WP Pipeline: Review Examines Unique Management and Security Plugin

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

“WP Pipeline has just been released, and webmasters around the world are excitedly installing this breakthrough software,” reports WealthSpringMarketing.com’s Tiffany Hendricks. “Considering that WordPress is the #1 blogging platform worldwide it only makes sense that this is a product that’s in high demand.”

The WP Pipeline software was developed by prominent internet marketing experts Tony Marriott and Ben Shaffer. Marriott and Shaffer recognized the need for a solution to the security issues inherent with WordPress and created WP Pipeline to help their fellow webmasters and blog owners to secure and protect their online assets.

Hendricks explains the need for WP Pipeline:

“WordPress is the go to de facto ‘go-to’ platform for anyone starting getting into the website game these days,” says Hendricks. “The reason is simple, it’s an amazingly versatile platform that also happens to be ‘newbie’ friendly. The problem is that WordPress can quickly become vulnerable to hacker attacks when plugins aren’t regularly updated and other security measures aren’t taken.”

WP Pipeline addresses these issues by offering users a range of security features including the ability to update all of one’s plugins, themes, and versions of WordPress across every blog a customer owns or manages for clients. Users can manage all their WordPress blogs from a central location and see automatically if any blogs are down or in need of updates.

In addition to WP Pipeline’s security features, the software also allows users to back up, and clone their blogs, create new blogs, and deploy multiple themes and plugins on all their blogs with a single mouse click.

“The amount of features included in WP Pipeline is staggering,” says Hendricks. “The organizational controls allow users to save hours upon hours of time doing blog maintenance. Those tasks are tedious, and if you have more than a handful of blogs it can really eat up your time. That said, I think that the WP Pipeline’s security capabilities make this plugin a must have for anyone using WordPress. After all, all it takes is one security breach to sink a website and stop an income stream from flowing.”

Those wishing to purchase WP Pipeline, or for more information, click here.

Tiffany Hendricks provides boutique marketing services to elite clients and reviews of the best internet marketing courses on her website WealthSpringMarketing.com. Those wishing to read Hendricks’ review of WP Pipeline can find it at the following web address: http://wealthspringmarketing.com/wp-pipeline-review-is-it-necessary/

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