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The MLM Superheroes Launch “Vi-LeadSystemGO” – A Fully Automated Online Marketing System for ViSalus Promoters

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2012

Faster than a speeding bullet – The MLM Superheroes have done it again – with a fully automated online marketing system for ViSalus Promoters called “Vi-LeadSystemGO”. The system will help ViSalus Promoters take their Challenge Parties to a completely new level.

“Vi-LeadSystemGO will help ViSalus Promoters generate a steady stream of leads of people that are actively looking to generate a six figure income,” stated Darren Little in a recent interview. “The system has been designed as a first exposure to the ViSalus business and uses the best ViSalus videos to showcase both the products and the opportunity.”

Vi-LeadSystemGO will offer a one hour comprehensive webinar on how to generate a six figure income using the power of the internet. In the last 15 minutes of the webinar, the ViSalus opportunity is presented and buy buttons appear below the video for the prospect to become a ViSalus Customer or a ViSalus Promoter.

Vi-LeadSystemGO was designed by master marketers that understand the importance of giving value on the front-end, before presenting an opportunity. This is an important reason that the system converts so well into leads, product sales and Challenge Promoters.

Vi-LeadSystemGO will also contain a variety of added bonuses and features including:

High Converting Lead Capture Pages
Very Effective For Online Traffic
High Converting Webinar Presentation
Cutting Edge Auto-Responder Campaign
High Email Deliver-ability
Custom Email Templates
Instant SMS Text Notification On Every Lead
Audio and Video Postcard System
Retail Sales Funnel COMING SOON

One of the things that has positioned ViSalus as a leader in the industry is their systematized training and ease of market entry with their Challenge Parties. Vi-LeadSystemGO was designed to accentuate an already amazing system by using the power of the internet.

Little and Green are the marketers behind The MLM Superheroes – an elite group of network marketing trainers that travel the world helping to teach and train entrepreneurs on how to become successful in the MLM industry and the home based business model. They have become Independent promoters of the ViSalus Body By Vi – 90 Day Challenge.

ViSalus Sciences is a health and wellness company that proudly makes a positive impact on Life, Health, and Prosperity worldwide every day thanks to a thriving community of passionate people. The companys Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge combines leading health products with the support to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, save money along the way, and win from millions in prizes every year.

Since launching in 2005, the company has strived to achieve the best of the three principles that define its very name Vi being the root for Life, and Salus representing Health and Prosperity.

ViSalus is currently experiencing record growth. According to a Company press release – their sales grew seven fold from $ 34 million in 2010 to a staggering $ 231 million in 2011. ViSalus was featured in an exclusive insert in the Wall Street Journal called Why Now Is Prime Time for Direct Selling.

For more information on how to benefit from partnering with The MLM Superheroes as Independent Promoters of ViSalus and the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge on their global marketing campaign contact:

Darren Little

MLM Superhero

Phone: 604-771-1901

Email: darren(at)darrenlittle(dot)com


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Discerning Women Outsmarted by Crafty Online Dating Software

Jupiter, Fl (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Online dating has always been the most competitive among men, since new and interesting women are typically bombarded by messages within minutes of sign on. Whats more, women tend to be very picky about the men that they consider communicating with online and often look to the mans initial message for proof that hes interested in more than a pretty profile picture. Women want to know that the man has actually read their profile and shares like interests.

Conveying a deeper interest at lightning fast speed is often the only way to get an online date with an interesting woman but who has the time? What if there was an easier way for men to catch a womans attention across multiple sites instantly? A faster method of connecting with women, learning about new profiles that match desired traits and a way to send one personalized message to multiple prospective dates across the top dating sites?

Dating Site Messenger Search Multiple Sites In A Single Click

With Dating Site Messenger, anyone can easily search multiple dating sites with one click. After entering all of ones dating accounts into the streamlined Windows compatible software, Dating Site Messenger will search for the type of woman the user is looking for (searchable fields include: age, distance, ethnicity, interests, etc.).

By working with all of the top internet dating sites including match.com, Zoosk, okcupid and POF, Dating Site Messenger effectively streamlines and simplified the online dating experience giving its users all desired search results on one easy to navigate page.

Connect On A Personal Level Without Even Reading Her Profile

Plus, instead of writing multiple messages over and over again or copying, pasting and repurposing old messages, Dating Site Messenger offers easy to customize message templates that actually pull information from the prospects profile. For example, if she is into coffee and conversation, Dating Site Messenger will create a personalized message that conveys like interests. This personalization feature is what has many women up in arms since they look for emails that demonstrate true compatibility, Dating Site Messenger emails are more likely to be read and responded to.

To learn more about Dating Site Messenger, visit: http://www.datingsitemessenger.com

Grand Opening of Prinly Brings State-of-the-art Business Product Solutions to Online Consumers

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Prinly, the newest online resource for high-quality, customizable business products, is pleased to announce its grand opening. Business consumers in the United States and around the world can now browse Prinlys unmatched selection at the new website Prinly.com

Were incredibly excited to announce the grand opening of Prinly, Jeremy Duboys, Founder of Prinly.com stated. Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality products to businesses around the world, providing them with the tools they need to expand their brands and enhance their profits.

The companys website at Prinly.com offers an expansive selection of customizable designs for a wide range of business products, including letterheads, envelopes, postcards and business cards. Users can select from 2,000 full-color, top-quality business card designs printed on sturdy stock, ideal for marketing at local hot spots or at networking events. Companies can select from over 1,000 designs of high-quality letterhead, available in 70lb bright white or Premium Linen stock to help market their brand with every piece of paper printed. Business-to-business or business-to-consumer communication can be enhanced with customizable, high-quality envelopes and postcards, offered in over 1,000 different designs and a wide range of postcard finishes and card stocks.

Prinlys online services remove the hassle, frustration and excessive prices that come along with dealing with a professional designer. The intuitive design center at Prinly.com requires no graphic design experience whatsoever. Users only need five minutes with the simple interface to create their customized, professional business product. Prinly offers thousands of different templates for a variety of industries from communications and health care to construction and education and also allows for easy uploading of a template or logo from an outside company. Customers can also receive their materials as quick as two business days from placement of the order.

Prinlys products are not only good for business theyre good for the environment. All of Prinlys cards and other materials are printed with green-friendly soy-based ink, which provides richer colors with less environmental impact than generic inks.

Online Yearbook Design Software Advances To New Heights

(PRWEB) May 08, 2012

Online yearbook software, EDOnline has hit a milestone with its 50,000th page created this week. EDOnline was just launched for the 2011-2012 school year by Entourage Yearbooks. “The popularity of the online design software has really exceeded our expectations in its debut season,” said Entourage Yearbooks President, Elias Jo. “We actually had 500% more schools want to use the program after viewing the demo than we had anticipated for this year. The feedback from the customers has been very encouraging.”

Yearbook Advisor, Nan Chorpsah of Venice High School speaks out about her experience with the EDOnline software and the Entourage website. “Keeping up with the digital times and using state-of -the-art online software, Entourage makes putting your book together easier than any other yearbook company,” said Chorpsah. “The online tools that Entourage provides give you extra time to be creative.”

The EDOnline software is based on professional design software such as Adobe InDesign, but is formatted especially for yearbooks. Entourage Yearbooks created EDOnline with the yearbook staff and yearbook advisor in mind. The software was designed to offer tools that a yearbook designer would need, not just a graphic designer. “The tools are easy to use. Compared to using software like InDesign, it is very easy to get novice students up to speed and producing fairly sophisticated pages,” said Yearbook Advisor, Diane Helfrich.

As customers started to use and explore the software’s features, more and more users became interested in working on the yearbook. “The collaborative features in the software make it ideal for large groups, or groups that are working from several locations,” said Jo. “The entire Entourage online toolset drives collaboration into the yearbook project creating well rounded yearbooks, and encouraging more participation in the book itself. The big picture results of this is the influx of users that we experienced this season, not to mention huge growth in yearbook traditions across the country.”

Some of the features of EDOnline that are inspiring yearbooks include:

Online Page Design Tools – The online page design structure allows for large groups to all work on the yearbook at the same time. Yearbook pages can be designed using hundreds of pre-designed yearbook templates, from scratch, or a mixture of both. Custom templates can be created and saved for future use. Covers can be created online as well, picking from the online cover gallery or creating a custom cover.

Staff Management Tools- The Entourage Yearbooks website allows the creation and assignment of tasks and deadlines to all the members of the yearbook staff. Yearbook Advisors and Editors basically have a yearbook command center at their fingertips to layout the yearbook ladder online, assign tasks to the staff, give feedback through messages and more.

Online Yearbook and Ad Sales – Entourage offers a collaborative system to help develop the best marketing plan for individual schools including online book sales and online ad sales. Yearbook budget planning tools lead customers through preparing pricing for their ads and yearbook sales.

Online Proof Books – EDOnline features instant online proofing. Users can view a flip book style proof of their yearbook as they build it. This feature makes it easy to share progress with school administrators and to edit the book.

Year to Year Roll Over – EDOnline allows users to save their page templates, finalized pages, and pictures for next year. Making changes to existing templates is a great way for schools to get a head start on next year’s yearbook.

If you would like to learn more about Entourage Yearbooks and the EDOnline software program please visit http://www.entourageyearbooks.com.

FitNews.TV Enhances Online Marketing and Social Media Services for Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Gym Owners and Coaches

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Making it even easier to reach more clients in less time, FitNews.TV, an online fitness marketing solution designed for personal trainers, coaches and teachers looking to build their brand and business, recently enhanced its email newsletter services and updated its website for fitness pros.

Providing the latest mobile marketing services for anyone in the fitness industry, FitNews.TVs outreach services now include a new advanced email editor, which makes creating and sending newsletters to fitness clients easier and faster than before. An affordable online and mobile marketing solution, FitNews.TV also offers a one-month trial for just $ 1.

FitNews.TV gives personal trainers, fitness instructors and coaches the ability to send email campaigns anytime and from anywhere; its all about making it easier to reach out to current and new clients and expand business opportunities, said John Spencer Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a fitness and personal development solutions company, and FitNews.TV. We can help you connect with clients and create emails that will instantly grab their attention.

A host of new email solutions on FitNews.TV include:

A new email editor to simplify the process of creating, editing and sending email newsletters;

Drag and drop functionality no experience necessary to create attractive, effective social media campaigns;

On the fly image editing as well as the ability to create and edit text within email images;

A new, simplified email template selection process with access to more than 300 free enews templates;

The ability to create rules to send follow-up emails or videos after a subscriber opens an initial email;

And more.

In addition, FitNews.TV offers text message marketing, social media outreach, search engine optimization, blog content and more, all customized for fitness pros.


FitNews.TV also uses advanced techniques to ensure reliable delivery of all of email campaigns. The engine FitNews.TV uses boasts some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry, is anti-SPAM compliant and supports double opt-in email marketing.

About John Spencer Ellis Enterprises

John Spencer Ellis Enterprises is a solutions provider for fitness and coaching professionals around the world, providing education, turn-key business programs, coaching and resources for new and advanced fitness and coaching professionals. For more information about John Spencer Ellis Enterprises or FitNews.TV email and marketing services, please visit http://www.fitnews.tv/

Appizon launches ‘Online App Builder’ allowing any consumer to manage and create their own iPhone and Google Play (Android) app with no programming experience required

North Port, FL (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

The mobile app industry is booming with consumers and businesses from all over the world wanting to take part of the ‘big boom’ in creating their own apps and partaking in the ever-expanding world of mobile commerce. Every consumer and business is noticing how advantageous it is to have their app on the mobile market. Having an app on the mobile market can increase exposure and boost sales profits just like the “dot com boom” that began in the early 90’s.

The cost of developing such apps can be overwhelming especially for businesses and consumers just starting out on a low and tight budget. Appizon has created a platform that’s incredibly reasonable for any consumer or business to create an app with pricing packages as low as $ 59 without having to invest thousands of dollars into hiring a programmer.

Appizon is a new and innovative ‘One App Builder’ allowing any corporation, business or consumer to create, manage and publish iPhone and Android apps with great simplicity. Best of all, no programming experience is required. You can also choose to format it for the Apple iPad and in HTML5 format for great cross-compatibility.

“The goal of Appizon is to allow any consumer or business to build professional looking iPhone and Google Play (Android) apps at an incredibly affordable price. Mobile is the future of things to come. ” says Rudy Triana the CEO at Appizon.

The driving force behind Appizon is their online app builder that allows for everyone to develop their app online in 5 easy steps within a very short amount of time as well as their online app simulator that allows you to preview your app before it’s published. Add app tabs, select color themes, templates and embed features into your app such as QR code coupons, map directions, one-touch calling, social media integration (Facebook or Twitter), Event Listings, custom-branding and more. Best of all, consumers can update their app in real-time without having to resubmit their app into Apple’s Appstore and wait 2 weeks for it to get approved.

Apps can be made for a endless number of industries such as modeling agencies, real estate agencies, photographers, musicians, nightclubs, restaurants, online stores and many more. Appizon offers 4 pricing packages to choose from, trying it today will help you save money and increase exposure in the mobile world.

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Realtor Blows the Competition Away with Expresscopy.com Online, Design Print & Mail Postcards in 24 Hours

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

expresscopy.com, leader in online design, print & mail postcards in 24 hours, helps Realtor, Bob Grooms, elevate above his competition.

The laminated postcards that go to my sphere are high quality and truly set me apart, commented Bob Grooms.

Thousands of small businesses across the country use expresscopy.com affordable postcards because the professional quality sets them apart from competitors in their market place, explained Joshua Carlsen, Director of Marketing with expresscopy.com.

Special Offer Save 20% off postcards on your first mailing when you enter promo code PR4108 at expresscopy.com.

About expresscopy.com

Located in Portland, Oregon, expresscopy.com is the leading provider in online design, print & mail postcards with 24-hour turnaround. Customers can upload their own design file or can customize one of the many free online design templates and expresscopy.com will print, address and mail out the professional postcards with their state-of-the-art production facility.

For more information, please visit expresscopy.com or contact Joshua Carlsen at 800.260.5887 or Joshua(dot)carlsen(at)expresscopy(dot)com.


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One Stop Green Releases Online Tool to Allow Users to Create and Manage their Own Green Projects

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) May 18, 2012

One Stop Green releases its new online tool that allows users to create and manage their own green projects. The green project manager provides tips, tools, products, budgeting templates, and even financial options to show the full costs and savings that should be considered in any green project.

The Energy Savings Calculator takes a users location plus data on sunlight, rainfall, and wind speed to calculate how much energy a user can generate from renewable resources. By putting in your average monthly electricity use, desired efficiency, and the cost of your electric bill, the Energy Savings Calculator will display your expected annual savings. In addition, the Energy Savings Calculator can display how much energy you will save by switching from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs as well as calculate your potential wind and water savings.

After creating a project profile with One Stop Green, where you answer questions about your property and outline what your goals are, climate data and other inputted information is displayed on the Green Project Page. Users are easily able to download templates, budget sheets, and other tools and resources and even schedule an energy audit or ask an expert should they have any questions. Take your Green Project a step further by first completing a free energy audit of your home via the One Stop Green mobile app. Download the app and select the Conduct an Audit section to name your project and do a complete energy audit of your home. Once you answer all the questions and complete the audit, you receive your Green Score that tells you how energy efficient your home is in a easy to understand format similar to a nutrition label. There is also a link to related Green Solutions and products on the One Stop Green website to help you identify problem areas and find solutions to address those problems and save money and energy.

One Stop Green, LLC facilitates environmentally friendly improvements to residential and commercial properties through distribution of green, energy efficient products and services. They offer every product needed for sustainable energy independence enabling homeowners, businesses and commercial property owners to master their usage by reducing waste and implementing efficient energy consumption methods. Their goal is to provide user friendly and practical long-term solutions to existing inefficiencies and their carefully selected products and professional installers offer a higher level of satisfaction and service for their customers.


Nathan Kaufman


P: 877.449.9110|O: 713.541.2739|C: 210.846.5900

Insurance Management Group Covered with Fast, Efficient and Paperless Online Electronic Signature Solution from e-SignLive

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

e-SignLive, the online, on-demand electronic signature service for mid-market and small businesses in compliance-driven industries, today announced that Insurance Management Group is using its electronic signature solution to collect signatures on all important and time sensitive documents.

In an effort to be a paperless organization, Insurance Management wanted to find a way to collect signatures without having to print, scan, fax and courier or deliver documentation between agents, customers and providers. As well, the solution needed to reduce risk and remain compliant with insurance standards without compromising customer satisfaction or security.

The insurance company determined e-SignLive was the right option after speaking to an e-SignLive representative who understood the industry, the companys unique needs and the products capabilities. e-SignLives unique and patented e-Witness audit assurance technology provides secure legal evidence and irrefutable proof of the execution of the financial transaction and the associated e-signed documents.

With e-SignLive, the guided e-signing ceremony and process workflow reduce not-in-good-order (NIGO) applications by 90 percent. Policies are properly filled and signed correctly the first time.

Insurance Managements sales agent Trever Stoffel uses e-SignLive for applications and cancelations for home, auto, motorcycle and boat insurance. Before, agents needed to follow up multiple times for completion. Not anymore. With e-SignLive its so easy. We check online to see whats been done to-date and when its completed, all we need to do is drag and drop the electronically signed documents to our CRM system.

The features and benefits that make e-SignLive the best choice for businesses like Insurance Management include: