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Ongoing Operations Announces Efficient, Best-in-Class Disaster Recovery Solutions

Hagerstown, MD (PRWEB) May 28, 2012

Ongoing Operations offers some of the best and most efficient disaster recovery solutions to its esteemed clientele. Their experienced team of certified disaster recovery planners has helped hundreds of credit union professionals develop, test, and enhance their business continuity programs through their unique CU Recover software platform and methodology. Ongoing Operations focuses on making business continuity planning an organization-wide initiative and processbringing people, processes, and technologies together.

All businesses should have a good disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery planning involves planning for the possibility of an event that causes the loss or destruction of data. There are many different types of disasters that a recovery plan needs to cover. The plan should have steps to handle everything from natural disasters to simple data loss after a disaster has occurred. Ongoing Operations is aware of the challenges business owners face in dedicating the time to disaster recovery plan development, and because of that they provide the best disaster recovery planning service to their customers.

Ongoing Operations also provides server backup solutions. Server backup solutions refer to the services provided to computer administrators for backup and storage of data and computer files. Server backup solutions automatically perform backup procedures for critical information and can be used to store certain supportive applications so that it is easy to recover the information. Ongoing Operations also provides templates that can be customized for pandemic plans, crisis management, and other frequently requested documents. Some of the other services they provide are: Departmental Recovery Plans, Key Contact Development, CU Recover Website, Maintenance and Monitoring.

Ongoing Operations was formed in 2005 by a group of credit unions in the Washington, DC metropolitan area looking for better business continuity and credit union disaster recovery solutions. The CUSO has grown from serving a handful of local organizations to over 300 clients nationwide. As disaster recovery and business continuity have evolved, so have their solutions. Over the years they have developed a complete range of solutions including a hands-on professional services team to conduct the initial business impact analysis (BIA,) ongoing plan development, the web-based CU Recover platform, the latest in offsite data backup and recovery solutions, connectivity to critical third parties, data center space, and a dedicated workspace. To learn more visit http://ongoingoperations.com/

Just Say “Know” to Prescription Drugs Month Ends as Campaign Expands and Accelerates; Coalition Organizers Set up for On-Going Grassroots Activism

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 10, 2006

Today the Just Say “Know” to Prescription Drugs Campaign, aimed at getting one million people to stop and reevaluate the medications they are taking, celebrated the end of Just Say “Know” to Prescription Drugs month by announcing its plans to expand the campaign. The coalition’s co-founders have agreed to fund a year-round effort to continue to get people to be proactive about “knowing” the potential side effects of their prescribed medications. The expanded campaign will include new online tools for supporters, an activist’s tool kit, a blog, links to scientific research, relevant news articles and a forum. The center piece of the campaign will continue to be getting one million people a month to download a form, list all of the medications they are taking and ask their doctor, pharmacist, psychiatrist or relevant healthcare provider to list the benefits, side effects and potential alternatives to each drug.

“We are thrilled by the response the Just Say ‘Know’ to Prescription Drugs campaign has received,” said Dr. Greg Tefft, co-founder of the initiative and one of the financial sponsors of the expanded campaign. “In just about 30 days over 200,000 people responded to our initiative. To put this in perspective, the 1963 march on Washington which profoundly changed the direction of this country took over a year to plan and attracted 250,000 people. We are expanding the campaign because the response we have received clearly demonstrates that we have struck a chord, ” said Tefft.

The campaign has attracted support from a broad cross section of people including, influential professionals, medical doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, actors, film makers, producers and concerned citizens from 121 countries around the world. The going forward plan is focused on taking the message direct to consumers via sympathetic social networks.

“I began the campaign by saying that Informed consent in the prescription of drugs is one of the most critical but missing pieces in the healthcare system today,” said Dr. Dominick Riccio, psychologist, Executive Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, Inc, and chairman of the “Just Say Know” Campaign. “We’ve touched over 200,000 lives. But every day, millions of intelligent people are still taking prescription drugs that they simply don’t understand and the consequences of not knowing are increasingly dire,” said Riccio.

Organizations and individuals who want to participate in the campaign may go to any of the following Web sites, look for the Just Say “Know” to Prescription Drugs logo, and download the sheet titled “Take This Form and Sign It.” Instructions are provided on each form.

Laurence Simon Ph.D.

Psych Truth.Org


Dr. Greg Tefft

KPNC Radio


Kelly Bradley

What’s Wrong With This Picture


Kathleen Slattery-Moshkau

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety


Dr. Donald Ardell


Dr. Michael Siebert


Dr. David Randle

Global Healing


Dr. Pamela Frank

Forces of Nature


Jim Manganiello, Ed.D.

MESICS Fitness


For more information email us, visit http://www.psychtruth.org/justsayknow.htm

or email us.


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Rapid Niche Websites Upgrade Reflects Ongoing Commitment To WordPress

Pretoria, Gauteng (PRWEB) April 9, 2007

The RapidNicheWebsites.com web site has undergone a much-needed update. It now demonstrates the significant enhancements made to the product over the past year. It also confirms that Rapid Niche Websites System has kept pace with the recent WordPress updates.

“The Rapid Niche Websites System has evolved considerably over the past 18 months. It is fully WordPress 2.1 compliant – which is the latest version of WordPress. It also supports building silo(authority)-style sites”, says Jeff Walters, the developer and owner of the Rapid Niche Websites System.

WordPress has deservedly enjoyed huge popularity over the past year. Its easy installation has enabled people with limited technical skill to set up thousands of sites over the past year. The basic blog format does, however, have some shortcomings – particularly if you want your site to look like a conventional site. Savvy site builders have been building conventional sites with the blog framework for a while, but this requires good technical skills.

The Rapid Niche Websites System removes this technical barrier. It provides a point-and-click interface to quickly transform a WordPress blog into a marketing site. Hundreds of marketers with minimal technical skill are already using this system to create attractive web sites.

Why does the company’s ongoing commitment to WordPress make good business sense?

More and more web site builders are creating interactive websites. This is basically a shift to Web 2.0 styles sites. These interactive sites allow commentary and hence visitor interaction. This important feature allows marketers to build relationships with their customers.

Fast, interactive sites are a far cry from the days of technical developers acting as bottlenecks to creating and maintaining sites. Not only was this a slow process, it was also expensive and frustrating. “The days of slow, difficult and expensive web site development are over!” says Jeff Walters. “In fact, I think the days of static HTML sites are also numbered. They’re just so limited in terms of what they can do compared to ones based on a content management system – such as WordPress”

While the Rapid Niche Websites System originally focused on Adsense content publishing for Internet Marketers, the ever-increasing number of plug-ins that extend WordPress’s functionality now means that WordPress is a serious contender for creating business websites – at a fraction of the cost of conventional sites. A key feature of WordPress – assisted by the Rapid Niche Websites System – is that attractive, powerful marketing websites can be set up within a few hours to a couple of days.

The WordPress development team has been updating WordPress every few months. This has ensured the ongoing and increasing popularity of WordPress. This isn’t without some drawbacks, as some plug-in developers don’t bother keeping up to date with WordPress enhancements. This leaves many users of their plug-ins stranded with each WordPress upgrade.

Rapid Niche Websites customers can, however, be assured that their sites won’t be impacted by these updates. “We certainly intend to keep updating and enhancing our product. Our goal is to continue to evolve the Rapid Niche Websites System as a fast, flexible, and very powerful web marketing platform” says Jeff Walters.

For more information, please visit http://RapidNicheWebsites.com.


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New Microstock Expo to be Held in Berlin to Support the Ongoing Innovation of the Stock Photography Industry

Berlin, Germany (PRWEB) July 18, 2011

The first Microstock Expo and Conference (http://www.microstockexpo.com), scheduled for November 5 and 6, 2011 in Berlin, Germany, has received an unprecedented positive response from industry experts. The conference, targeting microstock businesses and professional stock photographers, will prove to ignite changes to the industry through round table discussions, industry speaker events and a large industry expo that has received sponsorship support from some of the top stock photo agencies.

We wanted to create a resource where professionals could get together and discuss advancements within the microstock industry – topics that require a conference platform to initiate and contribute to the ongoing innovation of the microstock industry, stated Lee Torrens, co-producer of the conference and avid industry analyst.

Stock photography agencies, contributing photographers and stock photo businesses have seen a surge within the industry due to the increased use of online platforms that use stock photography to drive success. The Microstock Expo and Conference will bring all microstock players into one arena to share ideas, brainstorm on future microstock business directions, while laying the groundwork for some innovative technology implementation.

Early success for the event has come in the form of sponsorship support. Dittmar Frohmann, senior director of Europe for iStockphoto, secured the top sponsorship package and offered his expertise for the conference program. Other early sponsorship commitments have come from Shutterstock and local microstock agencies PantherMedia and Photocase.

Microstock Expo and Conference 2011 is produced by Amos Struck of Stock Photo Press (http://www.stockphotopress.com) and Lee Torrens of Microstock Diaries (http://www.microstockdiaries.com), two industry experts that are committed to the development and innovation of the stock photography industry. Their achievements include the creation of the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress (http://www.microstockplugin.com), Microstock Charts (http://www.microstockcharts.com) and GuteWolke (http://www.gutewolke.com), companies and technology supports that have successfully introduced stock photo venders to new sales outlets and shaped the future of the stock photo industry through innovation and strategic investments.

About Microstock Expo 2011 – The Microstock Expo & Conference is designed to deliver invaluable resources for microstock professionals: microstock agencies, non-microstock agencies, service providers and professional contributors through industry directed and supported presentations, round-table discussions, shooting workshops and image critiques while facilitating open discussion and networking opportunities.

Press Contact

Stock Photo Press

Amos Struck

E-Mail: amos.struck(at)stockphotopress(dot)com

Phone: +49 228 28 692 182

Skype: amosstruck

Web: http://www.microstockexpo.com

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Data Facts Offers Ongoing Monitoring Through Infinity Screening

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) October 31, 2011

Screening after an applicant has accepted a position is particularly important in the health care industry. With many new regulations coming into effect which hold medical organizations accountable by imposing civil monetary penalties, post-hire screening is more important now than ever before. Infinity Screening empowers employers to proactively identify factors which increase their risk to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, loss due to internal shrinkage and public embarrassment through negative publicity.

Data Facts has a proven track record as an industry leader in the health care space and shares our commitment to employing recognized best practices to reduce our shared clients exposure to risk, Clifford J. Williams, Innovatives Vice President and Chief Operating Officer said. This partnership greatly enhances the ability of professional health care organizations to detect post-hire behavior which may represent an increased risk in their workplaces or a danger to the vulnerable populations they serve.

Lisa P. May, Vice President of Marketing at Data Facts, Inc. will discuss the importance of Infinity Screening at the upcoming Mississippi Association of Medical Staff Services conference, taking place November 3 and 4 at the Embassy Suites Jackson, in Ridgeland, MS.

Health care is more complicated and more at risk than most other businesses because of federal rules and regulations and the fact that regulations can differ from one state to another, said May. Data Facts understands the unique requirements of each state. Infinity Screening monitors employees by doing monthly checks, helping to ensure that organizations stay in compliance and avoid costly penalties and litigation. Infinity Screening assists in confirming that each employee is up to date with their license and other registrations, verifying practitioner credentials and identifying sanctioned individuals.

May has been a top producing sales executive with Data Facts for 16 years and has won multiple awards while at Data Facts, including the 2003 Sales Executive of the Year award and most recently the Employee of the Year award in 2010. May is a member of the National Society for Human Resource Management and is also a member of the Memphis chapter, where she served as the Vice President of Hospitality in 2010.

About Data Facts, Inc.

For more than two decades, human resource professionals have been relying on Data Facts to provide information they trust to help them hire the best applicant the first time. Our best of breed technology delivers information quickly, accurately and securely. Data Facts Infinity Screening helps to keep organizations in compliance and avoid civil monetary penalties. In addition to background screening, Data Facts offers assessment surveys, drug testing, applicant tracking system integrations, and much more! Those wanting more information about Data Facts should visit http://www.datafacts.com. Subscribe to our blog at dfempscreening.wordpress.com and follow us on Twitter @DFempscreening.