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Fishkill, NY (Vocus) July 7, 2009

Just like the old western movies, when a new gun comes into town, everyone is eager to find out how fast and deadly the newcomer really is. This would usually lead to a gunfight. Like any gunfight, there can only be one winner. That scenario was recently reenacted in the digital town they call the Internet. When SecureLive, a website security company boasted about being the fastest and deadliest, a website security expert and author just had to find out for himself by putting oh his gun belt.

SecureLive LLC, a New York based website security company recently launched a suite of website security products aimed at securing all the loopholes and doorways on a website. The system consists of software that deploys artificial intelligence and “Live” monitors to thwart hackers and thieves. SecureLive claims to protect and secure all the moving parts of a web application with a strong website security and anti-hijacking prevention system.

Now, you can’t just walk into town making such big claims and get away with it. So, website security expert Tom Canavan, author of “Joomla Web Security” (published by Packt Publishing in 2008), decided to put SecureLive through his usual grueling test. Joomla is one of many open source website platforms used by millions across the world. Mr. Canavan’s expertise goes far beyond Joomla security and into all aspects of website security. Mr. Canavan was eager to prove that this new website security for Joomla was just like all the rest and would soon fall from his smoking gun.

After Mr. Canavan’s attacks and gunfire, SecureLive remained unmoved and proved to be quite capable of taking the bullets. Without any signs of weakening or cracking, SecureLive withstood the best hacking Mr. Canavan could hurl. In fact SecureLive successfully blocked Mr. Canavan’s assaults, and consequently banned him altogether. The results not only stunned him, but prompted him to remark: “Wow – I was effectively dead in the water unless I wished to move to another location with a different IP. SecureLive stopped me and blocked me from even seeing the website. Wow!!”

The following are excerpts from Tom Canavan’s review of SecureLive:

“We used a basic IP scanner to confirm the presence of our target, then moved to a more advanced scanner to gain a deeper understanding of it. Out of this part, we did not set off any alarms and found some very interesting ports opened, that we would attempt to exploit as part of the test.”

“Gaining that traction we then moved up to a direct SQL attack on the machine — hitting a component that did not exist on the site. I wanted to test the ‘alertness’ of the software. It did not trigger anything -but that is what I would have expected – it in essence ignored my feeble attempt on attacking a non-existent component.”

“I hopped over to my CentOs Linux box, and attempted a few “cheap” hacker tricks – which of course failed, and did not set-off any alarms. That settled it – I pulled out a commercially available Cross Site Script and SQL Injection testing tool to find any weaknesses in the site.”

“Test started — and kept, going, and going…oops.. I was caught!”

“SecureLive detected my attempt to run a SQL Injection and a XSS against the site. All of the sudden my other (windows) box could no longer reach the site – 404 Page not found…hmm…Jumping over to the Linux server on a different network – no problem. SecureLive stopped me.”

“SecureLive is a Premium product that offers more value than you are paying for. With the rise in Cyber Crime, and the sophistication of the attacks and the tools, any serious site owner, who depends on their website for revenue should not be without this product guarding their site. It’s simple to install and is monitored as part of the SecureLive service. Should an attacker reach a certain threat level, the “host” of the IP is notified allowing them to take action at their end of the wire, to shut down the bad guys.”

“What I really liked was the under the covers look at the technology. They have developed a very robust and powerful system that has the flexibility to change and grow as the threats to your site will inevitably change and become even more powerful.”

“Head to and buy it today and start being part of the solution to e-crime rather than a victim.”

ABOUT THE REVIEWER: Tom Canavan is author of Joomla! Web security, available from Amazon and a must read for any website administrator, not just Joomla! sites. He has been in the Computer industry for 24 years, and is most recently the former CIO of a large .dot com based in Texas.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The actual product reviewed by Mr. Canavan was SecureJoomla, a website security application by SecureLive that utilizes the same engine as all SecureLive anti-hacking products. The entire SecureLive website security applications suite are detailed at

More recent media comments:

“Once in a while a product comes along and really makes me sit up and pay attention” – Barrie M. North –, and author of “Joomla 1.5: A User’s Guide.

“Joomlashack doesn’t give such high praise to just any old Joomla product – Barrie M. North –, and author of “Joomla 1.5: A User’s Guide.

SecureLive blocks attack attempts first and then alerts you and a live monitor in real-time. During blocking and alerting, the system also records vital data about the attacker including attack strings used, geo-tracking and other unique signatures. This evidence is recorded in the global system and passed onto LIVE monitors, who will follow up the incident by filing a report and forwarding the evidence to the appropriate agencies seeking action against the attackers. The system is artificial intelligence enabled and adjusts your security settings (per client) automatically to become “SMARTER”. It is an intelligent learning device.

SecureLive website security incorporates Software Bots, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Complete Covert Data Acquisition, Existing Global Hacking Knowledge-base, Live Human Intervention, SMART Real-Time Diagnostics and Automation to pack three separate systems into one for a complete ROUNDED solution to today’s security threats; BLOCKING, ALERTING AND REPORTING.

This is what ALL other security systems should be doing and is a much needed product in today’s cyber environment.

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