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VDIworks Announces Open, Free Infrastructure for DaaS and Cloud-hosted VDI

(PRWEB) May 08, 2012

VDIworks, a leading provider of management and enablement software for virtualization and cloud computing, announced today that it is making available an open, free infrastructure for Desktops as a Service (DaaS), Desktop Virtualization and Cloud-hosted VDI.

DaaSStack is built on free, open components and includes VDIworks just-released, DaaSManager, to provide a complete end-to-end solution that can power the next generation of end user computing.

Were essentially announcing two very important things today, said Amir Husain, President and CEO of VDIworks. First, were committing ourselves to building a powerful, free and open infrastructure for DaaS, based on proven components. We hope this will free customers from vendor lock-in, unbelievably high costs and the challenges associated with proprietary infrastructure. Second, as part of this initiative, were launching our new DaaSManager application, and making it available to users for free.

The industry has recently started to move towards Desktops as a Service in order to address numerous shortcomings that plague todays PC infrastructure. Solutions that this new architecture promises include lowered capital costs, reduced management overhead, increased availability and security due to centralization and full support for mobility by making a users information experience accessible from any device, and any network.

While DaaS holds tremendous promise, todays solutions are proprietary and expensive, and limit customers choice in hosting providers and deployment models. Much of the management cost savings that might be realized often have to be spent on expensive licenses for DaaS enablement software. The DaaSStack initiative seeks to bring an open, free alternative to the market so that enterprises, IT departments, hardware providers, MSPs, hosting providers and others can benefit from the potential of DaaS without paying hefty monthly fees for software rental, and without being tied to only certain approved hosting companies.

DaaSStack will be based on the following components at launch: