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Grand Opening of Prinly Brings State-of-the-art Business Product Solutions to Online Consumers

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Prinly, the newest online resource for high-quality, customizable business products, is pleased to announce its grand opening. Business consumers in the United States and around the world can now browse Prinlys unmatched selection at the new website Prinly.com

Were incredibly excited to announce the grand opening of Prinly, Jeremy Duboys, Founder of Prinly.com stated. Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality products to businesses around the world, providing them with the tools they need to expand their brands and enhance their profits.

The companys website at Prinly.com offers an expansive selection of customizable designs for a wide range of business products, including letterheads, envelopes, postcards and business cards. Users can select from 2,000 full-color, top-quality business card designs printed on sturdy stock, ideal for marketing at local hot spots or at networking events. Companies can select from over 1,000 designs of high-quality letterhead, available in 70lb bright white or Premium Linen stock to help market their brand with every piece of paper printed. Business-to-business or business-to-consumer communication can be enhanced with customizable, high-quality envelopes and postcards, offered in over 1,000 different designs and a wide range of postcard finishes and card stocks.

Prinlys online services remove the hassle, frustration and excessive prices that come along with dealing with a professional designer. The intuitive design center at Prinly.com requires no graphic design experience whatsoever. Users only need five minutes with the simple interface to create their customized, professional business product. Prinly offers thousands of different templates for a variety of industries from communications and health care to construction and education and also allows for easy uploading of a template or logo from an outside company. Customers can also receive their materials as quick as two business days from placement of the order.

Prinlys products are not only good for business theyre good for the environment. All of Prinlys cards and other materials are printed with green-friendly soy-based ink, which provides richer colors with less environmental impact than generic inks.

Ryma Releases Product Management Software FeaturePlan 2012

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) May 04, 2012

Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. today announced the release of FeaturePlan 2012, the latest version of their industry-leading product management software solution.

Designed to improve product managers efficiency and effectiveness, FeaturePlan 2012 serves as a central knowledge base that stores all product-related information and streamlines product management processes. With the introduction of Document Center, users are provided an easy-to-use document editor that allows them to rapidly build documents, such as Market Requirements (MRD), Product Requirements (PRD) and Business Cases, that integrate analytics pulled directly from FeaturePlans database.

FeaturePlan has long been recognized as an industry-leading solution for its ability to provide product managers with a complete view of all product-related information and processes, said Michel Besner, President and CEO, Ryma. With the addition of Document Center, users are provided an easy-to-use text editor thats backed by the power of a fully-relational database engine. By pulling data directly from FeaturePlan into pre-built templates, product managers are able to rapidly produce high-quality documents that are key to their product lifecycle process.

Document Center comes with pre-built templates for MRD, PRD and business cases, supports rich text editing and encompasses the document management features that you would expect from an editing tool (section numbering, page breaks, etc.). The module also features the built-in ability to save reports as Microsoft Word and PDF documents so users can collaborate with engineering, marketing and others more efficiently. Customers can also have specific templates built with the help of Rymas Professional Services Group.

To promote further ease-of-use, FeaturePlan 2012 also features an updated user interface. The solutions intuitive navigation allows product managers to quickly access the products, components or modules in their portfolio, as well as the sections of FeaturePlan that they access most frequently. The interface also provides dashboard views that allow product managers to collect customer feedback, manage requirements, define roadmaps, plan product releases and become more market driven.

We understand the serious time constraints that product managers face and wanted to develop a tool that eliminates time consuming tasks, said Besner. Our goal with FeaturePlan 2012 is to provide product managers with a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution so they can save time while increasing the quality of their work. Judging by the response from the product managers who previewed the tool over the last couple of months, its clear weve hit the mark.

For more information regarding FeaturePlan 2012, please contact sales (at) rymatech (dot) com.

About Ryma Technology Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2000, Ryma is a leader in product management solutions developing and selling processes, expertise and tools that enable our customers to develop better products. Our award-winning software solution FeaturePlan simplifies the implementation of any product management process and is used by industry-leading companies, such as: ADP, BMC Software, Camstar, EMC, GE Healthcare, NetApp, Sage and Trend Micro. Ryma is based in Montreal, Canada with a Center of Excellence in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit http://www.rymatech.com.

Picaboo Enters the Yearbook Market with a Strong Revolutionized Product

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Picaboo, a Silicon Valley born technology and photo merchandising company was founded in 2006 by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy with the idea of offering premier photo products. After mastering the art of providing consumers with quality photo books, greeting cards, calendars, posters and more the company decided to take the plunge into the yearbook market. In February 2012, Bryan Payne was hired and assumed the role of President of the Picaboo Yearbooks division. Bryans mission is to lead the way in revolutionizing the way students make a yearbook through personalization, offering e-yearbooks and on demand printing, believing every student deserves and should be able to afford a yearbook.

Picaboo Yearbooks offers students the ability to make a yearbook with the easy to use web based software that manages the yearbook process every step of the way, eliminating the fear of needing technical or design expertise. The platform offers the ability to work from professionally designed templates that can be modified to suit the creators needs, or the pages can be designed from scratch. With this innovative platform students can work simultaneously on the book without disrupting the structure or each other, and advisors can view their progress at any time.

In keeping with Bryan Paynes mission, the company offers yearbooks in various sizes, styles and price points making Picaboo Yearbooks affordable for everyone. The product is offered in 8.5 x11 or 9 x12 portrait book sizes, available in hard cover, soft cover, e-yearbooks or any combination of the mentioned.

In addition to the attractive flexibility of the product overall, there is no pre-order quantity commitment contract required elevating the anxiety inducing deadlines that standard yearbook companies impose. By allowing the consumer to order when ready, it also eliminates the dreaded extra yearbooks or the inability to order extra yearbooks. Picaboo Yearbooks can be ordered at any time, even years later if needed.

Best of all, consumers can try Picaboo Yearbooks software with no commitment to buy, and without the need to provide personal information to get started. This innovative product is sure to become the most powerful yearbook creation and ordering solution in the nation.

About Picaboo Yearbooks

A new division of Picaboo.com, Picaboo Yearbooks is a premier provider of a customized yearbook application, making it simple and fun to create, share and buy high-quality yearbooks. The companys software empowers people at any skill-level to create one-of-a-kind yearbooks they will treasure forever with an intuitive, clean interface and unmatched creative flexibility. Picaboo is made up of a team of experienced Internet and consumer products entrepreneurs who are passionate about digital photography and memory preservation. Picaboo is based in Palo Alto, California and can be found on the Web at http://www.picabooyearbooks.com..

The PMO Practice Executive Leslie O. Magsalay Aims to Improve Product Life Cycle Management In Her Latest Book

Los Altos, CA (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

The PMO Practice announced today its latest playbook The PMO Playbook: Effective Product Life Cycle Management. The third in the playbook series specifically designed for executives and program management professionals, this is a self-paced guide on the product life cycle process and product portfolio management strategy with exercises, activities, assessments, cases and checklists designed for interaction with the material.

The PMO Practice Founder/COO Leslie Magsalay authored The PMO Playbook: Effective Product Life Cycle Management (ISBN: 978-1475053449) in two parts. The author guides executives through effective strategies used to manage the resources and products in their portfolio and the roles and responsibilities that turn organizations into idea factories. For Program Management professionals and product teams, this playbook highlights the roles, responsibilities and best practices in the product life cycle that assure successful product launch and portfolio management. The much broader audience of organizations outside of the Program Management Office will read this playbook to understand and integrate their activities in the common activities associated with product delivery.

The playbooks two Parts focus first on executive concerns on product portfolio strategy, and second on the PMO professionals how to guide for each phase of the product life cycle process. This division provides the two audiences with insight into each others priorities and processes.

Part I: Portfolio Execution reviews characteristics of strategic balance tradeoffs, the six elements of product strategy process, executive roles and how to review new product ideas and the product portfolio with their organization.

Part II: Effective Product Life Cycle Process, helps program management professionals improve the quality of product delivery from Concept through Launch and beyond. Building on her Best Practice series of articles, the author covers the framework, best practices, and roles and responsibilities of the Product Life Cycle Process phase by phase and provides exercises and tools for effective management of the process.

You will launch many programs introducing new products to market, but have time to finish only a few. So plan, execute, launch and tap good people to be responsible. Give them authority and hold them accountable.

–Leslie O. Magsalay

Founder and COO, The PMO Practice

Teaching a PMO Practice workshop to Fortune 500 clients

If your organization has ever stumbled at launch after months in development, this is a Must Read!.


Fortune 100 High Tech Firm

Client of The PMO Practice

The PMO Playbook: Effective Product Life Cycle Management (ISBN-13: 978-1475053449) is the latest in the PMO Practice toolset of handbooks, templates, journals, articles and booklets for the professional PMO community. Refer to The PMO Practice for the detailed list of books, events and product offerings. The PMO Playbook: Effective Product Life Cycle Management is available for purchase at Amazon, Amazons partners and at The PMO Practice store.

About the Author:

Leslie O. Magsalay is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The PMO Practice. She graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science in electronic business management from Notre Dame de Namur University. She has received lifetime achievement awards for her work in portfolio execution and operations. As COO, Leslie led 6+ M&A program integrations for Fortune 500 clients with 2+ acquisitions. She identified/saved $ 5M CoGs (OpEx) in three months, which added $ 2.5M to the bottom line for a Fortune 500 client. In the PMO Practice Magsalay has delivered a content-rich enterprise and software solution that provides tools for portfolio management, budgets, and schedule and product lifecycle management.

About The PMO Practice:

The PMO Practice is a management consulting and executive coaching firm. The company provides executive advise, leads program execution and models operational excellence so companies can act more efficiently and effectively in scaling operations. Plan. Execute. Deliver. Effectively at The PMO Practice. Since its foundation in 2011, The PMO Practice successfully delivered 20 products over four product and service offerings (management consulting, books, and events such as conferences, seminars, workshops and speaking engagements.) As it continues to ramp up in 2012, PMO Practice will add a full calendar of conferences and an expanding suite of portfolio management and operations excellence products.

MAPILab Presents New Software Product: HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

(PRWEB) May 24, 2012

In today’s business environment, there is virtually no company that does not use helpdesk systems. Such a system functions as an internal resource of the company; it is designed for customers, users or employees problem troubleshooting. The main advantage of such systems involves promoting orderliness of the incoming user requests and responses to them, splitting responsibility among the helpdesk staff members, and quality control for request processing.

But as for companies that had been using Microsoft SharePoint for organizing their internal or external IT environment, the tasks related to the implementation of a helpdesk service were pretty painful until recently: internal SharePoint resources assume a possibility of creating such a system, but in practice, it was virtually a full cycle consisting of design, implementation and deployment; and those processes were unique for each organization.

Therefore, HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint solution was developed as an embodiment of the idea of a standard helpdesk for SharePoint environment, the helpdesk can be deployed in virtually any organization that uses SharePoint, and, most importantly, it can be customized according to the specific needs of this organization.

The major feature of the product consists in simple and rapid deployment and immediate availability. A deployed HarePoint HelpDesk provides the user with a special helpdesk website template, which can be used to create the required number of support service’s sites. Of course, the product assumes that all necessary settings will be made in order to establish the desired processing cycle for the user requests: from selecting the required data types to configuring notifications and alerts for the helpdesk users and employees.

Among the other features of HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint are: thoughtful and convenient user interface, a system for splitting responsibility among the helpdesk staff members, built-in reporting system allowing to monitor the performance of each employee and helpdesk as a whole, etc.

The product licensing is very simple, it is based on the WFE server number and does not involve additional payments for the subscription, the number of helpdesk operators, or the number of service requests processed.

It should also be noted that in 2012 – 2013, several expanded editions of the product will be released in order to provide additional features and major adaptations to the needs of medium and large companies.

A fully functional demo version of HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint can be downloaded from the product homepage. You will also be able to find the details about the product and its deployment, as well as to ask your questions.

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Signazon.coms New Product, EZ-Stick Vinyl, Saves Dallas Art Exhibit

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Signazon.com, the nationwide e-commerce custom signs company, is announcing the release of its newest product: EZ-Stick Vinyl. This low-tack material is poised to become a Signazon best-seller, offering adhesive strength and also continued removability. To showcase this new material, Signazon.com worked with artist Shannon Novak on a unique installation entitled Acoustic Synergy, which is currently on display at the Ro2 Art Downtown Gallery in Dallas.

EZ-Stick Vinyl is a durable, flexible vinyl film coated with a special adhesive that is designed to have low tack and be removed cleanly, leaving no residue. The material is fully-weatherproof and has a stunning gloss finish, which makes it great for temporary outdoor advertising (on vehicles, doors, windows, etc.). EZ-Stick Vinyl is the second product in Signazon.coms EZ-Stick product line, joining the popular EZ-Stick Fabric material to offer customers a variety of reusable decals with adhesive. One of the most-common needs our customers have is for products that can be displayed temporarily and removed easily, says Rick D., CEO of Signazon.com, EZ-Stick Fabric has been a great success for us, so our Product Development Team decided to expand the line with a more-versatile and outdoor-friendly product. We expect EZ-Stick Vinyl to be a big hit with clients as well.

Just days after releasing EZ-Stick Vinyl, Signazon.com was contacted by Shannon Novak, a New Zealand-based artist looking for help with Acoustic Synergy, his latest art exhibit. Signazon and Novak first worked together on One Song, Three Composers, in Fall 2011, which has since been published in Novaks self-authored book sharing the same name. Whereas that installation used Signazons popular Vinyl Decal Film material, for Acoustic Synergy, Novak decided the new, low tack decals would be a better option as the material can easily be removed after the exhibit ends.

The original creative concept for Acoustic Synergy involved placing a variety of brightly-colored decals onto clear plastic cubes, which would be displayed around a gallery, representing the interconnectedness of music and sound. Upon installing the cubes, however, the gallery found that their weight was too heavy to hang properly on the walls of the exhibit. The only way to install the show was to literally remove the EZ-Stick Vinyl decals from each cube and reapply them to the wall. Had Novak chosen a permanent vinyl or less-resilient substrate, the show could not have been installed. Ultimately, Novaks vision was realized at almost the eleventh hour as we discovered that the decals could be easily-manipulated and the surface shifted from the cubes to the walls, says Jordan Roth, Co-Director of Ro2 Art.

To view Shannon Novaks exhibit Acoustic Synergy, visit Ro2 Arts Downtown Gallery at 1408 Elm Street, Dallas, TX, 75202. The exhibit ends June 23rd, 2012.

About Signazon.com

11969 Plano Rd, Ste 190

Dallas, TX 75243


PR Contact: Jason(dot)p(at)signazon(dot)com


Based in Dallas, TX and Boston, MA, Signazon.com is the top online business sign company. Different from a local sign shop, we have been deploying the very latest in e-commerce technologies, free template-based graphic design, and high-quality, full-color printing at cheap prices for car magnets, vinyl banners, window decals, yard signs, oversized checks, canvas prints, offset printing and sign accessories since 2005.

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The Funeral Program Site Launches New Custom Seed Packets Product Line

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 02, 2012

Plantable memorials are creative ideas to honor the memory of a loved one who has recently passed. Because so many people are environmentally conscious, planting a memorial can be a very attractive idea to many bereaved families.

The Funeral Program Site (http://www.funeralprogram-site.com) company has just launched custom wildflower seed packets. These little memorial keepsakes are not any ordinary packets, a photo which the family submits is embedded into the background artwork on the front of each seed packets. A variety of fourteen different wildflower seeds are available to choose from which are provided by best geographical planting region. Seeds best grown in the Northwest will contain a variety of wildflowers that will thrive in that part of the country.

In addition to the custom seed packets, The Funeral Program Site has three other plantable memorial keepsake available in the form of plantable bookmarks, folding cards, and flat cards. Each green memorial is planted and yields beautiful annual wildflowers the first year. Each subsequent year, the wildflowers will return springing forth a crop of colorful flowers. Seeds can be planted within a small potting container, garden or meadow and are very easy to grow.

We believe in providing our families and customers earth conscious keepsakes and memorials. The seed packets are a perfect tribute to a loved one as blossoms sprout every year as a remembrance of their life. says Carole Galassi, Creative Director and founder of The Funeral Program Site.

Plantable memorials from this company are very popular, especially around the spring season. Although the seeds and plantable paper cards can be purchased and planted anytime throughout the year. Seeds can be planted indoor or outdoors in the garden. It can be a very welcoming sight to see flowers in honor of a memory the same time every year.

The Funeral Program Site has been known to be a favorite resource for bereaved families, churches, and funeral homes across the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom. The online superstore is stocked with every kind of program layout template a family could want along with memorial gifts, guest books, and other keepsake items such as memorial candles.

We have been extremely pleased with the customer service we received at The Funeral Program Site. Their products and templates are superior to other similar sites and the professionalism and kindness in the phone support is exceptional, shares Danielle Stanford of San Antonio, Texas.

Tangible products are shipped the next business day even for custom orders. This has set the company apart since most do not ship that quickly for custom related items. A plantable memorial is a great choice for a giveaway at a ceremony and is an item that will be most welcomed by each attendee.

Additional event favors for custom seed packets are also available from a related website at The Wedding Program Site (http://www.weddingprogramsite.com).

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New Interview Tells How Cybertap Recon Product Offers Pragmatic Insight without Cost and Complexity

LOUISVILLE, KY (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

Dr. Russ Couturier, Chief Technology Officer of Cybertap, recently granted an exclusive interview to the Arnold Information Technology Search Wizards Speak series to discuss Cybertap Recon, a product that applies big data analytics to captured network traffic to give organizations unparalleled visibility into what is transpiring both on and to their networks. The full text of the interview is available at http://www.arnoldit.com/search-wizards-speak/cybertap.html.

For the Recon program, Cybertap developed techniques for indexing massive amounts of information within a search engine construct and powerfully displaying this data for rapid comprehension. It is a recon cyber analysis software, a transformational visual forensics application that improves time to resolution, increases productivity, and presents big data information in an easy to learn, use, and understand visual context.

Recon is able to decrease risk and improve your situational awareness by decreasing the time to resolution of a cyber event and by improving your knowledge of what happened during a cyber event. We are incorporating big data analysis techniques to reduce the meaningless data and quantify the meaningful information using categorization, semantic, and sentiment tools, Couturier said. Recon presents the information as it was originally seen so analysts can follow conversations and threads in context.

It processes content, embedded files, attachments, attributes, network protocol data, metadata, and entities. Developers incorporated semantic analysis tools to roll-up large volumes of data into what they call themes and topics. This aggregation enables researchers to more quickly decide whether information is relevant.

Mash ups and data fusion are crucial when dealing with big data, Couturier said. You can search, visualize, link, and reconstruct exactly what happened from the primary source and reduce investigation times by hours or days.

Stephen E. Arnold, Managing Director of Arnold Information Technology and publisher of the influential search industry blog Beyond Search, said, Cybertap is an interesting company because it combines search with a range of functions which allow a combination of alerting, discovering, and finding. In my experience, few products offer this type of pragmatic insight without the costs and complexities of traditional systems built by cobbling together different vendors products.

Recon is also highly customizable. Cybertap is strictly a software vendor and we work with clients or their integrator partners to customize end-to-end solutions, Couturier explained. With Recon the licensee can use what is already in operation and add other systems without worrying about integration with Recon.

Couturier sees the Big Data bandwagon increasing in momentum. An analystwhether in law enforcement or financial servicesmust have tools to deal with the onslaught and to extract the latent value that lies within these treasure troves, he said. The ability to provide structure (topics, themes, and categorization) to repository collections is key to getting value out of the data on hand. That is a key focus of Cybertaps technology, Arnold said.

More information about Cybertap and Recon is available at http://www.cybertapllc.com.

About Stephen E. Arnold, ArnoldIT

Stephen E. Arnold is a technology and financial analyst with more than thirty years of experience. In addition to Google: The Digital Gutenberg, he is the author of more than 50 journal articles and a number of other books, including Internet 2000 and the first three editions of the 600-page encyclopedia of search called The Enterprise Search Report. His newest study of enterprise search, The New Landscape of Enterprise Search: A Critical Review of the Market and Search Systems, was published by Pandia in Oslo, Norway, in May 2011. Visit Beyond Search at http://www.arnoldit.com/wordpress for more information.

About Cybertap

Cybertap LLC is an innovative team of professional engineers, program managers, and security experts with a vision to integrate the best-of-breed cyber forensics, analysis, and security technologies. Cybertap serves all markets requiring solutions next generation data analysis tools including: federal government markets, both civilian and DoD agencies; commercial markets; and state and local governments. The privately held company has offices located in Vienna, Virginia; Englewood, Colorado and Palmer, Massachusetts. Visit http://www.cybertapllc.com or e-mail sales(at)cybertapllc.com for more information.