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New Intranet Helps Small Hospitals Tackle Big Challenges

Rolling Meadows, IL (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Two challenges met Bob Krickbaum at the door when he became CEO of Edwards County Hospital in November 2010 internal communications and policy and procedure management. Both were so disjointed that staff, clinicians and senior leaders at the hospital, located in Kinsley, Kansas, had to nearly conduct a scavenger hunt to find information, policy templates and procedural outlines.

It was an absolute mess, said Krickbaum. When two directors of nursing left before I came on board, half of our policies disappeared. Every department created their own policies, their own templates and there was no way to share them throughout the organization and ensure that they were being read. Internal messaging depended on blast emails and word of mouth, which meant some staff were not receiving key information. This also made collecting staff feedback a cumbersome task.

Edwards County Hospital is a member of Pioneer Health Network, a collaborative rural health network of hospitals in Western Kansas. Other facilities within Pioneer Health Networks 18 critical access hospitals were facing similar challenges. That is when Jason Friesen, the networks director of operations called HospitalPortal.net, which specializes in streamlining hospitals internal communication and management through web-based solutions. Friesen contacted several similar-sized health care facilities that were already using HospitalPortal.nets intranet platform and discovered that the system performed well, especially for small and rural hospitals: The expense was within reach and you could implement and manage it with limited IT staff.

Edwards County Hospital volunteered to be the first in the Pioneer Health Network to launch the HospitalPortal.net intranet. We chose it because it did not rely on one central person to manage it. All departments can keep it updated. That helps the IT staff share the responsibility, and makes other departments accountable, said Alisha Herrmann, director of information technology at Edwards County Hospital.

On-site training began after a governance committee was assembled and a kick-off meeting was held in October 2011. The litmus test was a 70-year-old environmental services staff member who identified herself as not only as the most technologically inept person on staff, but she also admitted that computers kind of scared her. During the training, she was able to sign onto her internal email and find policies. I catch her on the portal all the time, said Thyra Strate, RN-C, Edwards County Hospitals quality director and risk manager. The new intranet portal went live December 15.

The system adeptly addressed the senior leaders concerns about streamlining internal communications and centralizing policy and procedure management. Now, anyone is able to log on and see everything from the days cafeteria menu to the latest messages from senior leadership. Standardized forms, such as vacation requests and timesheets, are readily available on the intranet portal. And, even if you tried, you cant lose a policy now, said CEO Bob Krickbaum. Managers submit new policies for senior leadership approval and post them to the portal. The intranet portal archives all revisions, and staff members have to electronically acknowledge that they have reviewed the policy. Were not able to mandate that people read the policies, Krickbaum added, but were able to hold them accountable.

After a presentation on how Edwards is deploying the intranet portal, Minneola District Hospital in Minneola, Kansas and others in the Pioneer Health Network are preparing to roll out new HospitalPortal.net intranets.

Friesen said the system not only refines how hospitals communicate and manage policies internally, but it also leverages modern technology to help small and rural hospitals operate more efficiently. Health care is taking everything digital, Friesen noted. As a network of small hospitals, were always trying to share information from one member to another. The best thing you can do in health care now is remove silos and get people, departments and institutions talking to each other. HospitalPortal.net is helping us do that.

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Small Business Entrepreneurs Learn Technical Tricks by Attending “The Geek Retreat” at the Small Business Boot Camp, Orange Beach, AL.

Caribe Resort, Orange Beach, Alabama (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Excitement is building as keynote speakers sign up to share their online marketing secrets with small business owners at the upcoming Geek Retreat – Small Business Strategies Boot Camp, to be held at the beautiful Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, AL.. The two-day event is scheduled to be held on May 23rd and 24th, and will be recorded for future webinar training. Details can be found at http://www.bizeventplanners.com

Many small businesses are assuming that the slowdown in sales is a result of the 2008 recession, however, statistics indicate a large portion of the market has moved from “brick and mortar” stores to online stores, and likely will never return. Business owners need to be trained on the low cost but powerful technologies that have surfaced in recent months.

According to Gary Stepanian, the promoter of the event, “Many traditional customers will, or already have, switched loyalty to the new breed of “Geekepreneurial” Nerds who can slap together an online store before legacy business owners can say: ‘Where’s my business gone?'” Stepanian says: “just the networking opportunity alone is worth the time to attend the no-cost event. Attendees pay $ 99 to hold a seat, and get their money back at the end of the first day.”

Morning Keynote Speakers will set the stage for the afternoon, less formal, workshops. Owners can ask technical questions and real geeks and nerds will explain how they implement extremely low cost solutions in less than a week.

Attendees will be will be armed with an assortment of Worksheet Templates, URL links, and software solutions to implement on their own, and thereby keeping total control of the confidential “back end” of the the emarketing engines.

Keynotes and Workshops with include subject such as:

Flat Fee Pre Employment Test Packages for Small Business Now Available

Lancaster, PA (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

Most test publishers charge per candidate when it comes to pre employment tests. To contain costs, employers avoid using employee assessment altogether or hold off testing job applicants until they are reading to extend the job offer. That is often too late to reverse course when they discover the new employee might not be such a good fit after all.

To help small and medium size business upgrade their hiring systems but stay within their budgets, Success Performance Solutions now offers three employee test systems with unlimited use (flat-fee) annual subscriptions:

PeopleClues employee screening test for attitude, personality, and general reasoning with 110+ job templates; includes interview question guide with each assessment

Prevue employee selection test includes general mental abilities, personal interests, and 12 personality traits; includes interview question guide with each assessment

eSkill Office Skill Tests administrative and technical skill tests on dozens of subjects including Word, Excel, data entry tests, typing tests, software, and many more.

Ira S Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions, explains, that by having one flat fee for the year, an employer can test each candidate when he applies. It is important to have as much information as possible as early in the screening process to allow recruiters and hiring manager to focus on interviewing the most promising applicants. Employers get unlimited access to one or more pre employment assessment test systems, allowing them to test all applicants and current employees too. One price unlimited use, no hidden fees.

An additional advantage of these systems, according to Wolfe, is that after an candidate completes the questionnaire, he can be matched against any other job template at no additional charge.

With Success Performance Solutions flat-fee pre-employment assessment tests, employers get:

Unlimited access to pre-employment tests
Free training and client support
Access to over 100 job position benchmarks (PeopleClues)
Free job benchmarking software (Prevue)
Minimal set-up and little to no learning curve
Full integration with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or HRIS ( additional fees may apply)

For pricing or more information about flat fee pre-employment testing, contact Success Performance Solutions

Success Performance Solutions, http://www.super-solutions.com, is a consulting firm specializing in helping small business to screen employees faster, hire smarter, and retain longer. In addition to managing Success Performance Solutions, Ira S Wolfe is a speaker on hiring and workforce trends speaker and author of several books including Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization and Perfect Labor Storm.

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Postcards – – – Best Sales Tool for Small Business

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 18, 2012

expresscopy.com, leader in online design, print & mail postcards in 24 hours, helps Designer, Tammy Haney, get her marketing noticed.

My employer has been praising me ever since I found expresscopy.com and placed our first order. The quality and costs are great. Thank you for providing small companies such as ours an affordable way of advertising their business and products, stated Tammy Heney.

This is a perfect example of how small businesses benefit from the postcard mailers that expresscopy.com offers, stated Dion Bonnell, General Manager at expresscopy.com. Simple-to-use design tools and affordable pricing make it so a business of any size can get results driven marketing.

Special Offer Save 20% off postcards on your first mailing when you enter promo code PR7543 at expresscopy.com.

About expresscopy.com

Located in Portland, Oregon, expresscopy.com is the leading provider in online design, print & mail postcards with 24-hour turnaround. Customers can upload their own design file or can customize one of the many free online design templates and expresscopy.com will print, address and mail out the professional postcards with their state-of-the-art production facility.

For more information, please visit expresscopy.com or contact Joshua Carlsen at 800.260.5887 or Joshua(dot)carlsen(at)expresscopy(dot)com.


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Grunt Websites Develops 2 New Tutorials on How to Build Small Business Websites That Get Results

Canton, OH (PRWEB) May 22, 2012

Having a thorough understanding of how to leverage the power of the internet is mandatory for local business owners in today’s economy.

Today all of the major Search Engines consider local online search a top priority and offer free tools and guidance to help local business owners achieve online success.

As local consumers continue to make the shift from traditional forms of advertising to the internet, local business owners are being overwhelmed by local search engine optimization specialists, often charging hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.

To help local business owners, and make the internet more affordable, Grunt Websites has developed, and offer two free tutorials on how to build local business websites.

The landing page tutorial explains in detail, the function and how to build a simple landing page for local businesses. Landing pages are used in conjunction with existing websites to gain more exposure.

For those businesses that have no website, or are unhappy with their current website’s performance, the local business website tutorial explains in detail how to build a local business website that gets results!

Both tutorials include step-by-step instructions and include free website templates.

In addition, both tutorials include detailed instructions on both on-page and off-page search engine optimization including – Keyword Research – Domain Name Selection – Page Structure -Website Layout – Design – How To Leverage Free Webmaster Tools.

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, yet the majority of local small businesses either do not have a website or have a website that doesn’t get results.

Building and maintaining local small business websites that attracts loyal customers is really not as difficult as business owners may have been lead to believe. There is a simple, but definitive process, that will put local businesses ahead of the competition, if followed.

About Grunt Websites

The mission of GruntWebsites.com is to educate small business owners about why a strong web presence is mandatory for success in today’s world.

Grunt Websites are basic, no frills websites that generate leads, customers and sales for local businesses! In spite of what most webmasters and designers say, local businesses do not need a website that is loaded with the latest gadgets and distractions to be successful.

Efficiency Expert Reveals Her Secret To A Successful Small Business Is A Winner

Sydneys Northern Beaches (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

The competition challenges small business owners to submit their top tip for running a small business in 100 words or less.

The first winner, awarded by a judging panel made up of Suncorp Bank CEO David Foster, Founder of Flying Solo Robert Gerrish and Quest Newspapers Events Manager Simone-Lee Givney, is business owner Nikki White.

Ms White runs a business called The Heart Of which is dedicated to helping other small business owners implement a more streamlined business approach through expert advice, strategies and recommendations.

Ms Whites winning business tip entry was to start documenting systems and procedures in your business. Procedures are the tasks you conduct every day in your business without thinking about them; to get a great procedures manual, all you need to do is identify these tasks, record them and review them to make sure they are the most efficient they can be. Having procedures in your business allows you to have more time and manage your staff more effectively, White said.

Ms White said winning the award was recognition of her passion to encourage small business owners to implement procedures and systems into their businesses. Winning the Helping Hand grant really goes to show that the judges, all highly-respected business professionals, agree that having procedures in place is an essential part of small business success.

Not only does White provide mentoring to small business owners, she has just released an information product, ProcedureAssist, which educates time poor business owners (via online videos) on how to get started with procedures in their business. Her product also includes a procedures manual template, which is a great start to any business owner looking to set up procedures in the simplest way possible.

Suncorp Bank Executive Manager Business Lending Products Mark Harper said Suncorp Banks 5 Grand Helping Hand grants were a fantastic opportunity to recognise and reward small business owners for their hard work.

Small to medium enterprises form the backbone of Australias economy, and its important Suncorp Bank continues to demonstrate our ongoing support for these resilient entrepreneurs, Mr Harper said.

Small business owners looking for assistance with their systems and procedures can contact The Heart Of at http://www.theheartof.com.au and/or Australian based businesses can enter the Suncorp Bank 5 Grand Helping Hand competition at: http://www.suncorpbankhelpinghand.com.au

DocStoc Launches 30 Free Apps to Help Small Business Owners Grow Their Businesses

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

DocStoc (http://www.DocStoc.com), the premier online resource for small business owners, has been hard at work developing 30 free iPhone and iPad apps (http://www.docstoc.com/apps/) aimed at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs flourish.

The wide selection of apps was designed to answer the questions on every entrepreneurs mind, from how to raise capital, to online marketing, to writing business plans.

DocStoc launched the most robust selection of free apps that contain premium content to kickstart our larger strategy of creating original courses to teach business owners how to do things that are vital to grow their business, said Jason Nazar, CEO and founder of Docstoc. We quietly launched the apps three weeks ago, and have discovered their tremendous demand. Starting a Business with Venture Capital is already ranked #5 in the business category in the iTunes App Store,

Most of the documents, templates and premium content available in the apps were previously only accessible with a DocStoc subscription. Now, for the first time ever, they will be available for free within the apps in order to make running a business easier from the palm of your hand.

DocStoc has also integrated a new bookshelf feature via iBooks, which allows users the freedom to surf between apps without having to return to the home screen1 app aggregates all content, documents and templates.

App highlights: http://www.docstoc.com/apps/

Creation Studio Launches Websites For Small Business

(PRWEB) May 29, 2012

Wayne Peters, owner of The Creation Studio announced today that the company is offering a new website design service for small business. The Small Business Website service features affordable web design to take your online presence to a whole new level.

According to Wayne at Creation Studio, small businesses often find it difficult to have a high end quality website design because of price. “Small Businesses want to look as good as they really are. They often do not know where to begin and find the costs of having a really good website prohibiting. We are providing them with that opportunity with this new service,” explained Wayne.

He went on to explain that, “at a onetime fee of $ 399.00 and only $ 39.95 per month, this is an exceptional offer. We do not use templates for our designs and this is a true custom design that is specific for our customer’s business.” This offering underlines their commitment to ensuring that all businesses have an opportunity to take advantage of the necessary need for business to be online.

This service includes custom website graphic design, content management, complete site training, 5 email addresses, hosting and more. Customers will also receive an eBook that covers topics such as search engine optimization, social media for small business including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn strategies, and killer content tips to make their web pages count.

“Our staff will be able to answer any questions customers have about this service. We want to make the process as simple as possible including signup, domain name registration, the design stage, site launch and support. Customers really need to be satisfied with everything, from price to the actual service that we provide. We even provide a Client Area where customers can track their website design progress,” said Wayne.

The Creation Studio has been in business for over 10 years and takes pride in providing professional website design services to their customers. With three full design and development teams they offer a variety of solutions to ensure the exact fit. They also host all of their client’s websites on dedicated servers to ensure reliability and speed of access.

If you own a small business and are ready to take your online presence to the next level, Wayne from Creation Studio encourages you to visit their recently new designed website and check out their newest service offering and sign up today.

Bop Design Releases Infographic comparing the Top 3 Content Management Systems for Small Business Websites

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Joomla, WordPress or Drupal? What is the best content management system for a small business website? Bop Design, a San Diego web design agency, has released an infographic comparing the three most popular web content management systems. The infographic focuses on SEO, ease of updating, cost to maintain, etc.

“We constantly receive questions about the optimal content management system for a small business website. We usually recommend a WordPress CMS because it’s the most user friendly and has the most plugin tools,” says Jeremy Durant, Bop Design Business Principal. “Because we receive so many inquiries a week, we created an infographic to showcase the differences among the three most popular.” Most small businesses insist on a content management system since this allows a firm to manage their website on their own without always having to engage a web developer for every website change.

The infographic can be accessed at the following link- http://info.bopdesign.com/which-content-management-system-should-i-use

About Bop Design, San Diego Website Design

Bop Design is a boutique marketing communications firm headquartered in San Diego with offices also in New Jersey. We express a business’ values through web design, branding, advertising and print design. The marketing agency also helps attract a firm’s ideal customer through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Bop Design’s focus is on small businesses that want an external team of marketing specialists to help give their brand an edge in the marketplace.

DemandPrints.com Launches OnDemand Every Door Direct Mail Service to Meet Needs of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

DemandPrints, a Wilmington, DE-based printing and direct mail marketing company, has launched USPS EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Service. DemandPrints.com saves its customers time and money by providing the tools and resources needed to implement a direct mail campaign quickly and efficiently.

EDDM is a new solution from the US Postal Service and stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It allows businesses to mail their marketing collateral for as low as 14.5 cents to targeted USPS carrier routes, a saving of 66 percent in postage compared to first class mail. It is easier than most would think and does not even require a mailing list, another area of cost saving. All you have to do is to select the carrier routes in the neighborhood you are targeting. USPS will deliver your marketing collateral to every door in your target area.

EDDM is the perfect advertising solution for small and medium size businesses. A small business it most likely to offer its products and services in their local community. If the goal is to generate awareness and peak interest by efficiently marketing their products and services to residents in selected ZIP codes, then EDDM is the best answer to generate quick success.

Different from other online print shops and mailing houses is DemandPrints inclusion of OnDemand EDDM Direct Mail Marketing solutions among its product offerings. Instant access to the tools needed to create a campaign within minutes from start to finish is not available from any other online source. Customers can choose from print-ready professional EDDM postcard templates to create a customized mail piece, ensuring their message gets delivered in the most professional way. The fact that we offer everything our customers need under one roof not only increases their return on investment but also saves them many headaches, stated Angie Bowers, VP of Marketing. Our free downloadable templates, free design customization, targeted mailing lists, and quick turnaround make us a valuable resource for small and medium-sized businesses.

Customers have many tools at their disposal when they sit down at their computer and log on to DemandPrints.com. Download and customize a high-end, full color, industry-specific template, upload an existing design, or work one-on-one with a team of experienced designers; use the online tool to target their local carrier routes and ZIP codes. Customers always have the ability to choose the print specifications and select to have the order shipped free of charge or a direct mail service.

Because businesses marketing needs extend beyond standard mailing pieces like brochures and postcards, DemandPrints.com offers ten different product templates, for everything from business cards to restaurant menus, in addition to copying and finishing services.

DemandPrints is a low-cost, hassle-free alternative to the major retail copy centers. Customers can upload documents or presentations and DemandPrints will print them and ship them to anywhere in the United States.

Many businesses of all sizes and industries are printing QR or Quick Response Codes on their marketing materials. In fact, QR Codes are fast becoming a standard feature in print advertising. DemandPrints.com has the capability to generate QR Codes for its customers who can then track the activity originating from the code on its website.

Our customers dont have to worry about being experts. We can help them come up with effective strategies for growing their business using targeted direct mail and fulfill all of their printing and copying needs at the same time stated Bowers.

Anyone interested in learning more about DemandPrintss products and services can visit http://www.DemandPrints.com, call 1-888-566-1350, or email angie@demandprints.com.