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Claim of Lien Forms and Others Online Legal Forms Discounted for Summer

Mission Viejo, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

EasyAgreements.com is officially kicking off the summer by offering a special discount to the first 100 users in June. The offer is expected to bring additional exposure to the online business forms website which is known for its Business Forms, Legal Agreements, and Human Resources templates that are available for download. Other popular forms downloads include Pet Custody Agreements, Employment Agreement Forms as well as Claim of Lien Forms. Tentatively titled the Kicking Summer into High Gear, the promotion is limited to the first 100 people who download online business forms from the website. EasyAgreements, which is known as a leader in the online form marketplace, was enthusiastic about the potential results the promotion was expected to yield.

People do not typically think of online business form downloads and the summer, per se, said one EasyAgreement.com employee. But we also know from a practical standpoint that having access to over 1000 business forms from any location on the planet will come in handy for those who are traveling, those businesses looking for a mid-year strategy change, or whatever the situation may be. In the case of our Claim of Lien form, its an opportunity to recoup either money or property in some way shape or form, as opposed to simply writing it off as a loss.

Summer officially begins June 20, 2012 but to many, the month of June symbolizes the start of the season and saying goodbye to the cold and wet months that started the year. Some non-tourist based businesses see declines in usage during the summer months, but as travel and other pursuits can take hold, the Kicking Summer into High Gear promotion is expected to offset some loss in business form downloads, as families make travel plans.

For sure, June and July can be slower for business forms. We kind of expect it this time of year and fully realize that we may see a decline in employment contract downloads, stock transfer agreements, and Claim of Lien forms. On the other hand, this time of year, we actually start to see people downloading online legal agreements geared towards home use. Especially with kids graduating and whatnot, we typically will see a lot of forms for Automobile Bill of Sale downloads and other forms geared towards private consumers buying and selling goods, the Employee said.

For those looking to take advantage of the EasyAgreements Kicking Summer into High Gear promotion, all users have to do is enter the code of Summer2012 into the coupon code box during the checkout process from the EasyAgreements e-commerce page. The coupon is valid on all EasyAgreement forms, including Promissory Notes, Claim of Lien forms, Employee Agreement Contracts, and Cell Phone Usage policy forms for Businesses.

Said the employee of the online legal forms website, Whether or not you are a parent buying an automobile for a graduate, or maybe a business person out on vacation pressed into doing some last minute business deals, the Kicking Summer into High Gear promotion will save our clients a little bit of money and once again give them access to 1000s of downloadable forms and business agreements.”

For more information about Claim of Lien forms, employment agreement forms, and other business forms please visit www dot easyagreements dot com

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Four Days HIPAA Training for HIPAA Certification of Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) Offered from Sep 24-27, 2012 for Compliance Officer & Others

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

The focus of this 4 days HIPAA compliance training program is to better understand the implications of HIPAA legislation and identify critical compliance requirements for your business/client. It helps you better understand HIPAAs Administrative Simplification Act as well as how to create a framework for initiating and working towards a blueprint for Privacy and HIPAA Security compliance and regular audit to avoid violation of regulations.

Our Training includes changes to the HIPAA regulations due to Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act which is part of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and requirements for the meaningful use. Our HIPAA Instructors are HIPAA consultants who help organizations meet the HIPAA audit checklist requirements issued by the DHHS. Learn from the Instructor what your next steps are to meet these newly issued audit requirements by the Department . of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of e-Health Standards and Services.

Course Outline:


Learning Objectives:


Everyone, directly or indirectly related to the Healthcare industry requires to be trained based on the job role of the individual. In view of this, our company has devised various comprehensive training courses that are conducted all through the year across the USA. The person has a choice to chose the relevant training that suit their learning objectives and organizational benefits.

HIPAA Training Student Testimonials:


This training will prepare you for the HIPAA certification of Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE)

Besides conducting the training and certification programs, Supremus Group LLC is involved in HIPAA consulting services and online training and certification services as well.

For further information on the above courses, contact Bob Mehta at (515) 865-4591 or drop an email to Bob at Bob(at)hipaatraining(dot)net.

About Supremus Group LLC

Supremus Group LLC, has served more than 2700 companies. We offer comprehensive HIPAA training for healthcare organizations, health plans, employers, business associates, and alternative medicine providers. Courses, which have been updated to reflect HITECH & meaningful use requirements, are offered in multiple formats, including instructor-led HIPAA training, online training courses, and customized onsite training. After course completion, participants may obtain one of the following HIPAA certifications: CHPA (Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate), CHPE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert), CHSE (Certified HIPAA Security Expert), and CHPSE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert).

In addition to HIPAA training, the company also provides HIPAA compliance tools, kits, manuals, training, templates, and compliance consulting services in the areas of HIPAA security risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, contingency planning, and HIPAA security audits.

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Exit Realty Suncoast’s Realtor-Slash-Blogger John Mudd Joins Microsoft, Boeing’s Connexion and Others in Sponsoring Blog Business Summit

(PRWEB) July 22, 2005

John Mudd (http://www.homeintampabay.com), the Realtor-slash-blogger who generates millions in sales production from blogging joins Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com) and Connexion by Boeing (http://www.connexionbyboeing.com) in sponsoring the Blog Business Summit (http://snipurl.com/gd00), to be held in San Francisco from August 17 to 19. The event will show attendees how their businesses can leverage current real-world blogging techniques, tools and platforms to promote and enhance their business ventures, according to the Blog Business Summit website, http://snipurl.com/gd00. Related news on Connexion by Boeing’s sponsorship can be found here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/7/prwebxml263613.php.

Other sponsors for the Blog Business Summit include WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org), Marqui (http://www.marqui.com), Moreover Technologies (http://www.moreover.com), Business Logs (http://www.businesslogs.com), PubSub (http://www.pubsub.com), New Communications Blogzine (http://www.newcommblogzine.com), Clip-n-Seal, 9rules Network (http://www.9rules.com), Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS (a book by Rok Hrastnik – http://rss.marketingstudies.net), SXSW Interactive Festival (http://2005.sxsw.com/interactive/), Lockergnome (http://www.lockergnome.com), Blog Lightning (http://www.bloglightning.com), Blog Business World (http://blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com), WordBiz (http://www.wordbiz.com), Creativepro (http://www.creativepro.com) and Avondale Media (http://www.avondalemedia.com).

Seminar speakers include Pete Blackshaw, Chief Marketing Officer of Intelliseek (http://www.blogpulse.com); Stowe Boyd, President and COO of Corante (http://www.corante.com); DL Byron, Principal of Textura Design, Inc. (http://www.texturadesign.com); John Cass, Director of Internet Marketing Strategies for Backbone Media, Inc. (http://www.backbonemedia.com); Anil Dash, Vice President of Business Development for Six Apart (http://www.sixapart.com); Molly E. Holzschlag, author, educator and overall one of the most influential women on the Web (http://www.molly.com); Rick Murray, EVP & General Manager, Edelman Diversified Services; Robert Scoble of Microsoft, author of the Scoblizer blog (http://scoble.weblogs.com/); Biz Stone, author of several books on blogging, former Xanga.com Creative Director and now Blogger (http://www.blogger.com) team member at Google (http://www.google.com); Dave Taylor, a widely recognized expert on both technical and business issues, widely published author and founder of four Internet-related startup companies; Steve Broback, founder of the Blog Business Summit (http://snipurl.com/gd00) and i3forum (http://www.i3forum.com) conferences, co-founder and partner of Avondale Media (http://www.avondalemedia.com), and co-founder of Thunder Lizard Productions (http://www.thunderlizard.com), now a subsidiary of Fawcette Technical Publications (http://www.fawcette.com).

John Mudd, who recently completed an exclusive article on how blogging can benefit Realtors’ businesses that will be published in the September 2005 edition of REALTOR

Putting Money Where Her Mouth is, Motivational Speaker Offers Her Seminars to Domestic Violence Victims and Others Without Means to Pay

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2006

When she balances the budget for her seminars, Susan Elliott always leaves room for scholarships. Though her business, Get Past Your Past, or GPYP, is not yet breaking even, she doesn’t want to forget those who probably need it the most.

Coming out of a bad marriage 20 years ago, Elliott depended on others to help her in a time when she didn’t have any money and 3 small children to raise. Although she is now a full-time corporate lawyer and part-time real estate broker, Elliott founded her business as a way to give back what was given to her 20 years ago. She developed the GPYP program over several years as an academic and therapist. After studying how people change and how change becomes permanent, she developed GPYP from “the best of the best” of what she found. At first it was for her own edification, but soon became a model she used to help others. Today she’s happy, healthy, pretty well off and proof that GPYP works. Still, she never forgots where she comes from.

Elliott grew up a foster child and later adopted into an alcoholic home. She gravitated toward very abusive people and dangerous situations and her first marriage was a disaster. One night in 1987 she left the marriage without a job and with 3 little kids. At first she felt helpless and hopeless, but went on to build a nice life that includes a BA from Mount Holyoke College where she graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, an M.Ed. from Cambridge College, a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, a real estate business and wonderful relationships with her children and her husband of ten years. She says, “You don’t build what I’ve built without the help of people who helped me believe in myself.” Never forgetting how it felt to start over with nothing, she founded GPYP in New York City last year teaching seminars at the Learning Annex, teaching and speaking through her own company and writing the accompanying book.

People from all walks of life attend the seminars, including successful business people looking for a shot of motivation and people new to the city looking to connect. Elliott says, “Adult non-credit education is a big thing in New York. Motivational seminars are very well-attended by all kinds of people, usually driven people looking for focus or people starting over, looking for a change in direction.” She hopes that within each audience are people who need a better life. “I want to reach people who were once like me, in desperate need to change their lives. A lot of DV relationships are about control, and the abuser keeps tight tabs on the money. The abused partner could never explain spending money on a seminar.” She adds that most DV victims are not necessarily going to think that they can find hope in a “motivational” seminar but she says her seminars teach how to set goals and achieve them, “If they come here, they will find a lot of hope as well as practical instruction. If I can do it, anyone can. And I show them how.”

Elliott hopes that her seminars will continue to attract enough paying clients that she can give scholarships to every seminar and class. If her seminar on February 10th has enough paid registrations, she already has a waiting list for scholarships. She says, “I hope I can open the door to everyone who wants to come.”

To register for the February 10th seminar, go to the GPYP website (http://www.GettingPastYourPast.com) or (http://GettingPastYourPast.wordpress.com).


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Blogger Creates Free Video Series to Educate Others About Blogging

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 2, 2007

Since nearly 200,000 new weblogs, or blogs, are created each day, some may argue that there are already too many blogs in the world. One blogger does not think so. Phil Ayres believes that “blogging has greatly improved our society. Blogs have made politicians more accountable to their constituents. They have enabled people with problems to reach out and find comfort in the words of someone who might otherwise be a complete stranger. And, blogs have enabled businesses to bring a human face to their corporate activities,” said Ayres

Though Ayres recognizes that there are phenomenal numbers of new bloggers each day, he also points out that these statistics fail to account for the number of bloggers who quit blogging or allow a blog to remain dormant for months at a time. And, he began to wonder why bloggers quit. “I would get hooked on reading a particular blog. Then, all of a sudden, one day, the blogger would just quit. And, I began to wonder why,” Ayres said.

“I began to speak with a number of bloggers from all kinds of blogs who quit writing. I spoke with individuals who wrote about politics. I spoke with bloggers who wrote about the activities in their day. I even spoke with corporate bloggers who discussed their industry or company. And, one common theme echoed in each of these situations … bloggers became disappointed with the traffic that they were getting.”

Ayres said that “he began to wonder what he could do about this problem”. Ultimately, he decided to create a free video tutorial series, the Blog Marketing Series (http://www.blogmarketingseries.com). The Blog Marketing Series consists of over 4 hours and 33 videos, designed to educate bloggers about how to create and market blogs on the Internet. All videos are provided to the public for free.

“I truly believe in the power of blogs to improve our democracy and to help people by sharing the lives of bloggers with their readers. I also believe in the importance of blogging for businesses of all sizes. People want to do business with companies that have a human face,” Ayres said.

Ayres said that he hopes that the Blog Marketing Series (http://www.blogmarketingseries.com) benefits others by allowing them to see online video tutorials, showing them how to create blogs. Further, once the blogs are created, the videos show bloggers how to use modern media to market their words and message for the purpose of expanding their audience.

He jokes that “in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’, the voice says, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to blogging!”

“Unfortunately, it is not enough to just create a blog. To create a wide audience for your blog in a very competitive blogosphere, one has to take the steps necessary to let people know about the blog. I hope the blog marketing series helps bloggers to create that wide audience that they need to keep on blogging for many years,” Ayres said.

Ayres said that “the blog marketing series was created with a higher intent. In a disjointed world, weblogs bring us together and allow us to connect with one another. It flattens geographical and ideological boundaries. The more people who start blogs and continue them, the better off our world will be. So, I encourage anyone to go to http://www.blogmarketing series.com to see our free videos, and get your blog started today.”

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this press release, contact Phil Ayres, or visit http://www.blogmarketingseries.com.

Blog Marketing Series (http://www.blogmarketingseries.com) provides free video tutorials to individuals or businesses who want to learn about creating and marketing blogs on the Internet. Specifically, in these video tutorials, the focus is on creating and marketing WordPress weblogs.


Bungee Connect Advances to Public Beta: Single Environment Integrating Web Application Development, Testing, Deployment and Hosting Becomes the Most Extensive Implementation of a Platform-as-a-Service Reference Application Integrating Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce.com, Google Calendar and Others Provided to Developers for Exploration, Modification and Use in Real-World Business Applications

SALT LAKE CITY (PRWEB) February 18, 2008

Wizetrize: You Win for the Environment, Yourself and Others by Making a Difference Today

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 14, 2009

Wizetrize is first of all a sweepstakes company with a purpose. Buy pics or make an in-kind donation and you’ll automatically be entered to win in a sweepstakes prize drawing. Proceeds support environmental projects and local charities. Visit: http://www.wizetrize.com which launches this week for details.

Wizetrize promotes earth-friendly initiatives and foreverism in Costa Rica and the United States. Having people visit Costa Rica is one of their goals. Visits help people to appreciate and enjoy nature at its finest, and then embrace stewardship at home. They clean up rivers. They champion causes for responsible co-existence in our bio-diverse world. They pursue sustainable development and environmental education. They are involved in growing bio-fuel trees that make organic petroleum. For more information see their blog at: http://wizetrize.wordpress.com

Ben Lucky, founder and president of the company, is dedicated to what he calls “GROW”. “Genuine Respect for Our World.” Lucky says, “With all the confusion about whether or not man is the cause of all environmental problems or if politicians are the solution to global environmental issues, we can all step back and embrace the fact that, yes, ‘we can all do little things in mass to help with environmental protection.’ We want to spotlight good behavior, illustrating how man and nature can co-exist without extremism or hidden agendas.”

The Wizetrize vision is one that any open-minded, rational and caring person can champion:

“A vibrant and healthy environment and economy are absolutely fundamental for the world’s dynamic progress and prosperity.”

Breast Cancer Grandmother Gives Hope To Others Through NLP

(PRWEB UK) 18 May 2011

Rosie OHara uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and healthy doses of humour to cope with her breast cancer and in her forthcoming book No More Bingo Dresses Using NLP to cope with breast cancer and other people she brings inspiration, and critically practical help, to other cancer sufferers. http://www.mxpublishing.co.uk/engine/shop/product/9781908218346/

Rosie is an NLP trainer and she says that the book came about as a result of a diary I wrote for my friends, and I added bits of NLP I used help me to cope with other people, family, friends, business colleagues and anyone in the medical profession (note sweeping generalisation).

Rosies style is very positive, humour laden, frank and honest. Fiona Pearson from Friends of ANCHOR comments Her account of this part of her life journey is brutally honest which is refreshingly different from other related personal journals; instead of self-pity, sorrow and sadness, Rosies book is inspiring and uplifting.

Rosies experience with cancer is extensive and started with her late husband Michael. Rosie comments; Michael used to say that in life you only get what you deserve. In NLP we also talk about Perception is Projection. In essence if you believe you don’t deserve something or you are not worthy, then most probably you’ll get that nothing or bad thing. The book gives you ideas on how to be clear about what you want and then get what you want, which is extremely important when coping with cancer.

On the encouragement of her publishers, Rosie has started a blog and has really taken to it. Provocative articles like When My Granny Had 2 Boobs and Why do cancer patients have to live on handouts are proving extremely popular. Rosie is fearless and doesnt pull her punches. There is plenty of humour, which Rosie explains is a healthy thing to have when dealing with cancer.

A truly modern granny she is also tackling YouTube. Our favourite moment in her first video is when Rosie, not a particularly big fan of supermarket chains, delivers a particularly fun sideswipe. Her initial breast examination was in a mobile scanning unit in a supermarket car park and she says that she is thinking of complaining to the manager as although she had her goods scanned, she didnt receive any clubcard points.

There is however a very serious side to the book as the Managing Director of the Association of NLP, Karen Moxom explains;

Her open approach to a challenging and sometimes taboo subject is both refreshing and empowering. She is passionate about conveying the importance of developing and maintaining a positive attitude, and she details how she used NLP techniques so that others may feel encouraged to model her approach.

This clear outlining of the NLP techniques used, so that others may replicate Rosies very successful approach, is being extremely well received by everyone from NLP practitioners to members of the medical community. The physical treatments for cancer are well established, but the handling of the mental trauma needs a lot of work and Rosies book is an excellent start.

Other coaches and teachers will find it a very useful resource as George McBride from the Coaching for Teachers Academy outlines:

As you might expect from a serious NLP professional, there is some subtlety but no mumbo-jumbo. Many people will gravitate toward the action plan; however there is power on each page delivered in a simple and honest fashion. How Rosie beat cancer and is medication free is both humorous and inspiring.

The book is released on 25th May worldwide, in paperback, Amazon Kindle, iBooks (iPad/iPhone) and other formats.

Paperback ISBN 9781908218346 RRP –