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Bestselling Author to Provide Free School Assemblies about Financial Literacy

Calabasas, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Fiscal Press announced today that Craig R. Everett, author of bestselling youth financial literacy thriller Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune, is now available for school visits to present his 45-minute assembly entitled “Toby’s Millionaire Academy” that teaches kids (grades 6 through 8) principles of success through their decisions regarding education, career, saving and investing. Because the cost of the assembly is offset by book sales, the author’s appearance fee is being waived until further notice.

“Toby’s Millionaire Academy is a really fun assembly,” says Dr. Everett. “I’ve taken financial themes from Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune and incorporated them into a presentation full of games and activities. This school assembly helps kids realize that their future success is directly tied to their choices about money, education and career.”

For the immediate future, the author is limiting school visits to the Los Angeles metropolitan area and nearby parts of Southern California in order to limit travel time and expense. More information about booking school visits is available at http://TobyGold.com

About Craig Everett

Craig R. Everett, PhD is assistant professor of finance at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management and is associate director of the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project. Dr. Everett teaches and does research in entrepreneurial and behavioral finance. He also is keenly interested in financial literacy, volunteering in local schools through Junior Achievement and serving on the curriculum advisory board for the National Financial Educators Council.

About Fiscal Press, Inc.

Fiscal Press is an independent publisher of unique books, for both adults and children, related to business, economics, entrepreneurship and finance. Fiscal Press, Inc. is a California benefit corporation with a social mission of promoting financial literacy.

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Enterprise Software Systems and Retail Lease Trac Join Forces To Provide a Next Generation Commercial Real Estate Software Tool

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 12, 2012

Integrating the functionality in these two systems is what Commercial Real Estate Agencies need to generate more business in less time, says DJ Wight (President of RLT). Automated tools and standardized processes is the end product that is being delivered by RLT and ESS to the Commercial Real Estate Industry. This includes: Automated fliers, blast email templates w/tracking capabilities, lease tracking with critical date reminders, and an automated reporting engine for landlords and investors are just some of the functionality being delivered.

Having a tool that will allow you to easily reach thousands of tenants, track what youre doing, provide reports to your clients, and handle business critical functionality like lease tracking and critical date reminders is what every business needs, and having that in one application makes it that much easier, adds David Boemecke. (President of ESS) The new software is expected to launch around the time of the ICSC RECon 2012.

About Enterprise Software Systems:

ESS custom development services revolve around a service-oriented architecture, using .NET and other Microsoft technologies to create solutions that address your business needs and technical requirements. With expertise and resources in the primary development environments, ESS can build or modify your mission-critical applications to ensure reliable delivery of the services a business needs to compete in todays marketplace. Visit Enterprise Software Systems at http://www.esssoftware.com

About RLT:

Retail Lease Trac offers the most accurate retail tenant information service in the commercial real estate industry. RLT is a subscription based service, with many customers re-subscribing every year for more than 10 years. Clients purchase an account giving them access to the data and services from anywhere they have internet access. With the help of RLT, commercial real estate executives, commercial and community developers, economic developments, Chambers of Commerce, and University systems are able to locate retailers seeking expansion in their area. Clients can easily contact the retailers leasing representatives by phone, fax, or email. Visit Retail Lease Trac at http://www.rltrac.com or Visit us a booth 400 for the Recon Show in Vegas!

This was submitted by Click Ready Marketing an Atlanta Search Marketing Agency.

Eyemaginations Partners with ManagementPlus EHR to Provide Patient Education Solutions

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Eyemaginations, Inc. recently announced a partnership to integrate its flagship product LUMA with the ManagementPlus Electronic Health Records (EHR) 5.0 software platform. As a result of this partnership, ManagementPlus Electronic Health Records (EHR) users will now be able to present patient education videos to patients directly from the ManagementPlus EHR interface.

Eyemaginations LUMA is the most innovative form of patient education and marketing software available. Featuring hundreds of 3D-animated visuals and quality animationsmany now of HD qualityLUMA allows practices to present complex information to patients in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner. The software is used by healthcare professionals to differentiate practices and drive profits.

It is our goal at Eyemaginations to provide healthcare professionals with the most effective, up-to-date tools to educate patients and increase efficiency in the practice, said Eyemaginations CEO and President, Jeff Peres. This integration with ManagementPlus makes it even easier for EHR system users to combine health records with patient education materials. Users of the ManagementPlus EHR 5.0 system can direct play, load and even search for our animations by diagnosis in one easily accessible platform.

ManagementPlus is a fully integrated Windows-based, Electronic Health Care and Practice Management solution providing systems to users for over 17 years. Specializing in ophthalmology, ManagementPlus has created an easy to use, powerful solution that simplifies the process of running a practice and increasing profitability

We are excited to partner with Eyemaginations to further improve the patients experience with ophthalmology practices nationwide, commented Christine Archibald, CEO of ManagementPlus.

About Eyemaginations

Eyemaginations, Inc. is a healthcare media company focused on solutions that support professionals, patients and corporations in communicating and understanding complex topics. The companys in-depth experience with animation, design and software has enabled Eyemaginations to create integrated systems that provide clear and concise education solutions. Eyemaginations has a portfolio of products that are focused on eyecare, ENT, audiology and facial aesthetics. Eyemaginations may be reached by phone at 1-877-321-5481, email at info(at)eyemaginations(dot)com or online at http://www.eyemaginations.com.

About ManagementPlus

ManagementPlus is a leader and pace-setter in ophthalmology-specific electronic health records and practice management software. Fully integrated and comprehensive Smart EHR allows ophthalmologists to work with our COA or COT EHR specialists to personalize templates to follow their exam workflow. Smart EHR can be personalized per physician or per practice thus minimizing the implementation process. Smart EHR provides easier documentation allowing the physician more quality time with the patient. ManagementPlus has a proven record of successful software implementations as a result of customized training and support programs suited to the personality of your practice.

Bighand Provide Full Clinical Correspondence System to Nhs Foundation Trust

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 13 June 2012

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust began rolling out BigHands full clinical correspondence system in December 2011 to 350 Clinicians and 140 Secretaries, in the process eradicating the use of previously used audio cassettes and dictaphones. Prior to the installation Trust wide of digital dictation the Trust were spending up to

MLS Real Estate Board Partners with CRS Data to Provide More Real Estate Data

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Making real estate transactions in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas easier than ever before, a new partnership between the MLS Real Estate Board (MLS REB) and CRS Data offers the latest up-to-date tools, technology and information for local listings.

CRS Data, also known as the Courthouse Retrieval System, offers customized searches, detailed property tax records, interactive maps, sales and mortgage information, real estate valuations, mailing lists and more. The initial merge of data records covers 64 counties in Tennessee.

With this new partnership, real estate professionals can get exactly the information they need when they are listing or selling a home and nothing they dont need. It makes buying and selling homes faster, easier and more accurate, which is why were thrilled to launch this service, said Larry Mayall, broker and member of the MLS REB.

In addition, the ONE multiple listing service in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas offers the following benefits:

Have Feedback to Give? Point the Mobile to a QR Code Zwoor Survey Mobile App gives Consumers an Easy Way to Provide Feedback via Mobile Devices, Online and Offline

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

For customers asked to provide feedback on services, scribbling on paper printed surveys and wondering who will see the survey paper next, there is good news ahead. Starting July 1st, a user can simply scan a QR code, and the Zwoor Survey app starts, a simple way to provide the feedback with a few finger taps.

For managers trying to better understand user satisfaction, and improvements, in remote service points like hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, sports arenas, there is good news ahead now there is an easy to use way of collecting consumer sentiment, via mobile phones, or via an iPad device stand in the waiting area. A simple QR code starts a survey on the mobile device.

The app can work offline as well. For field workers, there is a better way now just enter the data on a mobile device. No connectivity required, and thousands of entries can be entered before the next synch is done, when wifi or carrier signal is available.

For Conference organizers that need to determine the ratings of the event, a speaker or a professor engaging the audience real time, questions can now be answered real time via mobile devices, and displayed real time. Just display the QR code on the screen, and the audience is ready to provide input.

Consumers carry now smart phones fully capable of answering a survey for the place of service. Custom apps. Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables you to gather real insight into your event participants. Online and offline, in a large,10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, in a small presentation, or for a field workers with no connectivity while collecting data, the app can handle all.

Zwoor Survey is both a native application and a web app, that allows answers to a challenge quiz for a prize, or just a simple multiple choice survey. Importantly, the native app is not dependent on the connectivity in the field.

Zwoor Survey iPhone, iPad or Android application provides respondents with an simple interface for responding to your questions, with the question types are optimized for the iPads or Android touchscreen.

With over 50 templates addressing the most common surveys, a user can setup a survey in less than a minute. The library of templates speeds up the creation of high quality, proven surveys, be that for capturing intent to buy during product demos, or customer satisfaction in a trade show, conference or department meeting, or a hotel or restaurant service. Real time results sharing creates dialog, and increases the relevancy of the conversation.

The mobile applications are free to download from the iTunes store, Google Android or Amazon Android Marketplace. The subscription model allows for free trials, with a significant number of free answers as part of the plans.

Zwoor.com provides to User Experience, or Market Research managers, an easy to use platform to distribute the surveys to the participants mobile devices, be that iPads, iPhones or Android tablets, in a secured way. We also offer an easy way to engage real time, in a secured and controlled way, during events, meetings or sport events, all via mobile devices. No more survey paper printing, and out-of-date information. Just an engaging and focused consumer understanding, for brilliant business results and real time action. Paperless, real-time, efficient . said Ken Burns, External Relations, Zwoor.com.

Zwoor Survey has free versions available, and is available for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and the Android devices, including KindleFire. For more information, visit Zwoor.com.

About Zwoor.com

Zwoor.com was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to have the information needed at their fingertips, and provide feedback where it matters when they are in the meeting or in the product presentation, with their mobile devices. We want to reinvent what businesses and individuals can do through the Zwoor.com mobile platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of interactions.

Learn more about Zwoor.com, how were changing the way people consume information, interact, provide feedback and communicate and how you can be a part of it.


Zwoor Events- For a Board Meeting, Materials Go Mobile in just a few clicks. The attendees carry an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone, and they now expect the agenda, the meeting materials, maps, exhibitors and alerts right at their fingertips. The mobile app is also used by Conference, Tradeshow or Corporate Meeting organizers.

Our native Zwoor Event apps do not require connectivity all the time, and we know that some of the conference or trade show venues are not built with connectivity in mind. We allow participants to store the data on the mobile device, and synch when connected.

Zwoor Survey is a friendly, robust and cost effective survey platform that enables event planners to gather real insight from the event participants. Be that in a large,10,000 people keynote event with no connectivity, or in a small presentation, the mobile app can handle both.

Zwoor Survey is a native application (vs. a web app), that allows timed surveys, answers to a challenge quiz for a prize, or just a simple multiple choice survey. Not dependent on the connectivity in the venue we know that some of the spots are without cellular or wifi coverage.

New Version of DeskAlerts Now Allows Corporations to Provide Better Internal Communication with Employees with Screensaver Alert Feature

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Internal communications with employees have become more powerful than ever before with DeskAlert’s addition of a new corporate screensaver alert feature to it’s already powerful line of programming solutions for enterprises.

The new desktop functionality works the same way ordinary PC screensavers do, but it allows rich content to be delivered to employees in seconds. Internal communication documents that include HTML, clickable links, FLASH, scrolling text, and even PowerPoint slides can all be sent with relative ease. The content itself can be created with that same ease with the WYSIWYG mode in the content editor and templates that are available.

DeskAlerts’ screensavers come equipped with an alert feature that allows employees within a corporate environment to receive up-to-date information immediately or only when it is needed. Delivery times can be scheduled and availability times for viewing can be specified to ensure specific events are targeted for an optimum internal communication strategy. The content delivered can be broken down further to a be delivered to a specific mailing list, group, department or just one individual – assuring that productivity time is saved and utilized in the best manner possible. Why send out a corporate wide internal communication document regarding a project that only a few employees need to be aware of to react to accordingly? The corporate screensaver alert feature streamlines, enhances corporate productivity and employee engagement in a less obtrusive manner than conventional means.

According to a recent Besttoolbars survey, Using an employee screensaver channel increases employee awareness at least two times over non-critical announcements.

Utilizing DeskAlerts with the screensaver alert feature can provide many added benefits, including:

-Enhancing corporate image by having a uniform screensaver on all computers. This sends out a professional signal to employees, clients and customers.

-Providing corporate-wide employee trust with up-to-the minute safety notices and scheduling

-Maximizing impact of product launches and announcements

-Building employee engagement

Using the newest version of DeskAlerts with it’s screensaver alert feature encourages continued growth and cohesive employee relations with an internal communication strategy that benefits not only the employees, but the business as well.

To take advantage of lastest innovation in internal communications and corporate productivity, please visit http://www.alert-software.com/

Sitecats Web to Provide Joomla! CMS Basics Course for Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley Metro Area Businesses

Souderton, PA (PRWEB) August 31, 2009

Starting September 16th, 2009, Joomla! Basics classes will take place from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Harleysville, PA at the Peter Becker Community Conference Center. Lunch and snacks are provided. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop. Attendees will be provided tutorials and links to the latest utilities including an SEO/SEF checklist to maximize your site’s visibility and effectiveness. Joomla! makes content, categories, and menus easy to manage without costly web editing software. Topics also covered include blog layouts, polls, contact directories, facebook and twitter implementation, link creation, image slideshows and user forms.

Joomla! Basics is for web design enthusiasts as well as business and non-profit administrative staff who need a no-nonsense business oriented approach to Joomla! CMS training. Sponsored by Sitecats Web Development, Southeastern PA’s authority on content managed websites for over 110 area businesses and non-profit organizations. Father and son team John and Jeremy Ralston have a combined 26 years of web development and business applications experience and serve as your instructors.

Upon completion of this 6 hour course, attendees will have a hands-on working knowledge of publishing new content, creating sections and categories and related menus. Sitecats stresses business usage and leaves out the tedious technical details, resulting in an informative and fun way to retain this valuable and important information. See Sitecats website or visit gotjoomla.com for more information and details.


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Solix Technologies, Inc. and Carahsoft Partner to Provide Enterprise Data Management Solutions for Government

Santa Clara, CA and Reston, VA (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Solix Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., the trusted government IT solutions provider, announce a distribution partnership where Carahsoft will distribute Solix products and solutions under their GSA schedule. The partnership provides solutions to federal, state and local government agencies for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and data privacy.

The Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS) offers an integrated set of tools to address the challenges associated with data growth and data security. By tiering data through an ILM framework, database archiving and application retirement solutions help manage the enormous data growth challenge faced by many large organizations. Through test data management (TDM), database administrators are able to create non production database subsets quickly and easily and also reduce non production storage requirements by up to 70 percent. Data discovery and data masking combined with TDM enables sensitive data to be masked on-the-fly to meet NIST 800-53 compliance mandates.

Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Solix EDMS helps agencies manage data growth and reduce the security exposure of storing personally identifiable information. Solix EDMS supports a broad range of packaged applications with out-of-the-box templates including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications, JD Edwards, Siebel, BaaN as well as custom applications.

Solix has developed best-of-breed information lifecycle management solutions to meet the needs of the modern data centers, and we are excited to add these to our GSA schedule, said Patrick Gallagher, vice president of Carahsofts Cloud Computing Solutions practice which also includes SAP and Salesforce.com. Solixs database archiving and application retirement solutions offer great efficiencies for our customers and our reseller partners.

Solix manages data retention and protects sensitive data throughout the information management lifecycle allowing databases to operate at peak performance and reduced cost said John Ottman, chairman of Solix Technologies, Inc. We are excited to work with Carahsoft, and especially government IT managers, to improve application performance, reduce expense and enhance data security.

Solix products and solutions are available immediately via Carahsofts GSA Schedule GS-35F-0119Y. For more information, register for Retire the Application, Save the Data, and Capture the $ aving$ , a complimentary webcast being sponsored by Solix and Carahsoft at 2 p.m. Eastern, Tuesday, August 28, 2012; or contact the Solix team at Carahsoft at 703-203-7566.

About Solix Technologies:

Solix Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise Data Management solutions for public and private clouds. Solix data growth solutions help businesses improve application performance, reduce storage costs and meet compliance and data privacy requirements by achieving Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) goals. The Solix Cloud provides a pay-as-you-go model for database archiving and application retirement. The Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS) enables organizations to implement Database Archiving, Test Data Management (Data Subsetting), Data Masking and Application Retirement across all enterprise data. Solix Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and operates worldwide through an established network of value added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators.

Visit Solix Technologies on the web at http://www.solix.com and follow Solix on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/solixedms) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/solixtechnologies).

About Carahsoft:

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the trusted Government IT solutions provider. As a top-ranked GSA Schedule Contract holder, Carahsoft serves as the master government aggregator for many of its best-of-breed vendors, supporting an extensive ecosystem of manufacturers, resellers, and consulting partners committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value.

The companys dedicated Solutions Divisions proactively market, sell and deliver VMware, Symantec, EMC, Adobe, F5 Networks, Open Source, HP, SAP, and Innovative and Intelligence products and services among others. Carahsoft is consistently recognized by its partners as a top revenue producer, and is listed annually among the industry’s fastest growing firms by CRN, Inc., Washington Technology, Washington Business Journal, and SmartCEO. Visit us at http://www.carahsoft.com.


Ixtens Partners with Magento to Provide Multi-Supplier Marketplace Capabilities for Online Merchants

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 03, 2011

Ixtens, a Software-as-a-Service provider offering marketplace solutions for online retailers and media companies, announced they have signed a partner agreement with Magento, a leading eCommerce solution provider.

Ixtens, now a Magento Silver Industry Partner, offers complete API integration with the Magento eCommerce platform. Through this integration, Magento merchants will be able to deploy Ixtens Marketplace to easily add third-party suppliers and drop-shippers, quickly increasing product selection while minimizing inventory costs.

We are excited to partner with a market leader like Magento, said Paul Kogan, SVP Business Development, Ixtens. The combination of Ixtens and Magento gives merchants a powerful solution for managing multi-supplier marketplaces through their Magento storefront.

Ixtens solution for Magento offers online merchants a better way to connect with suppliers by organizing and standardizing product information in a single unified product catalog and by automating merchant-supplier communication.

The Ixtens Marketplace solution allows merchants to:

Increase average cart size without adding inventory
Upsell and cross-sell more items by offering customers a wider selection of products, brands and suppliers
Test new products and suppliers without making an inventory investment
Receive consistent, standardized product information from diverse suppliers
Automatically route orders to the optimal supplier

Magento merchants can reach out to their account representative to learn how they can seamlessly integrate Ixtens.

About Magento:

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform with over 225 solution providers, 100,000 merchants and brands worldwide and a host of Industry Partners that create applications and extensions for the Magento platform. Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Based in Los Angeles, Magento is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial organization dedicated to the mission of enabling the eCommerce ecosystem. http://www.magentocommerce.com

About Ixtens:

Founded in 2004, Ixtens helps merchants, media companies, and suppliers work in multichannel e-commerce. Current clients include: Lifetime Brands and Amazon. The Ixtens team is a group of e-commerce veterans that build the integration engine for Amazon Webstore. The company is based in New York. To learn more about Ixtens Marketplace or to schedule a meeting, please e-mail info(at)ixtens(dot)com


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