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User Solutions announces Spreadsheet Operations Manager: Realizing the untapped potential of spreadsheets.

South Lyon, MI (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

Powerful Entry-Level Computerization

The Spreadsheet Operations Manager combines sophisticated analysis with user friendly computing, making it ideal for businesses computerizing operations for the first time. The functional areas covered include: Forecasting, Inventory Management, Facility Layout and Location, Material Requirements Planning, Production Planning, Production Scheduling, Quality Control, and Analysis of Waiting Lines. It is the first and only product that provides a spreadsheet template solution for most any operations problem, including decisions about: where to locate a distribution center, workforce and inventory levels, optimizing cycle times, quality measurements, scheduling overtime, analyzing economic order quantity, and many more. By using the spreadsheet format, both familiar and intuitive to millions, customers realize savings in training time and support costs. Since the actual source code (formulas, macros, and data) is part of each template, users can modify and customize to meet specific requirements. Each template includes actual applications; minor edits are needed to reflect each users specific situation. Within hours, new users will begin reducing operating costs while improving efficiency and quality.

Doing More With Less

Driven by economic survival, companies are streamlining their operations. Fewer people are asked to do more., comments Jim Convis, founder of User Solutions. You may have a Control Engineer who now must manage spare parts inventory, or Production Planning personnel implementing a quality control program. The Spreadsheet Operations Manager provides the tools these people need to efficiently accomplish a wide variety of objectives.

Sharing the Decision Making Process

For the first time, users have the ability to share analysis results, along with the actual techniques, assumptions and data used to arrive at decisions. These can be passed, via a simple spreadsheet file, across departments at ease. For example: The Production Supervisor can see, first hand, why the workforce must be reduced and check assumptions. Perhaps a key assumption regarding cycle times was incorrect. With the Operations Manager the Supervisor has the unique opportunity to verify/correct assumptions/data and re-run the model.

Low Cost and Fully Compatible

Priced at only $ 12 each or $ 129 for all 35 models, the templates can operate with any spreadsheet compatible with Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, even Quattro Pro. User Solutions products (sold directly from http://www.UserSolutions.com and through a number of internent resellers are guaranteed and include free trials and documentation. The toll free number is 1-800-321-USER (8737).