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Software OEM Progea Validates Matrox M-Series Graphics Cards with Signature SCADA Solution Across up to Four Displays

Montreal, Canada/Modena, Italy (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced a partnership with Progea, after M-Series multi-display graphics cards were validated on the software original equipment manufacturers latest SCADA platform, Movicon 11. M-Series cards deliver exceptional graphics and pristine image quality for enhanced multi-display efficiency, while Movicon 11 guarantees continuous production process information flow in real time. Combined, they yield a versatile SCADA/HMI supervision solution across up to four displays for use within process control, energy production, and T&D sectors, and other mission-critical environments.

“Matrox is excited by the news that Progea has successfully tested M-Series cards alongside Movicon 11, to yield a premier SCADA/HMI solution,” said Ron Berty, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. “This partnership will undoubtedly prove beneficial to both companies and our customers, allowing them to take advantage of Movicon software and Matrox M-Series cards unique mix of wide enterprise flexibility, easy integration, and high-performance multi-display graphics in a SCADA environment.”

Working in conjunction with Movicon 11, M-Series cards drive fluid visualizations and dynamic animationseven in relation to complex objects and power templatesacross multiple high-resolution displays with low CPU utilization. Both offer multi-operating-system support, including that of Microsoft

Insurance Management Group Covered with Fast, Efficient and Paperless Online Electronic Signature Solution from e-SignLive

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

e-SignLive, the online, on-demand electronic signature service for mid-market and small businesses in compliance-driven industries, today announced that Insurance Management Group is using its electronic signature solution to collect signatures on all important and time sensitive documents.

In an effort to be a paperless organization, Insurance Management wanted to find a way to collect signatures without having to print, scan, fax and courier or deliver documentation between agents, customers and providers. As well, the solution needed to reduce risk and remain compliant with insurance standards without compromising customer satisfaction or security.

The insurance company determined e-SignLive was the right option after speaking to an e-SignLive representative who understood the industry, the companys unique needs and the products capabilities. e-SignLives unique and patented e-Witness audit assurance technology provides secure legal evidence and irrefutable proof of the execution of the financial transaction and the associated e-signed documents.

With e-SignLive, the guided e-signing ceremony and process workflow reduce not-in-good-order (NIGO) applications by 90 percent. Policies are properly filled and signed correctly the first time.

Insurance Managements sales agent Trever Stoffel uses e-SignLive for applications and cancelations for home, auto, motorcycle and boat insurance. Before, agents needed to follow up multiple times for completion. Not anymore. With e-SignLive its so easy. We check online to see whats been done to-date and when its completed, all we need to do is drag and drop the electronically signed documents to our CRM system.

The features and benefits that make e-SignLive the best choice for businesses like Insurance Management include:

Watch Out Movie Stars Youre Not the Only Ones That Get to Create a Signature Perfume

Southampton, NY (PRWEB) May 6, 2010

America has joined the party! One of the most successful new business trends in the UK and Europe has now spread to the U.S., thanks to Sue Phillips, President of Scenterprises Ltd. No more smelling a million perfumes at the department store looking for the perfect match. The Perfume Studio, which originated in the UK, has developed bespoke perfumery or custom perfume events where guests get to walk away with their very own signature perfume.

Much like a wine tasting workshop, guests are invited to explore the sensory aspects of fragrance and see how memory and emotions are so interwoven with our sense of smell. A Fragrance Expert takes them on an ‘olfactive fragrance journey’ to experience 18 different perfume blends – from citrus, spices, florals, and musks to woods and balsamics. The blends have been created by a world-famous perfumer and are designed to be worn in combination with each other or alone.

Once a guest makes his or her selection, the Fragrance Expert decants the perfume oils and blends the formula, and guests leave with their very own personalized signature fragrance. Their formula is stored in a database for ease of reordering.

Sue Phillips, who also created the 150th Anniversary TIFFANY fragrance, as well as fragrances for Burberrys, Trish McEvoy, and Lancome, is excited to bring this new experience to the U.S. Finding the right fragrance can be so uplifting, similar to hearing a favorite old song on the radio. Fragrance triggers emotions and pleasurable memories and can really affect your mood all day, explains Sue.

SutiSoft Announces a New Release of SutiDSignature, its Handwritten Signature Verification Solution for Online and Offline Signature Approvals

Los Altos, CA (PRWEB) August 21, 2012

SutiSoft Inc., a trusted provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise solutions, today announced the release of SutiDSignature 2.0, its web-based handwritten signature verification solution to authenticate users using signature biometrics.

SutiDSignature secures the approval process and allows users to sign and use their signature for authentication. Signatures can now be captured from SmartPhone touch screens and signature capture devices.

SutiDSignature now captures more unique parameters from a user’s signature such as aspect ratio, baseline slant angle, cross points, line ends, normalized area, and more. SutiDSignature stores theses parameters in the form of a template within the database. SutiDSignature not only works on touch screen devices but also on desktops making it accessible to users without a touch screen device.

About SutiSoft Inc

SutiSoft Inc. is a privately held company founded by N.D. Reddy, a successful Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in both the Hardware and Software industry as a Founder, and CEO. The Company’s leading edge enterprise/SaaS application software products range from business productivity solutions such as Electronic Signature, Expense Management, Document Control Systems, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Security Solutions and others. The company’s products are developed using Java, Flex, AJAX, HTML5 and other cutting-edge technologies which allow SutiSoft to retain its core values which are Simple, Scalable, Secured, and Seamless. Headquartered in Los Altos, California USA, SutiSoft has offices in Northern California, India, Germany and Japan. Additional information is available at http://www.sutisoft.com.

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Signature Cards Sells Innovative Business Greeting Cards to Help Professionals and Small Business Owners Enhance Client Relationships and Meet Business Goals

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

Signature Greetings, LLC is proud to announce the launch of our upgraded Business Greeting Card website – Signature Cards. You can view the Signature Cards website and our Custom Business Greeting Cards at: http://www.signaturecards.net.

Whether you are looking for a Business Greeting Card as a Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner, Insurance Agent or one of many other professionals, we have just the right selection for you.

Some of the Business Greeting Cards that Signature Cards offers are: Birthday, Realtor and Mortgage Broker, Keep In Touch, From The Pen and Thank You Cards.

At Signature Cards we feel that the many holidays throughout the year are great reasons to send a Business Greeting Card. Some of the holidays we recommend are: New Years, Valentines Day, Groundhog Day, Presidents’ Day, Spring, Earth Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas. With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season right around the corner, there is no better time of year to thank your customers for their business.

We feel the quality of our cards is as good as any in the Business Greeting Card industry. Each design is printed in four-color process on a carefully selected gloss cover stock. The card stock we use is 10 point cover stock and is printed with an Aqueous coating to give the card a nice shine. The inside verses are crisp and finely detailed, just as you would expect. The end result is far superior to what we can show you online. Feel free to request a card sample of your choosing.

Signature Cards is also proud to offer FREE customization and personalization to any Business Greeting Card order. We offer a range of colored envelopes to match your Business Greeting Card.

About Signature Greetings, LLC:

Signature Greetings, LLC was founded by Paul Reiss in January 2009 and is located in Raleigh, NC. Signature Greetings provides a way for individuals to start their own greeting card mailing business. Since 2009, Signature Greetings has been offering their Business Greeting Cards exclusively to their distributors in the U.S. Starting in January 2011, Signature Greetings began offering its Signature Cards Business Greeting Card line to Professionals and Small Business Owners via the Signaturecards.net website.

Credit Union Resources, Inc. Signs Exclusive Partnership with SIGNiX for Digital Signature Solution

Chattanooga, TN (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

SIGNiX, the leading provider of true digital signatures online, today announced that Credit Union Resources, Inc. (Resources), an affiliated company of the Texas Credit Union League, has finalized an agreement with SIGNiX to be the exclusive electronic signature provider endorsed for their credit union community.

Its perfect timing since our members have been seeking a way to eliminate the extra paperwork and cost caused by the recent Regulation Z changes for closed-end loans. We recognized that electronic signatures could significantly reduce the burden on our members, but we wanted to choose a vendor that didnt force us to compromise on security or convenience, stated Bob Gallman, EVP, Resources. A group of our members had already had positive experiences with SIGNiXs service. We chose SIGNiX based on these recommendations, our technical due diligence, and our confidence in their easy-to-use, standards-based digital signature service.

SIGNiX combines the speed and convenience of lightweight e-signature solutions and the assurance of true digital signatures into an intuitive online experience that meets the needs of credit unions for executing trusted, long-term member agreements and contracts. SIGNiX applies a standards-based digital signature for each and every signature and initial on a signed document, providing trust that the document didnt change from the first signature to the last. SIGNiX digital signatures also lower risk by offering a future-proof document of record that can be verified independently of the service. As a result, users dont need to check back with SIGNiX just to verify individual signatures, eliminating the vendor lock-in demanded by other e-signature providers.

We are very excited to launch this new partnership with Resources. The credit union space has always been very innovative in their use of technology, and SIGNiX has served credit unions nationally for more than five years, both directly and in partnership with leading credit union vendors, such as IMM, to deliver integrated solutions, said Jay Jumper, CEO, SIGNiX. The combination of our ease-of-use with secure digital signatures means that our customers can not only benefit from quicker revenue and better customer relationships, but they can also trust that their signed documents and agreements will stand the test of time.

Resources is introducing SIGNiX and digital signatures to its more than 500 Texas credit unions through a series of educational articles and white papers beginning August 2012. Credit unions interested in learning more about SIGNiX are encouraged to contact Andy Golden, Business Development Manager, agolden@signix.com or direct, 423-305-7048. SIGNiX will also be exhibiting at the annual Texas Credit Union League’s Leadership Conference & Expo in San Antonio, TX, on Thursday, September 6th, at Booth 206.

About SIGNiX

SIGNiX, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, offers a patented, standards-based digital signature service that allows users to send and sign documents online easily without compromising on security. SIGNiX enables customers to move to truly paperless processes with a solution that is secure, auditable and compliant with the ESIGN Act, UETA and other relevant U.S. and international laws and regulations. Users can be immediately authenticated online so that documents requiring a signature can be legally executed electronically without the costs, risks, delays or resources of paper processing. This helps increase the speed, accuracy and security of document execution relative to traditional paper and ink-based signatures without the requirement for hardware or software installation. For more information, visit http://www.signix.com, email sales(at)signix(dot)com, follow SIGNiX on Twitter @signixsolutions, call 877-890-5350 ext. 1048 or visit SIGNiX on Facebook.

About Credit Union Resources

The for-profit service corporation of the Texas Credit Union League, Credit Union Resources, Inc. offers a wide variety of fee-based products and services helping you gain greater efficiency and effectiveness in serving members. The Texas Credit Union League provides education and training, advocate activities (political and legislative), regulatory/compliance assistance, asset/liability services, communication, research and public relations for Texas credit unions. To learn more, please visit http://www.curesources.coop or call (800) 442-5762.

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Holiday 2010 Tips nTrends: Luxury Event Planners Guide to Signature Holiday Parties

Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) August 19, 2010

Luxury event planner extraordinaire, Mr. Frank Robinson founder and president of Island Events, offers insightful tips and trends for this years holiday festivities in his latest article entitled Tips n Trends for This Years Fabulous Holiday Party. With over twenty years of experience handling events for the worlds most elegant, five-star hotels and resorts along with their Fortune 500 clients, Mr. Robinson gives a sneak peek to the seasons trendiest holiday party elements and planning necessities.

I think this year, people are looking to incorporate understated elegance and not spend a fortune you can still host a fabulous party that is absolutely stunning by personalizing the event thereby making it memorable for guests, said Mr. Robinson. Im also seeing the trend of bringing in elements from this years fashion runways a fun way to put a twist on traditional holiday d