low-quality printing problem and save small businesses from their own mistakes.

Santora Media Group Inc.

2180 Garnet Ave Suite #1E

San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 412-4414

Owner: Matt Santora

FitNews.TV Enhances Online Marketing and Social Media Services for Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Gym Owners and Coaches

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Making it even easier to reach more clients in less time, FitNews.TV, an online fitness marketing solution designed for personal trainers, coaches and teachers looking to build their brand and business, recently enhanced its email newsletter services and updated its website for fitness pros.

Providing the latest mobile marketing services for anyone in the fitness industry, FitNews.TVs outreach services now include a new advanced email editor, which makes creating and sending newsletters to fitness clients easier and faster than before. An affordable online and mobile marketing solution, FitNews.TV also offers a one-month trial for just $ 1.

FitNews.TV gives personal trainers, fitness instructors and coaches the ability to send email campaigns anytime and from anywhere; its all about making it easier to reach out to current and new clients and expand business opportunities, said John Spencer Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a fitness and personal development solutions company, and FitNews.TV. We can help you connect with clients and create emails that will instantly grab their attention.

A host of new email solutions on FitNews.TV include:

A new email editor to simplify the process of creating, editing and sending email newsletters;

Drag and drop functionality no experience necessary to create attractive, effective social media campaigns;

On the fly image editing as well as the ability to create and edit text within email images;

A new, simplified email template selection process with access to more than 300 free enews templates;

The ability to create rules to send follow-up emails or videos after a subscriber opens an initial email;

And more.

In addition, FitNews.TV offers text message marketing, social media outreach, search engine optimization, blog content and more, all customized for fitness pros.


FitNews.TV also uses advanced techniques to ensure reliable delivery of all of email campaigns. The engine FitNews.TV uses boasts some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry, is anti-SPAM compliant and supports double opt-in email marketing.

About John Spencer Ellis Enterprises

John Spencer Ellis Enterprises is a solutions provider for fitness and coaching professionals around the world, providing education, turn-key business programs, coaching and resources for new and advanced fitness and coaching professionals. For more information about John Spencer Ellis Enterprises or FitNews.TV email and marketing services, please visit http://www.fitnews.tv/

Real Estate Website Company, Dynamic Page Solutions Announces Internet and Print Media Coverage with RISMedia

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Dynamic Page Solutions is excited to announce their affiliation with RISMedia at http://www.RISMedia.com and in print with RISMedia’s Real Estate Magazine. Through an ongoing series of print and online articles, Dynamic Page Solutions will seek to inform and educate real estate agents, brokers and those within the real estate industry on topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet technology, ongoing changes with Google, real estate marketing, social networking best practices, organic and long tail keyword research, and converting leads.

“Through our association with RISMedia, we will be able to precisely target the audience that most needs our industry leading technology,” said President of Dynamic Page Solutions, Mark Toppenberg. “We provide MLS IDX Solutions that are an absolute must in today’s competitive Internet marketplace. Without an indexable MLS IDX, agents and brokers have little chance of being found on the Internet. But, with our patent pending technology, Dynamic Page Solutions clients are routinely capturing top Internet search results.”

Utilizing patent pending technology, Dynamic Page Solutions creates revolutionary real estate websites that empower brokers and agents to win high search engine rankings. It is now possible for agents to have competitive websites that capture Internet traffic without the need for personal technical knowledge or programming skill. Every agent now has the ability to have a dominating web presence in their market. Some examples of Dynamic Page Solutions client websites include Buena Vista Realty Group, RE/MAX Lakeway Real Estate and Prudential Americana Group, REALTORS.

No other website company on the market today has “algorithm-smart” technology capable of proactively helping real estate websites to win search engine traffic. The templated website platform is far more powerful than the most advanced customized websites available on the market today. For additional information, visit http://www.DynamicPageSolutions.com or call 1-888-782-8184.

Mark Toppenberg is the President of Dynamic Page Solutions. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, they have clients all across the United States.

TrafficPRM and Aegis Professional Services to Host Webinar: Social Media Meets Federal Regulation

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

TrafficPRM, a full-service online marketing firm, and Aegis Professional Services, a multi-service advisory firm to businesses, have announced a joint webinar that will cover the legal and ethical boundaries of social media and online marketing. The webinar, Social Media, Meet Federal Regulation, will be presented by online marketing expert Jenny Dibble, principal at TrafficPRM, and Mariquita Barbieri, a specialist in marketing law at Aegis Professional Services. The event will take place on Tuesday, May 22, at 11 a.m. CST/12 p.m. EST.

To register for the webinar, anyone can go to the registration page. Attendance is open to the general public.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses have begun social media marketing without fully considering the legal and ethical implications. Simple actions such as responding to a post on a business Facebook Page or asking customers to post reviews on review sites can impact a business both from a branding and legal perspective. The webinar is unique because it combines experienced points of view from legal and marketing veterans, and will help attendees make the most from social media platforms in a way that still protects their brand.

“Small- and medium-sized businesses often think they are immune to FTC compliance online, especially with social media, because of their size. This simply isn’t true and one misstep can have serious implications. If a business is on Facebook or Twitter, or thinking about engaging in social media in the future, this is a must-attend webinar,” said Dibble.

Social media marketing is an excellent way to brand a growing business, but business owners should be aware of how to market the brand ethically and legally on the Web.

This webinar will teach all stakeholders marketers, agencies, brand managers, and other influencers the vocabulary and practices of risk management to face a regulated social media industry, said Barbieri.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

Monitor A Brand: How to seamlessly monitor mentions of the company, brand, and offerings online.

Solicit Reviews from Customers: There are serious ethical and legal issues that come along with asking customers to write reviews about a company online. Pssst it is still possible, just learn how to do it the right way!

Engage through Social Media Safely: A fan writes a negative comment on your Facebook page. Delete, write back, or ignore? The decision may have legal (and brand eroding) consequences!

Communicate During a Crisis: In an emergency, do employees know what to communicate and what not to communicate to customers and press? We’ll provide tips to creating a plan and the rules to remember when getting started.

Develop a Social Media policy for employees: If a business doesn’t have a policy, it could be at risk. Learn the ins and outs of what it should include and even receive a template to get started.

The attendance fee for the webinar is $ 30. Attendees can pay by credit card via Paypal. Registration is open to the public. Interested parties can register here.

About TrafficPRM

TrafficPRM makes clients visible on the Web. A St. Louis Internet marketing agency, Traffic specializes in inbound marketing services that include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC), and social media marketing. Traffic also develops communications strategies and national PR programs for a wide variety of clients.

About Aegis Professional Services

AEGIS is a multi-line advisory firm that helps businesses of all sizes achieve their legal, strategic, and financing goals. Today, AEGIS strives to uphold the tradition of the aegis by offering inter-related lines of advisory services- Legal, Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Capital Sourcing- to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes throughout the United States. Our offices in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois are staffed with almost twenty professionals who bring a rich diversity of backgrounds, professional experiences, and specialized talents to the work we do on behalf of our clients.

For More Information, Contact:

Amanda Branco



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New Nero Kwik Media Software Makes Finding Photos And Videos Fun

Glendale, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Scrolling through folders, squinting at indistinguishable thumbnails and trying to remember where that awesome photo or video clip is saved is not fun especially when you want it right now.

The new release of Nero Kwik Media, available now as a free download, takes the frustration out of finding photos and videos on PCs, mobile devices and external hard drives. It automatically finds the content on the PC and devices that are connected to it and then catalogs everything into a smart media library.

Nero Kwik Media is a smarter, faster and more fun way to find and use your photos and videos, especially when theyre scattered across many different devices, said Nero Senior Vice President of Global Products, Martin Stein.

The latest version of Nero Kwik Media now includes:

Improved usability to get started even faster
Better performance to manage and browse photos, videos and music instantly
Automatic timeline of photos and videos based on the dates they were taken
Face tags to find photos by who is in them
Automatic keyword tags derived from existing folder structures and the metadata within each photo and video file
Customizable keyword tags that can be added to individual and groups of photos and videos
Tag filtering so keywords and face tags can be combined to find photos and video clips faster
Rating and marking to identify favorite photos and videos quickly
Smart albums that save keyword combinations and automatically add new content that is tagged with the same criteria

Nero Kwik Media makes it fun to use photos and video clips, as well. Creating slideshows and professional-quality photo books, calendars and greeting cards takes only a matter of moments. Syncing photos, videos and even iTunes

YUE Partners with Phoenix TV and Phoenix New Media to Present 2012 Phoenix Fashion Awards

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

The Phoenix Fashion Awards, to be held on December 19, 2012 at Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China, will honor preeminent Chinese fashion leaders and fashion brands and celebrate their accomplishments.

As a media partner of the Phoenix Fashion Awards, YUE will cover the entire red carpet event and dinner party, with special emphasis on the award presenters and winners from New York City. Chiu-Ti Jansen, Publisher of YUE Magazine and a Board Member of the Couture Council of Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, will also be presenting an award during the gala.

The launch of the Phoenix Fashion Awards attests to the contemporary Chinese society’s ever-growing interest in fashion and style, said Ms. Jansen, Conversely, the international world of fashion also looks to China as the next frontier of style and taste-making. I am delighted to be part of this cross-fertilization of ideas, talents and imagination.

Expected to bring together 1,000 participants across the fashion, design, entertainment and media industries from China and worldwide, the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Awards will culminate in a grand ceremony featuring the theme of Chinese Articulation, Fashion Outlook. Award recipients are the pioneers in the fields of design, jewelry, cosmetics, media, modeling, entertainment, photography and fashion entrepreneurship, who have a great impact on the fashion world in China and who bring Chinese articulation to the international fashion stage.

Among the many notables expected at the Award Gala are: Liu Wen (ranked No. 5 on Models World 2012 Top 50 Models List), Wendi Deng Murdoch (producer of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan), Lang Lang (international concert pianist), Liu Jiang (Chairman and founder of the Trends Media Group), Zhang Xin (Co-Chairman of SOHO China), Chen Shiying (jewelry designer), Lan Zhenzhen (Vice Chair of LOreal China), Hong Huang (TV host and publisher of fashion magazine iLook), Chen Man (fashion photographer), Cecilia Cheung (singer and actress), Chris Lee (pop singer), Lei Jun (Chairman of Kingsoft Software Company), Zhang Xiaolong (Vice president of Tencent Holdings Limited), Mona Lee Locke (Spouse of Ambassador Gary Faye Locke, American Ambassador to China and former Washington State Governor), Ye Mingzi (fashion designer), Zhang Zilin (former Ms. China and actress) and Du Chun (actor). For more information about the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Awards, please visit http://fashion.ifeng.com and contact 212.407.9302.


About YUE Magazine

YUE, a preeminent Chinese-English lifestyle magazine, is published by a joint venture established by Observer Media Group and CHINA HAPPENINGS. YUE is modern luxury Chinese travelers gateway to the high-end, history-rich brands across fine jewelry, watch, fashion, art, culture, design, real estate and lifestyle industries in New York City. Since its launch in November 2011, YUE has gained a following among Chinese business and leisure travelers and New York luxury businesses as the embodiment of New Yorks international lifestyle.

About Phoenix Television

Phoenix Television is one of the top broadcasters and television networks in Greater China. Headquartered in Hong Kong and privately owned, the Mandarin Chinese television network serves Mainland China and Hong Kong, along with other markets with substantial Chinese viewers. Through six different television channels, including Phoenix InfoNews Channel, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix Movies Channel, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, Phoenix Television provides news, information and programs covering current affairs, fashion, entertainment and sports, among others. Phoenix TVs affiliated fashion-focused website– http://fashion.ifeng.com –is a leading online fashion platform in Greater China, bringing to its viewers timely reports on global fashion news, trends and happenings.

About CHINA HAPPENINGS and Chiu-Ti Jansen

CHINA HAPPENINGS is a multimedia platform founded by Chiu-Ti Jansen, Publisher of YUE Magazine, to focus on the lifestyle and cultural industries of contemporary China. Ms. Jansen wrote a column titled CHINA HAPPENINGS for the NYO Magazine. She has also written on Chinese luxury lifestyle and cultural scenes for English publications such as Sothebys at Auction magazine and the Whitewall Magazine. A native speaker and writer of Mandarin Chinese, she regularly contributed to the China Times, the United Daily and The Artist Magazine on a wide array of cultural and art-related issues. Prior to founding CHINA HAPPENINGS, Ms. Jansen was a New York-based corporate partner of Sidley Austin LLP, an international law firm of approximately 1,700 lawyers. Educated at National Taiwan University with advanced degrees from Yale and Columbia, Ms. Jansen is currently an International Honorary Ambassador of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, a member of the Contemporary Art Advisory Committee of China Institute in America, a Board Member of the Couture Council of Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and a life member of the Elizabethan Club (for Renaissance Studies) of Yale University. The Art and Living magazine recently featured her in an interview included in its 2012 Bridging the East and the West Edition She has appeared as a fashion expert on Chinas top-rated fashion/beauty show I Am a Great Beauty and has been interviewed by Wall Street Journal, Womens Wear Daily, World Journal, Jing Daily, SINOVISION, China Press, Sing Tao Daily, among others. Ms. Jansen has hosted featured video presentations on the New York Fashion Week for Chinas SINA FASHION, interviewing designers and super models such as Jason Wu, Liu Wen, Phillip Lim and Oscar de la Renta.

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Media High Council, Rwanda Editors Guild and the Eastern Africa Editors Release the ‘Kigali Declaration’ forms a comprehensive news platform United News of Africa (UNA)

Kigali (Rwanda) (PRWEB UK) 4 December 2012

Top editors and media experts from across Africa met at the recently held, 4th Annual National Dialogue on Media Development and the 5th bi-annual conference of the African Editors Forum held in Kigali Rwanda on the 27th and 28th November 2012.

The Chief-Guest, the Hon. Minister of Local Government, Rwanda James Musoni inaugurated the event and welcomed the delegates including media practitioners, editors and media house owners participating from over 30 African countries.

The conference highlighted several internal and external issues and challenges faced by the African media. James Musoni said, We need African media to transform and tell our own story from our own perspective to the world audience.

Releasing the Kigali Declaration to the Media at the event, Media High Councils Executive Secretary Emmanuel Mugisha said, The Conference has greatly succeeded in attaining its objective of reiterating the African medias commitment to contributing to democratic development and good governance.

Satya Swaroop, Managing Editor of New Media, who participated in the conference as a lead consultant in the project of Building Media Capacity for Rwanda for the next five years, said, Today, the African editors are well aware of the need to present their own stories aggressively and truly to project the vibrant image of their continent.

In the view of creating an innovative, futuristic and a communicative picture of Africa, an independent broad-based pan-African news network United News of Africa will be launched shortly.

Participants to the conference included representatives from more than 30 African countries, the African Union, the UK and various concerned agencies, including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), one of the prime supporters of the event.

Highlighting the conference theme, Media Investment as a Contribution to Democratic Development, and relevant issues, including good governance, the conference brought out the Kigali Declaration, containing far-reaching recommendation and strategies to strengthen Africa to global audiences by wider coverage and in-depth reporting.

Mugisha added, The participants have also responded very positively to commercial imperatives that are central to the sustainability of the media sector.